Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C13 Arrogant
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Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C13 Arrogant
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C13 Arrogant

"Cough, cough!" The thug coughed dryly and slowly raised his head to look at Wu Tian. His expression was slightly twisted.

He really didn't think that this poor-looking brat in front of him was so rich. He transferred seven hundred thousand to him with just his phone.

Initially, he thought that this fellow was intentionally putting on an act. It seems like he had misjudged him.

To be willing to pay seven hundred thousand for this girl, this fellow was surely not that simple. He had to be a formidable figure.

The thug put away his mocking face and said to Wu Tian with a serious face, "Little brother, I was a bit rude today. I apologize for my earlier actions."

"You've already taken the money. Get lost!" Wu Tian looked at the thugs and urged impatiently.

"Alright, we'll leave now." The thug laughed dryly a few times, then hurriedly left with his subordinates.

For a moment, the restaurant was silent.

Upon seeing the thugs disappear into the distance, the father and daughter of the Lin family heaved a sigh of relief.

Father Lin walked in front of Wu Tian, bowed deeply, and thanked him, "Little Brother, thank you for saving us."

He knew that if it weren't for the help of this young man in front of him, not only would the restaurant be broken, his daughter would also be harmed by those beasts.

"It's a very simple matter, there's no need for you to be polite." Wu Tian quickly helped him up and said with a smile.

"Seven hundred thousand, this is no small amount." After Father Lin said this, he hurriedly reminded his daughter, "Quickly, thank your benefactor."

"Thank you!"

After thanking him, Lin Weiwei couldn't help but ask, "Oh right, why did you help us?"

To be honest, she was especially surprised when she found out that this guy had transferred seven hundred thousand to her creditor in order to save her life.

No matter how rich he was, he wouldn't help a stranger for no reason at all.

"I really like this restaurant, and I feel sorry for you guys, so I decided to help," Wu Tian answered.

This explanation sounded strange, but that was the truth.

"You …" Lin Weiwei bit her lip and looked at Wu Tian warily. She tried asking, "Are you perhaps interested in me?"

"Please do not misunderstand. I was just deeply moved and could not help but save you." Wu Tian tried to make himself sound more sincere.

He understood that anyone else would be suspicious of such a thing.

"If that's the case, then thank you so much." Lin Weiwei bowed deeply to Wu Tian and squeezed out a sweet smile. "I still don't know your name."

"Wu Tian."

"Brother Wu, don't worry. We will return the seven hundred thousand yuan to you as soon as possible." After Lin Weiwei said this, she wrote out a promissory note and left her home address and phone number on the paper.

Wu Tian didn't say much. He accepted the promissory note and comforted them with a smile. "Don't worry, you guys can pay me back when you have the money. Right, what about the food?"

"Yes, yes, yes. I'll do it now." After hearing this, Father Lin hurriedly ran into the kitchen to get back to work.

After the meal was ready, the father and daughter of the Lin family accompanied Wu Tian for dinner while expressing their gratitude

After the meal, Wu Tian became familiar with the Lin family's father and daughter.

After a short time together, Lin Weiwei had a good impression of Wu Tian and couldn't help but give him some food.

After dinner, Wu Tian took a taxi back to his living quarters.

After getting on the taxi, the taxi driver couldn't help but glance at Wu Tian a few times when he heard that Wu Tian was going to the Hai Tian Gardens.

After all, the Hai Tian Gardens was a well-known rich and powerful district. Ordinary commoners could not afford to live there.

"Lad, are you going to teach at the Hai Tian Gardens?"

The taxi driver held onto the steering wheel as he asked.

He rarely went to the Hai Tian Gardens because most of the people living there had a private car and very few people would take a taxi.

"No, I'm not a home tutor. I live there." Seeing the kind look on the taxi driver's face, Wu Tian felt a sense of familiarity.

"You live there?"


"Lad, it's not that I'm looking down on you, but those who can live in that place are not ordinary people. If you really live there, then that's really too low-key." The taxi driver said with a smile.

"Is that so?" Wu Tian shook his head with a wry smile, but didn't explain too much.

His current attire and disposition made it hard for others to believe that he was rich.

Of course, this was not important. After getting used to this kind of clothes, he did not want to deliberately change anything.

The taxi driver was a talkative, plain uncle. His driving skills were also very good. The two of them chatted and laughed along the way.

Just as they were about to arrive at the Hai Tian Gardens, a BMW suddenly turned around and sped towards them.

Startled, the taxi driver quickly turned the steering wheel to the left to avoid colliding head-on with the BMW.

As a result, the BMW crashed into the side of the road, while the taxi crashed into a lamppost.

Wu Tian was sitting in the passenger seat and was about to collide with the lamppost. He was so scared that cold sweat broke out on his forehead. At the critical moment, the taxi driver turned the steering wheel in time.


A loud sound rang out as the taxi hit the lamppost. However, the place where the taxi hit was not the passenger seat, but the front part of the taxi where the driver was sitting.

The impact was not too severe. The driver's head hit the steering wheel as blood slowly flowed down from his forehead.

"Little... little brother, are you alright?" The taxi driver was injured, yet he was still worried about Wu Tian's safety.

"I'm fine." Wu Tian felt touched.

Fortunately, the taxi driver had turned in time; otherwise, the injured person wouldn't be the taxi driver.

"It's good that you're fine." The taxi driver's head sank down as he fainted on the steering wheel.

"Uncle, uncle …"

Wu Tian shouted twice. Seeing that the taxi driver didn't respond, he quickly took out his phone and made an emergency call.

The ambulance rushed over and took the taxi driver and the injured people in the BMW to the city hospital.

Wu Tian also followed them. After all, the taxi driver got injured in order to protect him, so he couldn't just sit there and do nothing.

In these days, such a conscientious driver was rarely seen.

The driver was taken away for treatment while two doctors checked on Wu Tian's body to make sure he was fine.

Walking out of the inspection room, he saw a beautiful young girl in a short skirt crying at the door. She was the person who had caused the accident. From the looks of it, she was quite scared, even her eyes were a bit red.

Just now, it was this person that almost took Wu Tian's life.

Wu Tian wanted to reprimand the female car owner, but when he saw her crying, his heart softened and instead comforted her, "What's the use of crying now that it's already happened?"

"That was close. I almost killed someone." The beautiful car owner sniffed with her nose, as if she was still in a state of shock.

"Driving is not a joke. A little carelessness can cause the car to be destroyed and everyone to die. Not only can it ruin you, it can also destroy others …"

As a victim, Wu Tian had to educate her properly to prevent her from harming others in the future.

This girl's attitude of admitting her wrongs was not bad. She repeatedly admitted that she was wrong. In the future, she will be more careful when she drives.

"Shen Xue …"

While they were talking, a man in a suit and leather shoes walked over.

Seeing this man, Shen Xue hastily wiped away the tears on her face. At the same time, she straightened her messy dress, as if she didn't want the man to see her embarrassed appearance.

The man quickly walked over and asked worriedly, "Shen Xue, I heard that you got into a car accident. Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," Shen Xue replied indifferently. There was a hint of disgust in her eyes when she looked at the man.

The man in front of her was called Zhang Hao. He would usually chase after her everywhere, annoying her to death.

"It's good that you're fine." Zhang Hao raised his head and looked at Wu Tian. His face instantly turned ferocious as he questioned, "Brat, you must have hit Shen Xue when you were driving. How did you do it?"

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