Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C18 This Restaurant I'm Gonna Buy It!
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Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C18 This Restaurant I'm Gonna Buy It!
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C18 This Restaurant I'm Gonna Buy It!

"This …"

Shen Xue hesitated slightly.

She was the most familiar with the situation in the restaurant. She knew that Huang Jian had a close relationship with the boss, and it was only because of their relationship that he dared to act so brazenly.

Now, even if she called the boss out, it would be useless. The boss would definitely side with Huang Jian.

"Stupid boy, you think you can meet our boss?" Huang Jian smiled contemptuously, looking at Wu Tian with disdain.

He reached out his hand and patted Wu Tian's shoulder, provoking him, "Do you believe me? Even if I met my boss, I would be able to deal with you any way I wanted to, as if you were my grandson."

"So arrogant?" Wu Tian's eyes dimmed as he felt angry.

"Because I have the right to be arrogant," Huang Jian shook his sleeves and shouted impatiently. "I'll give you two choices now. Either you pay the fifty thousand fine and leave, or the security guards will beat you up."

"I choose neither." Wu Tian didn't expect that eating a meal would cause such an unpleasant situation.

Fifty thousand was only a small amount of money to him right now, but he would definitely not bear with it.

Giving him money would only encourage him to act unfairly, making the other party think that he was easy to bully. At the same time, it would also cause Shen Xue to lose face.

"Since you won't choose, then I'll help you choose." Huang Jian gritted his teeth and ordered the two security guards with a wave of his hand, "This little brat wanted to leave after not paying for his meal. Beat him up and throw him out of the restaurant."

"Yes sir!"

Upon receiving the order, the two security guards bared their teeth as they pounced and prepared to make their move.

All the customers in the restaurant looked over with their heads raised, as if they were waiting to see a good show. Everyone wanted to see this brat, who didn't want to pay up, being bullied by the security guards.


Just as the security guards were about to make a move, a loud shout rang out in the hall. A middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes walked over.

Wu Tian's eyes flashed when he saw the middle-aged man. There was an expression of surprise on his face.

The person who walked over was none other than Liu Yueyao's father, Liu Jun.

He had previously purchased Huiyue Restaurant from Liu Jun, but he didn't expect that this Fuyuan Restaurant was also a business owned by him.

Since this restaurant was owned by Liu Jun, the matter was much simpler and he didn't need to think of any other ideas.

Huang Jian greeted him eagerly with a smile, saying in a flattering tone, "Boss Liu, someone is causing trouble in our restaurant. I was just about to …"

Before he could finish, he was ignored by Liu Jun.

He didn't expect that Boss Liu would ignore his existence. What was even more unexpected was that Boss Liu actually walked over to greet Wu Tian.

"Boss Wu, what a coincidence, we meet again." Liu Jun didn't put on any airs at all and greeted Wu Tian with a respectful tone.

Huang Jian was shocked. He didn't expect that this brat in front of him was acquainted with Boss Liu, and from the looks of it, the two were quite close to each other.

He was very surprised. He did not expect this poor kid to be able to reach Boss Liu. He knew that things were not going well.

Shen Xue was also surprised. She did not expect Wu Tian to know Boss Liu. This was truly unexpected.

The customers in the restaurant were also astonished. Since this young man knew the restaurant's boss, was there a need to pay?

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, Wu Tian smiled and said to Liu Jun, "What a coincidence, I didn't expect this restaurant to be owned by Boss Liu."

"Don't call me Boss Liu. Call me Uncle Liu from now on." Liu Jun patted Wu Tian's shoulder and revealed a kind smile.

Last time, thanks to Wu Tian's purchase of Huiyue Restaurant, he was able to escape the danger of a capital chain rupture. His heart was filled with gratitude.

"Uncle Liu."

Wu Tian called out sweetly and suggested, "I'm very interested in your Fuyuan Restaurant. Can you sell this restaurant to me?"

From his point of view, this restaurant had a good location and a large amount of people. It was very famous in the nearby areas and it was worth investing in now.

These words caused the expressions of the guests to turn serious. They couldn't help but be suspicious. Did such a brat really have the ability to purchase the Fuyuan Restaurant?

Even Huang Jian felt that this brat was just pretending. After all, the Fuyuan Restaurant was not small and it had a good location. If the land was included, the market value would be over ten million.

This brat in front of him could take out ten million?

"Kid, you're really smart." Liu Jun nodded in praise and threw his hands behind him. "This is a land of feng shui, making food is definitely profitable. I don't want to sell it myself, but considering that you've helped me before, I'll bear with it and sell this restaurant to you. "

"How much is it?"

"The land is sold along with the restaurant, thirteen million yuan."

"Sure, deal." Wu Tian made a decisive decision.

Right now, the city was expanding eastward. In a few years, this place would become the heart of the city and its future potential would be limitless.

Just like this, the two of them hit it off and simply negotiated this sky-high price deal before signing the contract on the spot.

Only after Wu Tian bought the restaurant did everyone wake up from their stupor. They all had shocked and incredulous expressions.

Only now did everyone realize that the kid in front of them wasn't an ordinary person, but a big boss that hid his strength.

Only big shots with over a hundred million yuan could be so free and easy-going. A restaurant worth over ten million yuan could be bought at any given moment, and they didn't even dare to blink.

Shen Xue was just as dumbfounded as everyone else.

She did not expect Wu Tian to buy the Fuyuan Restaurant so easily, which was completely out of her expectations.

At the scene, no one dared to look down on Wu Tian anymore. The way they looked at him became a lot more profound, as focused as if they were looking at an antique.

The one who was the most shocked was none other than Huang Jian. Initially, he thought that Wu Tian was just pretending, but never did he expect that this brat would really buy a restaurant worth over ten million yuan.

Boss, this kid was definitely a big boss.

To be able to spend ten million to buy a restaurant, one could only imagine how powerful he was.

To think that he had humiliated this fellow before, and now he had become his boss in the blink of an eye. He had caused a huge disaster.

After a moment of surprise, he hurriedly licked his face to please Boss Wu. "Boss Wu, I will follow your lead from now on. I will follow your instructions."

"Weren't you being a little too arrogant just now? You said that you could do whatever you wanted to me, but you submitted so quickly?" Wu Tian reprimanded Huang Jian as he glared at him in annoyance.

"I was wrong …" Huang Jian wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, his legs trembling in fear.

If only he knew that Wu Tian was capable of becoming his boss, he wouldn't have dared to offend him even if he had ten times the guts.

"It's good that you know you're wrong." Wu Tian twitched his mouth and threw his hands behind him as he continued, "Inform all the staff in the restaurant to gather; I want to have a meeting."

"Yes." Huang Jian seemed to have received amnesty as he nodded his head. He hurriedly gathered the dozens of employees in the dining hall.

After gathering the staff, he pointed at Wu Tian and introduced, "From today onwards, Mr Wu will be our boss. Let us welcome the new boss."

Led by Huang Jian, all the staff raised their hands to applaud.

After the applause, Huang Jian smiled and flattered, "Next, let's ask Boss Wu to speak."

The great hall once again rang with thunderous applause.

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