Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C19 Expel Him
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Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C19 Expel Him
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C19 Expel Him

Wu Tian pressed his hands together, gesturing for everyone to quiet down. He glanced at the employees present and immediately announced: "Next, I will announce that I will be officially removing Manager Huang Jian from the position and expelling him from the restaurant."

The sound of someone landing on the ground rang out.

Huang Jian's body went limp as he fell on the ground, paralyzed like a pile of mud.

He originally thought that he could escape death, but never did he expect that Wu Tian would immediately fire him like that.

"Security, throw Huang Jian out. Don't let him in in the future." Wu Tian instructed the two security guards.

"Yes." Having received the order, the two security guards rushed forward one on the left and one on the right, quickly dragging Huang Jian and throwing him out.

Watching Huang Jian being thrown out of the restaurant, the other employees all secretly vented their frustrations.

They were often bullied and suppressed by Manager Huang. Some of the female employees were even brutally assaulted.

They never thought that their new boss would be able to eradicate the tumor, Huang Jian, the moment he arrived. It was simply too satisfying.

The happiest person in the world was Shen Xue. To her, getting rid of a scum like Huang Jian was like clearing a huge obstacle in front of her.

"Everyone, follow me and work hard. I guarantee that I won't treat you unfairly …" Wu Tian's speech made everyone full of fighting spirit and passion.

Everyone was giving their all to start a big career with the new boss.

"The meeting is over. Everyone, get to work." Wu Tian said a few simple words and dismissed everyone.

Shen Xue stood on the spot and looked at Wu Tian with a weird expression. She pursed her lips and said, "I should call you Boss Wu now."

Until now, she still felt it was inconceivable. She didn't think that Wu Tian, whom she met during the car crash, would suddenly become her boss.

Looking at such a familiar yet strange boy becoming the boss, she could not help but feel a strange feeling in her heart.

"In the future, will I be able to eat the food you make anytime?" Wu Tian's tone was still gentle. His attitude towards Shen Xue did not change due to the change in his status.

"You're the boss. I'll make whatever you want to eat." Shen Xue bit her lips and smiled. "If I mess something up, I hope Boss Wu will let me off easy and not fire me."

"You are such an outstanding chef, how could I bear to fire you?" Wu Tian pointed to the corner and continued, "Take a seat, let's talk about the restaurant."

"What is it?"

"I've fired Huang Jian. Now, I need a manager to manage the restaurant on my behalf."

"What? You want to be an idler? Don't you want to manage us?" Shen Xue couldn't help but complain.

"I'm too busy. I have to go to school every day. I really don't have the time to manage the restaurant." Wu Tian scratched his head in embarrassment. Then he asked, "Is there anyone suitable? Are you recommending someone else to be the manager?"

"About this …"

Shen Xue thought for a moment before shaking her head. "I can't think of a suitable candidate for now."

"I'll leave this matter to you. If you can't find a suitable candidate, you'll have to act as the manager."

"I can't do that. It's fine if I'm the head chef, but I can't manage the restaurant," Shen Xue waved her hands and quickly refused.

"Let's talk about this later." Wu Tian didn't force it. He decided to let this matter go for now.

There were many things he could not rush. He had to steadily walk through them step by step. Sometimes he was too impatient and got the opposite result.

The two chatted for a while before Wu Tian explained some things about the dining hall and the kitchen. After that, he said goodbye to Shen Xue and left the restaurant.

He went home to take a bath and was about to go to his study to read when his mobile phone rang.

He turned on his mobile phone and found that it was a background notification from his reading software, indicating that a novel he was reading had been updated.

Not long ago, he found a very interesting online novel in the library. It was written by a female author named Blue Bird.

This novel was written in a very unique way, except that the number of words it contained was too little. Just when he started reading and got interested, the novel suddenly stopped updating. He waited for half a month.

Wu Tian quickly opened the latest chapter of the novel and started reading. In less than ten minutes, he had finished reading the latest chapter.

After reading the latest chapter, he was still a little unsatisfied, so he sent the author a private message: "This book is written very brilliantly, so why don't you hurry up and update it?"

After sending his private message, he quickly received a reply from the author: "Sorry, I've been living under a lot of pressure recently, and I've been having difficulties at work. I really don't have the time to update."

Wu Tian replied again: "Did you run into some trouble?"

Blue Bird: "There are too many undesirable things in life. When you push forward and chase your dreams, the mundane world tends to trip you up. Sigh!"

The female author, Blue Bird, seemed to have a thousand things to say before she sighed deeply.

In between the lines, Wu Tian understood the pressure and helplessness the female author was facing while she was pursuing her dreams. Perhaps it was due to her limited financial situation, so she had no choice but to give up on her dreams temporarily.

In this era, there were many literary creators with dreams and abilities who had to give up on literature because of practical problems, choosing to survive.

Wu Tian had experienced the tribulations of the lower classes and was deeply moved by this helplessness.

If no one helped this author named Blue Bird, she might just disappear into the sea of stars.

Staring at the short message in shock for a long time, Wu Tian finally decided to give Blue Bird a reward of five hundred thousand book coins.

This was his encouragement and support to Blue Bird. He did not want this talented author to swallowed by reality.

As soon as he finished, he received a private message from Blue Bird: "Why did you give me so many book coins all of a sudden?"

Wu Tian: "This is an encouragement to you. It is an acknowledgement of your writing abilities. In my opinion, your writing cannot be measured in money."

Blue Bird: "Thank you, big brother. I have never received so many book coins. I don't even know what to say. Thank you. Thank you so much."

Afterwards, she sent a lot of happy, excited, and crying emojis.

Even through the screen, Wu Tian could feel Blue Bird's excitement and gratitude towards him.

Blue Bird was probably dancing and crying in excitement. She was in a state of madness.

Wu Tian: "Come on, you should write your book well. I believe that one day, you will realize your dreams and let your writing create miracles."

Blue Bird: "Big brother, I will work hard and will not disappoint you."

She also sent a row of struggling emojis.

Wu Tian: "Write a good book, I'll wait for you to update. But you also have to take care of your body, so don't overdo it."

Blue Bird: "Thank you, big brother. You are the most important person in my life. Thank you for existing. Meeting you is the greatest fortune of my life."

Wu Tian: "Go for it!"

After sending the message, he put his phone away and started to read.

It was only because of his empathy for literature and his admiration for this author that he could not help but reward her with five hundred thousand yuan.

Five hundred thousand was nothing to him, but it was of extraordinary significance to Blue Bird. Perhaps it could change her life forever.

While he was reading, Loong Yun appeared at the door of his study at some point, and her eyes were fixed on him.

Being stared at by such a gaze, Wu Tian put down the book in his hands and asked with a smile, "Secretary Loong, do you think that your young master is very handsome and has made you a little obsessed?"

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