Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C2 Hundreds of Billions of Assets!
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Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C2 Hundreds of Billions of Assets!
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C2 Hundreds of Billions of Assets!

"Are you referring to me?" Wu Tian was stunned.

A luxurious car suddenly appeared and this beautiful lady in black stockings that stepped out of it actually called him President Wu? She even said she was his secretary?

How was this possible?

"Yes, boss. Please get in the car."

The beautiful woman did not say anything else. She turned around and opened the car door. Her attitude was extremely respectful.

Wu Tian walked into the car doubtfully. Suddenly, he remembered the call he received this morning ...

Was she a swindler?

But even if she was a one, it didn't matter. He had nothing to lose anyway, so he wasn't afraid at all.

"I just looked up this car on Baidu. Even the cheapest one costs 4 million. It's definitely a sign of being rich."

"Didn't you say that he was a poor plebeian? How could he have such a beautiful secretary!"

"Maybe this guy is a rich young master that was deliberately pretending to be poor in order to gain Lee Meng's sympathy. Now he's not pretending anymore and will be himself again."

The moment the car door closed, the surrounding students immediately became agitated.

Those who were mocking Wu Tian had looks of jealousy and envy.

After Wu Tian got in the car, Loong Yun sat next to him in the back.

The refreshing and pleasant fragrance on her body made Wu Tian's heart soften a little.

"Thank you for helping me out earlier." Wu Tian thought that Loong Yun was a rich family's daughter, and seeing him being humiliated, she helped him out with good intentions.

Loong Yun giggled. "Boss, I'm really the secretary your family prepared for you."

"You are now an adult. It's time for you to regain your identity."

"What identity?"

Wu Tian felt that Loong Yun was making fun of him as his expression darkened. "My parents passed away a long time ago. I was raised by my uncle. He is just an ordinary person. I also have a grandfather that I don't see often. Every time he comes to see me, he has to borrow money from Uncle. I am just an ordinary person."

Loong Yun smiled mysteriously after hearing this.

She took out her phone and sent a WeChat video call. Then, she handed her phone to Wu Tian and said, "Your grandpa, Elder Wu, is overseas right now. He will explain everything to you personally."

The video connected and a kind-looking old man in a Tang suit appeared.

It was Wu Tian's grandfather, Wu Zhihe.

However, his temperament and the grandpa Wu Tian knew since he was young were completely different.

In his memories, his grandfather had always carried a wretched feeling with him. His grandfather was short on money, so he would have to ask his uncle for money every time he came to see him.

As for the old man in the video, his aura was extraordinary, making people feel that he was not a simple person.

"Grandfather?" Wu Tian shouted in disbelief.

"Tian Tian, you've suffered all these years."

Wu Zhihe kindly called out Wu Tian's nickname. "Now that you have grown up, there are many things that you need to know. Our Wu Family is actually not the Wu Family in your memories, but a wealthy family with hundreds of billions of assets."

"Hundreds of billions of assets!"

Wu Tian was in disbelief. "Grandpa, are you kidding me? Every time you visited me, you would have to get Uncle to pay for the trip."

"Silly child, I was just acting."

"Your uncle actually isn't related to you in any way. He's my secretary."

Wu Zhihe explained with a smile.

"In order to test and hone your temperament, I've decided to conceal the truth from you since young, allowing you to live as an ordinary person. His mission has already been completed, and he won't meet you again in the future." He continued, "I am old, and I need an heir strong enough to carry the burden of this great Wu Family.

"You are my only blood relative, but if you want to take over the Wu Family's business, your identity alone won't be enough. You need to have sufficient ability … I told Loong Yun to give you three hundred million, so you can freely use this money. However, if you manage to lose it, then I will have someone else become the successor of the Wu Family.

"If that happens, you will live as an ordinary person for the rest of your life … Do you understand?"

These words were like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky. Wu Tian's heart was beating wildly.

Everything that had happened since he was young was just an illusion arranged by his grandpa, while his identity was that of a rich and powerful young master.

As long as he could prove that he had the ability, he could take over all of that money.

Thinking of that possibility, Wu Tian's blood started to boil.

"Grandpa, three hundred million are enough!" Wu Tian clenched his trembling fist and swore to himself: "I will use these three hundred million to earn even more money. I won't let you down!"

"Very good. It seems that all these years of living an ordinary life hasn't worn down your spirit. I'm waiting for your good news." Wu Zhihe revealed a pleased smile." Then let's do it this way. Loong Yun will stay in Luzhou to help you."

"Grandfather, wait a moment!"

Wu Tian hurriedly shouted when he saw that his grandpa was about to hang up the call.

"Since you've already told me the truth, can you tell me how my parents died?"

His heart trembled to Wu Tian's words. He had asked this question countless times, never to receive an answer.

Would Grandpa tell him everything today?

However …

As the smile on Wu Zhihe's face slowly disappeared, he shook his head.

"Now is not the time. You will know when the time is ripe. However, you must remember, no matter what you do, you must never be as arrogant as your father was back then."

"Don't let arrogance be your downfall. You must remember that."

With that, Wu Zhihe cut off the video.

Wu Tian was disappointed but he made up his mind.

"The reason why grandfather is unwilling to tell me about this is definitely not simple. If I want to know the truth, then I must have sufficient strength. Grandfather is right. Before that, I absolutely must not let myself be swallowed by my emotions."

"Boss, this card has 300 million at your disposal. Also, this is my contact number. You can contact me anytime you want."

Loong Yun put away her mobile phone and took out a universal transfer gold card from the Swiss Bank, as well as her contact details, and gave them to Wu Tian.

After learning some information, he left the school with the driver.

After getting out of the car, Wu Tian felt like he had been reborn when he saw the awe in the eyes of the people around him.

The entire world was filled with hope and light.

"Unfortunately, if this had happened earlier, Lee Meng wouldn't have refused my confession and ran off with Zhao Yang." Wu Tian revealed a wry smile.

But then he thought about it.

This could be considered a blessing in disguise.

If Lee Meng knew he was so rich, she would definitely get with him because of the money — that wasn't what he wanted.

Back to the dorm.

A few of his roommates were lying on the bed playing King's Glory.

"Tian, didn't you go to confess to Lee Meng? Did you succeed?" After one round, Sunn Xiaohao put down his phone and asked in concern.

"I was rejected." Wu Tian spread out his hands. There was nothing much to hide. The news would spread throughout the whole school soon anyway.

"You're overestimating yourself." The dorm head, Wang Hong smacked his lips as he sneered, "Even I can't compare to that Zhao Yang, but I was still rejected by Lee Meng. You are but a poor plebeian. You are just asking for trouble. "

Wang Hong had a good family background and was the richest person in the dorm.

His family even bought him a modern Elantra. He was used to the feeling of being a rich young master — he liked feeling high and mighty.

He showed a sense of superiority when talking to Wu Tian from time to time.

Seeing that Wu Tian was rejected, he started to add insult to injury.

Wu Tian knew Wang Hong had a good family background and had always looked down on him, but now that he had three hundred million, he had to get rid of Wang Hong's feeling of superiority!

"In order to celebrate my rejection, I've decided to treat everyone to a meal today."

Wu Tian suddenly said.

"Why are you so generous today? You only eat steamed buns, and you still want to treat us to food?" Sunn Xiaohao looked surprised. For the past few days, Wu Tian had been saving money to buy Lee Meng a present so all he ate were steamed buns. Wu Tian's sudden generosity made Sunn Xiaohao feel a little uncomfortable.

"It's rare for Wu Tian to be so generous. How about we go to that red stall by the side of the road to eat some skewers?" Jiang Wan suggested.

"Isn't that roadside stall dirty? Aren't you afraid of feeling ill after eating?" Wang Hong once again showed his sense of superiority.

"Head, it's rare for Wu Tian to treat us to a meal. Don't tell me you want him to treat us to a meal in a five-star restaurant?" Sunn Xiaohao knew Wang Hong's character. He thought Wang Hong's words were unfair towards Wu Tian.

"That's right, dorm head. You get tired of eating delicious food all the time, so it's good to try something different." Jiang Wan flattered him.

Wang Hong enjoyed the flattery of others. He knew that Wu Tian, a poor plebeian, would not invite them to a good place to eat.

Since it was a dormitory activity, it wasn't good if he didn't go. It seemed too out of place.

"Fine, since Wu Tian is the one who invited us to dinner, I will follow you to experience that roadside stall." Wang Hong pretended to reluctantly agree.

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