Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C20 Entering the Live Broadcast Industry
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Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C20 Entering the Live Broadcast Industry
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C20 Entering the Live Broadcast Industry

"I'm not sure if you're handsome or not, but Young Master's skin is getting thicker and thicker." Loong Yun curled her lips and looked straight at Wu Tian. "Young Master, I came to remind you that you've spent a lot of money recently."

"Do you think that I'm the son of a rich family who only knows how to spend money?" Wu Tian walked over and stopped half a meter away from Loong Yun.

Smelling the fragrance on the woman's body made him feel refreshed.

He couldn't help but admire the old master. His insight was truly good. He had picked such a high-grade female secretary to be his assistant.

"I wouldn't dare!" Although Loong Yun said she did not dare, she actually thought so in her heart.

In her eyes, her young master only knew how to spend money randomly, and even after spending so much money, he still didn't do anything.

"Sooner or later you'll find out that the money I spend doubles the profits." Wu Tian smiled confidently. He didn't care what Secretary Loong thought of him now.

No one can tell whether what you're doing is right or wrong. Only time will tell.

Staring at Secretary Loong, Wu Tian took the initiative to change the topic. "I asked you to help me check on Seafood TV earlier. Are there any developments?"

"Seafood TV is not big, so it is lagging behind in the industry. In addition, there is no continuous investment, so the capital chain has already been broken." Loong Yun couldn't help but ask, "Young Master, why are you paying attention to Seafood TV?"

"I want to invest in it."

"Invest?" Loong Yun's brows slightly tightened as she kindly advised, "Seafood TV's market is currently unstable and there are great risks. If you invest now, it would be like walking on a tightrope."

"The risk is proportional to the profit. I've already carefully studied it. Now is the right time to invest in Seafood TV."

"But —"

"Alright." Wu Tian waved his hand and directly interrupted Loong Yun. "Help me contact the owner of Seafood TV and ask him to meet us tonight."

"Alright!" Loong Yun didn't say anything else. She had to obey her young master's orders, but her heart was filled with worry.

Soon, she contacted the owner of Seafood TV, Sunn Sheng, and arranged to meet him at a coffee shop.

At seven in the evening, Wu Tian brought Loong Yun to the coffee shop and saw the owner of Seafood TV, Sunn Sheng.

A middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance and glasses on his face that exuded a scholarly aura.

"Hello, Boss Sunn. My name is Wu Tian." Wu Tian stretched out his right hand and introduced himself.

Sunn Sheng's expression froze for a few seconds. The way he looked at Wu Tian was clearly strange.

He did not expect that the tycoon who wanted to invest in Seafood TV was a young man. He wore ordinary clothes and did not have any of the grandeur of a tycoon.

After a short pause, Sunn Sheng forced a smile and shook hands with Wu Tian. "Hello, I'm Sunn Sheng."

"Boss Sunn, I won't beat around the bush." After taking his seat, Wu Tian went straight to the point. "I'm interested in your Seafood TV and want to invest in it."

"Mr Wu, our standards in this industry aren't low. I wonder if you know anything about it?" Sunn Sheng adjusted his glasses and asked with a smile.

What he meant was that Wu Tian would need a lot of money to invest in Seafood TV, and he wanted to know if Wu Tian had the ability to do so.

"Live broadcasting relies on burning money to attract traffic. Once the traffic is up, it'll rely on the live broadcasting's resources and powerful platform to operate. Making money isn't difficult at all." Wu Tian spoke frankly with assurance.

If he wanted to invest in Seafood TV, he must have done his homework. Naturally, he was aware of the risks and opportunities involved.

"It seems like Mr Wu knows a bit about the live broadcasting industry." Sunn Sheng nodded and asked in a tactful manner, "I wonder what your preparations are."

"Don't worry about that, I'm not short on money." Saying this, Wu Tian winked at Loong Yun.

Loong Yun understood tacitly and showed the property rights of Huiyue Restaurant and Fuyuan Restaurant to Sunn Sheng. "This is just a small portion of Young Master's assets."

"I didn't expect Boss Wu to be a tycoon." Knowing that Wu Tian's power was astonishing, Sunn Sheng immediately became enthusiastic. He picked up the kettle and personally poured Wu Tian a cup of water.

To be honest, he had been worrying about the money all this time. He was investing everywhere, and if there was no more money for Seafood TV, there would be a huge crisis.

Not many people were rushing to invest in live broadcasting right now, not to mention that Seafood TV was facing a lot of problems, so no one dared to invest in it easily.

He didn't think that Mr Wu would take the initiative to invest. To him, this was an extraordinary opportunity.

"Alright, let's talk about the investment." Wu Tian took a sip of his tea and went straight to the point. "I offer fifty million, 40% of the shares. How about it?"

"That won't do." Sunn Sheng's face sank as he immediately expressed his opposition. "Fifty million, the maximum is 20%."

"30%." Wu Tian made a concession and stretched out three fingers.

"Twenty percent at most." Sunn Sheng's tone was also very determined.

If it weren't for the fact that his fund chain had recently been broken, he would only give 10% of the shares, with 20% being a huge concession.

"Fifty million and thirty percent. If Boss Sunn is unwilling, I won't force you." Wu Tian put down his tea cup, stood up, and prepared to leave.


Seeing that Wu Tian was about to leave, Sunn Sheng hurriedly stood up to stop him. He gritted his teeth painfully and said, "Fine, 30%."

He had no other choice in his current situation. If he did not compromise now, Seafood TV might completely collapse.

"Boss Sunn is indeed frank and straightforward." The corner of Wu Tian's mouth curled up into a nice smile. At the same time, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

"Mr Wu, you truly …" Sunn Sheng had a pained expression on his face as he looked at the young man in front of him. He didn't know what to say.

The brat in front of him was simply taking advantage of the situation to rob him. He didn't leave him any chance.

"Boss Sun, I know Seafood TV is anxious for money right now. Don't worry, after you sign the contract, the fifty million yuan will be transferred to your account in one go." Seeing Sunn Sheng make such a sacrifice, Wu Tian didn't dawdle and offered to fund the investment at once.


Hearing this, Sunn Sheng felt a lot more gratified, "Mr Wu is so straightforward. Let's sign the contract right now."

After the two signed the contract, Wu Tian transferred fifty million yuan of investment funds to Sunn Sheng.

His collaboration this time around was quite smooth. Basically, there were no twists or turns as he reached an agreement.

After signing the contract, Wu Tian pointed out some suggestions from the perspective of the audience of Seafood TV, including the interface and user experience, as well as some issues such as resource differentiation.

Sunn Sheng nodded repeatedly and smiled. "Your words are really useful. I didn't expect Mr Wu to be so knowledgeable about live broadcasting."

"Everyone has a different perspective. I just made some suggestions from the audience's perspective." Wu Tian was flattered and smiled.

In fact, the suggestions that he had just made were the thoughts of many of the audience members. It was just that they didn't have the opportunity to voice them out.

"Alright, I will definitely do as Mr Wu says and improve it," Sunn Sheng raised his teacup and said. "We will use tea in place of wine. I hope we can cooperate well and make Seafood TV bigger and bigger, becoming the leader of the industry."

"Happy cooperation!" Wu Tian raised his teacup and clinked it with Sunn Sheng's.

From their simple interactions, one could tell that Sunn Sheng was a capable person. With enough time, he will definitely be able to make Seafood TV bigger and stronger.

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