Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C3 Be Despised by Others
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Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C3 Be Despised by Others
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C3 Be Despised by Others

Half an hour later.

The four of them reached the already brightly light Huiyue Restaurant before it got dark.

They took a seat in the hall.

Sunn Xiaohao was a little worried. "Wu Tian, why don't we go back and eat some skewers? This place is too expensive."

"There's no price on this menu either. If you're not careful, you might spend two months of your living expenses." Jiang Wan also did not expect Wu Tian to bring them to such a place.

No one knew what Wu Tian was thinking.

"Hehe, Wu Tian, it seems that you've been provoked. You're giving up on yourself." Wang Hong laughed sinisterly as he continued, "This is a place where only the truly rich can come. Even I don't dare to come here often. You can't be planning on not paying for our meals, right?"

"Let me make it clear first. If you can't afford it, I don't have the money to pay."

Wang Hong felt that Wu Tian's confession was a failure, and fearing that others would look down on him, he wanted to pretend to be rich to save face.

However, you needed money for that.

A poor plebeian was just a poor plebeian. He was too naive to know his place.

"Don't worry, I'll treat you guys to a meal. I will be the one paying." Wu Tian could hear the mockery in Wang Hong's words, but he didn't want to explain, so he just waved his hand and called the waiter to place the menu in front of the three of them. "Feel free to order whatever you like."

Sunn Xiaohao and Jiang Wan looked at each other, not knowing what Wu Tian was trying to do.

However, seeing that he insisted, they didn't say anything more.

If he really couldn't afford it, then everyone would have to gather some money together.

Wang Hong asked the waiter in a very professional manner as he picked up the menu. He ordered a few specialties, four one-catty Australian lobsters and two bottles of Maotai.

Seeing this, Sunn Xiaohao and Jiang Wan were scared witless. They thought to themselves, "The dorm leader is really ruthless. He is trying to make Wu Tian pay a huge price."

Just these four large lobsters and two bottles of Maotai alone were already an astronomical number to them.

Just as they were about to persuade him, they heard Wu Tian say to the waiter, "As he wishes."

Since Wu Tian said so, the two could only swallow their words.

After finishing ordering, Wang Hong's eyes suddenly lit up. He stood up and greeted loudly, "What a coincidence, Wan Ying. Are you here to eat too?"

The three of them turned their heads.

They saw the school beauty, Wan Ying, and her two best friends coming down the elevator from the second floor.

Wan Ying wore a snow-white dress and had an extraordinary temperament. She was extremely dazzling among the bustling customers in the hall.

Hearing Wang Hong's call, her eyebrows creased as she ignored him.

Huiyue Restaurant, after all, was not an ordinary small restaurant. The customers inside were all well-mannered, so even if they were chatting, they would try their best to keep their voices down so as to not disturb others.

Wang Hong's loud voice made her both disgusted and embarrassed, so she didn't even bother paying attention to him.

However, when she saw Wu Tian, Wan Ying's frown slightly loosened. She smiled at him as a greeting and then left with her best friends.

"Damn, Wu Tian, when did you meet the school beauty? She was actually smiling at you. It can't be that she took a fancy to you, right?" Sunn Xiaohao gasped in disbelief.

"Wan Ying is famous for her arrogance. I heard that she has a good family background. She doesn't give any man any face." Jiang Wan was full of envy.

Only Wang Hong had an unsettled expression. He didn't even know how to retract his embarrassed hands.

He couldn't believe that Wan Ying ignored him and greeted Wu Tian instead.

He was very embarrassed as he sneered, "Stop dreaming! Wan Ying is the eldest miss of the Run Hua Corporation. How could she fall for Wu Tian? A big family requires people with equal social status and economic status. Do you understand?"

"You're too realistic, my dear sir." Sunn Xiaohao was unhappy.

Jiang Wan also said he did not understand: "Everyone now advocates free love and refuses arranged marriage."

"What do you know? Do you really think reality is a fairy tale? The lower your level, the narrower your horizons." Wang Hong snorted in annoyance.

"You guys are going too far. She just has some self-restraint." Wu Tian stopped the two of them from arguing further.

Actually, he had only met Wan Ying once when he had picked up her meal card by chance and gave it back to her.

That smile just now was just a greeting.

He didn't expect his three roommates to argue over this.

Soon, the dishes were served.

This was the first time Sunn Xiaohao and Jiang Wan had been so extravagant. They didn't say anything as they started gobbling down the food.

"If it wasn't for the fact that we are in the same dorm, I would never eat with you guys. It's as if you've never seen the world before." Wang Hong watched the two of them wolfing down their food with a disdainful look on his face.

The two of them ate happily, not caring for what Wang Hong said as they bared their teeth and smiled.

After the meal, Wu Tian called the waiter over to pay the bill.

"Hello sir, your bill is a total of 12,800 yuan." The waiter showed a professional smile.

"What?" Over ten thousand!" Sunn Xiaohao suddenly jumped up in disbelief.

He thought that he could settle the matter in three or four thousand, but to think that the bill would be so high.

"Holy! Even if we sold ourselves, we wouldn't be able to afford it." Jiang Wan's voice carried a sobbing tone. Originally, if it was very expensive, they would gather the money and treat it as an indulgence. They couldn't let Wu Tian pay for it alone.

Who would have thought that the price would be so high? It completely exceeded their expectations.

They were extremely regretful in their hearts. They should have just asked for the price when they were ordering. They shouldn't have let Wang Hong order for them.

"The life of the rich is really hard to imagine." Wu Tian sighed in his heart. He didn't expect it to be this expensive.

Although ten thousand were just like a drop in the ocean for him, he had never been this extravagant before, so he had yet to get used to it.

Seeing the Huiyue Restaurant filled with people, Wu Tian couldn't help but sigh.

One meal was equivalent to half a year's living expenses in the past, yet there were still so many customers.

From the looks of it, the profits from this restaurant weren't low, and it was easy to earn money from rich people.

"What should we do? I only have two hundred on me, but there are six hundred on my phone." Seeing that Wu Tian was silent, Sunn Xiaohao took out his phone and scratched his head.

"Everyone, let's gather some money. I still have a thousand and two hundred yuan. At worst, we'll just collectively eat dirt for a few days." Jiang Wan braced himself, took out his wallet and said to Wang Hong.

"Why are you looking at me?"

Wang Hong used a toothpick to pick his teeth, as if it had nothing to do with him. "I've said it before. I'm only responsible for eating."

"Waiter, may I ask how much does your restaurant sell on average every month?" Wu Tian asked without batting an eyelid.


This was the first time the waiter had been asked about the restaurant's business, his face turning cold. "Our Huiyue Restaurant is a place made for high class people. You guys should have some money. Let me remind you, our restaurant is connected to the Public Security Bureau 24 hours a day and there are cameras everywhere.

"Wu Tian, you said you wanted to treat me to a meal, so I gave you face by accepting your invite. Don't make me lose face along with you." Wang Hong's face turned ugly as well.

He only wanted to use this opportunity to embarrass Wu Tian. He didn't want to go to the police station along with him.

If his friends found out that he couldn't afford to pay for his meals, how would he be able to stay at school in the future?

"If we can't afford it, we're not going to go to jail, are we?" Sunn Xiaohao was scared. After all, he was still a student.

"Wu Tian, think of a way. It's not good to go to jail for something like this. Otherwise, we'll have to borrow money from our relatives and friends." Jiang Wan braced himself and said.

"Sir, would you like to swipe your card or will you pay in cash?"

The waiter urged with a displeased look.

He clearly couldn't afford it, yet he was still putting on an act. He couldn't be polite when facing such people.

However, Wu Tian's next words shocked everyone.

"Don't worry, I'm still considering whether I should buy your restaurant or not."

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