Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C4 I'll Buy This Hotel
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Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C4 I'll Buy This Hotel
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C4 I'll Buy This Hotel

When Sunn Xiaohao and Jiang Wan heard this, their mouths opened so wide that an egg could fit inside.

Even Wang Hong felt his scalp tingle.

Wu Tian couldn't have gone crazy, right? He couldn't even afford to pay for his meal, yet he wanted to buy the Huiyue Restaurant. His tone was terrifying.

"Wu Tian, stop joking around. Let's hurry up and think of something." Jiang Wan was afraid that if this happened again, the restaurant would call the police and their future would be ruined.

"I'll call my mom right away and borrow some money. I'll pay the bill first." Sunn Xiaohao couldn't help but want to make a call.

However, he was gently held down by Wu Tian.

"You want to buy our restaurant? No need to pretend." The waiter picked up his walkie-talkie and said, "Security, there are people who want to renege on their debt after eating. Come here and take care of it."

"Got it." The security guards at the four corners of the hall immediately walked towards Wu Tian and the others.

"Wu Tian, you should end this matter yourself. I'm not going to go crazy with you." When Wang Hong saw the situation turn sour, he hurriedly ran away with a gloomy face.

If he didn't leave, he might have to pay.

Seeing Wang Hong run away, Jiang Wan cursed loudly: "You heartless bastard."

"Wu Tian, you should run too. If you don't leave now, you'll be captured and sent to jail." Sunn Xiaohao urged while sticking close to Wu Tian's ear.

"I'm not leaving."

Wu Tian laughed and said, "You don't need to call the security. Get your manager to come over. I want to ask him about Huiyue Restaurant's income."

"You really won't shed a tear until you see the coffin. I've seen a lot of people who go back on their words, but I've never seen anyone who could pretend to be someone else." The waiter was so angry that he started laughing.

The moment he finished, Wu Tian took out a bank card and threw it on the table.

Then he took out his mobile phone and dialed the number on the bank card, calling his personal attendant. He turned on the loudspeaker and put the phone on the table.

"Hello, Mr Wu. I'm your personal attendant. Is there anything I can help you with?" A melodious female voice came from the phone.

"Help me check the balance of the card with the ending number 0888."

"Okay, please wait a moment."

The phone was silent for a few seconds. Then, a clear voice came out, "Your card currently has three hundred million yuan. What do you need to do?"

"I just wanted to see if I had enough money, thank you." Wu Tian hung up the phone indifferently.

Sunn Xiaohao, who was beside him, pinched his own face and mumbled to himself, "Am I dreaming?"

Jiang Wan's eyes almost popped out of his eye sockets. He looked at Wu Tian as if he was looking at a monster, his mind completely blank.

After a long time, he finally spat out, "Bro, you've been hiding this from us all this time."

The expression on the waiter's face was extremely fascinating, going from red to white in an instant.

"Call your manager over," Wu Tian repeated.

"Alright, alright, please wait a moment." The waiter came back to his senses and hurriedly walked over to the nearby security guard. He then called over the manager with his walkie-talkie and told him what had happened.

"Hello, Mr Wu. I can't decide on the purchase of the hotel, but coincidentally, our director, Mr Liu, is here today. If it's convenient, please follow me to the reception room. I'll inform Director Liu about it." The manager was extremely respectful.

Perhaps this young man who looked young and immature would be his boss in the future.

The three of them were brought by the manager to the reception room on the eighth floor of the hotel.

Sunn Xiaohao and Jiang Wan were already itching to hear Wu Tian confess the truth.

Wu Tian could only tell them that his family was wealthy, but since his grandfather was afraid that he would not work hard when he had money, he wanted to test him.

The two listened for a long time without being able to calm down.

"If Wang Hong knew about this, his intestines would probably turn green with regret." Jiang Wan let out a long sigh. He was glad that he didn't run away with Wang Hong. Otherwise, he really didn't know how he would face Wu Tian, this rich and powerful young master.

"It's not just Wang Hong. If I were Lee Meng, I would probably poke my eyes out." Sunn Xiaohao was both excited and happy for Wu Tian.

While they were talking, a middle-aged fatty with a face full of smiles walked into the reception room under the manager's lead.

"This is our boss, Liu Jun."

The manager introduced: "This is young master Wu, he wants to buy our Huiyue Restaurant."

"Young master Wu is really young and capable. He looks around my daughter's age and already has billions. I'm really impressed." Liu Jun was very happy with his red face.

He was very anxious because he was short on liquidity in real estate development.

If he didn't have enough funds, his project could fail, and the damage could even cause a capital chain rupture.

He had been planning to sell his Huiyue Restaurant from the start.

Although the income here was not bad, not many people were willing to spend tens of millions to buy it. After all, in this era, catering was not a very lucrative industry.

Just as he was worrying about what to do, Wu Tian appeared. How could he not be excited?

One of them wanted to buy the restaurant, the other wanted to sell it.

He called the treasurer, read the daily and monthly reports, and agreed to buy the Huiyue Restaurant for twenty million.

"Grandfather, the words I've said will definitely come true. I definitely won't disappoint you."

This was the thought in his mind as Wu Tian signed the transfer deed on the spot and paid for the restaurant. He felt very happy in his heart.

Half a day ago, he had to live frugally just to buy a single gift worth a few dozen yuan. But now, he didn't even blink as he spent twenty million to buy a high-end restaurant.

"Young master Wu — no, that's not right. I should call you President Wu now."

Liu Jun had a face full of gratitude. "It's rare to see such a bold young man like you. To tell you the truth, my capital was really tight. This money really saved my life."

"We'll each take what we need. Actually, I didn't think too much about it." Wu Tian said politely.

"Haha, since you've helped me, I, Liu Jun, cannot be stingy." Liu Jun let out a hearty laugh, opened his wallet and took out a black card, passing it to Wu Tian. "This is the Supreme Card of the Global International Club, very few people have the right to enter it. The annual fee is three hundred thousand, so treat it as my gift to President Wu."

"Global International is famous for being a club for tycoons." Jiang Wan was full of envy.

As the place where the wealthiest of Luzhou gathered, even poor people talked about it.

"Thank you, Director Liu." Wu Tian accepted the card without any hesitation.

He thought that since there were so many tycoons, it might be useful to him if he wanted to increase his assets quickly.

Leaving the Huiyue Restaurant, Wang Hong returned to the dorm. Seeing that the three of them were safe and sound with a face full of smiles, he was surprised as he asked, "Where did you get the money?"

Jiang Wan was angry that Wang Hong had abandoned the three of them and ran away and snapped, "Wang Hong, you don't even know how rich Wu Tian is. He bought the entire Huiyue Restaurant."

"It's a shame you abandoned us to run away and didn't get the chance to see that wonderful scene." Sunn Xiaohao also mocked.

"Keep boasting. If Wu Tian bought the Huiyue Restaurant, then I will walk upside down!" Wang Hong scoffed, thinking that the three of them were just bluffing.

Wu Tian smiled without saying anything.

He had seen Wang Hong's character clearly today. There was no need to befriend him.

Spending just over ten thousand yuan was enough to reveal a person's true nature.

One night later

When Wu Tian arrived in the classroom in the morning, he found Lee Meng looking at him in a strange manner. Quite a few students were pointing at him.

"Lee Meng said that Wu Tian, a poor plebeian, went to confess to her yesterday. He really is a toad wishing to eat swan meat. Where did his courage come from?"

"He bought a crystal hairpin from a gift shop and wanted to take the class beauty as his girlfriend. He's so childish. He's practically our class' pet."

"If he is poor, then he must know his place. Only he would be able to do something so embarrassing."

"His status is too low. In Lee Meng's eyes, he can't even be considered an ordinary friend."

One after another, unbearable sarcasm entered the ears of Wu Tian and the other two.

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