Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C6 Who Dares to Provoke Me
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Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C6 Who Dares to Provoke Me
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C6 Who Dares to Provoke Me

Seeing Loong Yun's arrival, the corner of Wu Tian's mouth slightly curled up, revealing a demonic smile. Adding on his expression, he looked just like a demon king.

At this moment, Wu Tian felt really good. Originally, he was worried about how they would get out of this situation.

Now, with Loong Yun and his four bodyguards, his heart was finally at ease.

"Jiang Wan, there's no need to call the police." Wu Tian said to Jiang Wan as he stood in front of Sunn Xiaohao.

In a split-second, Wu Tian seemed to have become everyone's focus of attention.

"Who is it? Aren't you afraid that I'll teach you a lesson?" When Zhao Yang heard that someone was speaking up for Wu Tian, the anger in his heart surged like an erupting volcano.

The thugs started laughing out loud. They could do anything on their territory. No one had ever dared challenge them before.

This person seemed to be a woman.

Everyone turned to look as Loong Yun appeared in their line of sight.

"Wow, boss, this girl is great."

"I feel like my body is boiling."

"I can't take it anymore. This girl, I want her tonight."

The three thugs shamelessly said what was on their mind as they revealed an expression like that of a pig.

It was disgusting.

Naturally, Loong Yun also felt extremely disgusted.

"Loong Yun, I want them to be taught a lesson." Wu Tian looked at Zhao Yang with an indifferent expression. He ignored the three thugs and said, "Zhao Yang, today's matter will be resolved on the same day."

As soon as he finished his words, the bodyguards behind Wu Tian resembled a black whirlwind as they knocked the thugs to the ground and rendered them unable to move.

One of the bodyguards directly came in front of Zhao Yang.

Zhao Yang was a gentleman, so, afraid that Lee Meng would be hurt, he stepped forward resolutely.

The bodyguards' goal was to completely comply with the order and ensure the safety of the boss.

Without a doubt, Wu Tian's words were like an imperial edict, and the bodyguards could only obey.

Unsurprisingly, Zhao Yang was knocked down easily.

The ground was filled with mournful cries.

"Boss, you caused us to get injured."

"Yeah, boss, who is this man? He's got bodyguards with him when he goes out."

"I beg you, please let us go. We won't dare disturb you anymore."

The little thugs were subdued by the bodyguards, so they couldn't do anything but beg for mercy.

They were all hit at the joints. It was a good thing that the bodyguards knew when to stop. Otherwise, they might have been disabled for the rest of their lives.

For Zhao Yang, however, it was different. The bodyguard seemed to know Wu Tian's thoughts and gave Zhao Yang a special treatment.

"What are you guys doing? Gathering people to fight? I'm calling the police. The police will be here soon." Lee Meng had already called the police when she saw her boyfriend getting beaten up because she didn't know if Wu Tian would beat her up too. After all, she had said a lot of things about hurting Wu Tian.

"Brother Tian, have mercy. I won't dare to do it again. I know I was wrong." Zhao Yang said with blood and fallen teeth in his mouth. He was also out of breath while he spoke because he was being pressed to the ground with one hand by one of the bodyguards.

"Brother Tian, Brother Tian, I, Zhao Yang, am a bastard and Lee Meng is a witch. I will break up with her. If Brother Tian likes her, I will give her to you."

At this moment, Zhao Yang started acting like a bastard.

Lee Meng's heart broke when she heard her boyfriend's words. She wasn't Zhao Yang's property, so he didn't have the right to decide what to do with her.

"Zhao Yang, you bastard, I was wrong about you." Lee Meng's heart was filled with mixed feelings. Yesterday, she slept with him, and today, he was going to give her away to someone else. Furthermore, he was going to give her to Wu Tian.

Lee Meng said something against her will as her eyes kept looking at Wu Tian from time to time.

At this moment, when she saw the useless Zhao Yang, she regretted so much, but she also hoped that Wu Tian would fall for her.

However, when Lee Meng's gaze landed on Loong Yun, she finally understood the difference between her and Wu Tian.

"You guys better take care of yourselves. I hope you won't do anything reckless." Wu Tian knew that the police would arrive soon, so he left after saying a few words.

"Are we really going to let them go just like that? Just now, they wanted us to lose an arm or a leg." Sunn Xiaohao was still indignant.

Jiang Wan didn't say anything. He pulled Sunn Xiaohao and gave him a look. Then, the two of them left first.

Wu Tian also let out a sigh of relief as he watched his two roommates leave.

Honestly, if it wasn't for Loong Yun's appearance today, the outcome might have been the opposite. "Thank you."

Wu Tian said this from the bottom of his heart. He really wanted to thank Loong Yun. Every time he encountered a crisis, she would come to save him.

"It's nothing." Loong Yun was still as arrogant as ever. Even though she was like an icy beauty in front of Wu Tian, she was always honest about her feelings.

The two of them walked without a word for a long time. Finally, Loong Yun said, "Your grandfather wants to keep them by your side to protect you."

"Forget it. There are a lot of things that I can take care of myself." Wu Tian's face revealed a hint of warmth as he asked, "Is my grandpa okay?"

The sky gradually turned dark; it was almost night-time.

"Your grandfather is fine, but I won't compromise with you regarding the bodyguards. With them around, we can rest assured of your safety. Since you don't want them to follow you, then I'll have them protect you secretly."

"If they will protect me secretly, then that won't have much of an impact on my life, so I'll agree."

The next day, Liu Yueyao was leaning against a sports car in front of the school as if she was waiting for someone.

This was big news. Liu Yueyao was the second most popular girl in school.

Today, she was at the entrance. From time to time, she would look towards the inside of the campus, obviously waiting for someone.

Not long after, Wu Tian slowly walked out of the school gate.

"Student Wu Tian, here, here." Liu Yueyao hurriedly shouted when she saw Wu Tian's figure. At the same time, she waved her small hand in excitement.

She was a famous person in the whole school. If she called out the name of a boy so blatantly, it was very likely that there would be some rumors spreading around the school the next day.

Everyone's gaze fell on Wu Tian when they heard Liu Yueyao's words.

Thousands of gazes were fixed on him.

Feeling so many eyes on his body, even the thick-skinned Wu Tian felt shy as he jogged to Liu Yueyao's car.

"Let's go, let's go."

When Liu Yueyao saw Wu Tian get in the car, she smiled and hit the gas pedal. The car rushed out and disappeared from everyone's sight in a few seconds.

Watching the two of them leave, the school gate was bustling with noise and excitement. If this goes on, the two of them will probably be the school news' headlines tomorrow.

"I didn't expect President Wu to be shy," Liu Yueyao looked at Wu Tian through the rearview mirror and said.

Wu Tian smiled awkwardly and soon, the car arrived at Liu Yueyao's house.

This was a private villa. The two of them got out of the car and walked towards the entrance.

At this moment, the inside of the house was quite lively. The moment Liu Yueyao opened the door, a burst of cheers sounded out beside Wu Tian's ear.

"Yueyao is back, our master is back."

"Yueyao, come over quickly. Zihao Lin is here too."

Everyone's eyes were focused on Liu Yueyao, completely ignoring Wu Tian, who was standing behind her.

It made sense. Since Wu Tian was wearing cheap clothes, it was easy for others to ignore him.

Along the way, Liu Yueyao greeted the others. She had too many good friends.

Wu Tian was very curious. He looked around and wondered if he also needed to buy a villa.

When Liu Yueyao arrived at the backyard of the mansion, Liu Jun was also there. When he saw Wu Tie beside Liu Yueyao, a smile appeared on his face.

"President Wu is also here. Today, my daughter organized a party and everyone here is a good friend of hers." Liu Jun briefly explained the situation before telling Liu Yueyao to take care of Wu Tian and leaving.

Wu Tian said a few words politely and didn't pay much attention to the people around him. He didn't know anyone except Liu Yueyao.

At this time, someone finally noticed Wu Tian. They realized that no matter where Liu Yueyao went, Wu Tian would follow her. Even when they met with Liu Jun, they were together, and the two seemed to be in an intimate relationship.

"Yueyao, who is he, your boyfriend?" A good friend of Liu Yueyao walked over and asked.

Liu Yueyao smiled and said, "Guess."

"Yueyao, who is he to you?" Zihao Lin also walked over as if he was very concerned about Wu Tian's identity.

However, when he looked at Wu Tian's cheap clothes, a hint of despise appeared on his face.

"He's just my friend." Although Liu Yueyao said so, her hands betrayed her.

Everyone saw her holding Wu Tian's arm as if they were intimate.

Seeing this, Zihao Lin's eyes almost spouted fire.

Everyone in the circle knew that Zihao Lin liked Liu Yueyao. He liked her a lot. Now, seeing Liu Yueyao being so intimate with a man he didn't know, he almost lost his mind.

"Who are you? How dare you get so close to Yueyao?!" Zihao Lin was very arrogant. With a ferocious expression on his face, he took a step forward and stood in front of Wu Tian.

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