Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C7 Accompanied by a Beautiful Woman
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Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C7 Accompanied by a Beautiful Woman
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C7 Accompanied by a Beautiful Woman

Everyone looked at Wu Tian and Liu Yueyao.

The two of them were like a sweet couple.

"Who are you? Yueyao, stay away from him." Zihao Lin's voice was hoarse. He would not allow anyone to be so close to Liu Yueyao.

Liu Yueyao was his weakness, and anyone who touched her would drive him crazy.

"Zihao Lin, you and I are just normal friends. Please don't call me Yueyao. You can call me Lin Yueyao instead."

Zihao Lin had already lost his mind from anger and was about to attack.

His anger had already reached the top of his head, and he nearly rolled up his sleeves to punch Wu Tian.

The people around stopped talking and surrounded them. Some of them even stood at the side and cheered for Zihao Lin.

"Young master Lin has lost his mind from anger. That boy is finished."

"There's going to be a good show tonight."

"Who is that kid who dares to meet Liu Yueyao so blatantly. Isn't he courting death?"

"Exactly, just look at his clothes. That set of clothes he's wearing would only be worth a hundred yuan at most."

The surrounding people were all pointing at him, but Wu Tian didn't mind, so they could say whatever they liked. After all, he was going his way.

However, Liu Yueyao was different. Wu Tian was their VIP guest today. How could he receive such treatment?

As a fight was about to break out, Liu Jun coincidentally walked in.

"Yueyao, it's rare for your classmate to come here. You have to take good care of him and your friends. We're all friends here, so if you have anything to say, say it later."

"And you, Zihao Lin, calm down a bit. If you dare to attack, I will teach you a lesson in place of your father."

Liu Jun was familiar with Zihao Lin's father. The relationship between the two of them was like one between brothers. After all, they had fought and went after women together.

The fight that was about to happen was extinguished by a few words and Zihao Lin had to keep his hatred in his heart.

Wu Tian followed Liu Yueyao to a sofa. Liu Yueyao was very sensible and brought him some fruit and drinks

He was a guest after all. Before he could even sit down, he was already ridiculed and mocked. She felt embarrassed.

"I'm sorry."

Liu Yueyao didn't know what to say. Facing Wu Tian, she was a bit uncertain.

Wu Tian was startled when he saw Liu Yueyao's eyes moving around with tears glistening in them.

Could it be that he had been too calm today? Did the other party think that he was angry?

Afraid that Liu Yueyao would cry, Wu Tian hurriedly explained, "It's alright, classmate Liu. They're nothing more than flies buzzing in my ears."

"You don't have to apologize to me. I bought all my clothes at street stalls. They aren't even worth a hundred yuan."

Wu Tian grinned and said while tugging on his shirt that was worth less than 30 yuan. His eyes were full of smiles, "How could I live like a princess all day like Miss Liu? In their eyes, I'm just a toad wishing to eat swan meat."

"If this was in the past, I probably wouldn't even dare to look at you. But now, I find that you're truly beautiful."

He even dared to chase after Lee Meng, not to mention Liu Yueyao, who was a hundred times more beautiful than Lee Meng.

"Wu Tian, I've noticed that you're not being sincere. You talk just like those glib people that always talk about women."

Liu Yueyao's face was flushed.

"Well, let me give you an apple. No need to thank me, I'm in a good mood today."

Without waiting for Wu Tian to speak, Liu Yueyao passed the apple in her hand to Wu Tian.

Wu Tian wanted to decline, but it seemed that Liu Yueyao didn't intend to give up, so he simply accepted it.

This scene fell into the eyes of Zihao Lin, who was far away. His eyes were almost on fire while his butt felt as if it was sitting on pins and needles. He was probably wishing Wu Tian to die.

Everyone knew that Zihao Lin liked Liu Yueyao, but Liu Yueyao just didn't like him. Now, a pretty boy had popped out of nowhere and almost took Liu Yueyao's heart away.

"Young master Lin, why don't I ask a few of my brothers to teach him a lesson?"

"That's right, young master Lin. While we may not be able to touch him here, he's just a fish on the chopping board outside. We can do whatever we want with him there."

A few young people were talking to Zihao Lin and suggesting him how he should teach Wu Tian a lesson.

It was then that Liu Yueyao's laughter reached Zihao Lin's ears. He was angered to the point that he clenched his hands tightly and stared straight at Wu Tie while gritting his teeth.

The party soon ended and the guests left one by one. Finally, only Wu Tian and the Liu family were left.

Liu Jun was actually interested in getting to know Wu Tian. He wanted to find the appropriate person for her daughter.

Wu Tian was obviously that person, and he was also satisfied with him. He was young, yet already a billionaire, and he also helped him a lot. At the same time, he noticed that his daughter seemed to be especially friendly to Wu Tian.

This relationship wasn't like one between friends, but rather something more.

"Dad, I'll accompany Wu Tian back to school. You should go to rest early"

Liu Yueyao said to Liu Jun when she saw that it was already late outside.

Hearing that his daughter wanted to leave with Wu Tian, Liu Jun was naturally happy. After all, the two of them had been in contact for a while, so perhaps they might be able to make some progress …

Liu Jun smiled at Wu Tian as he thought this. He reminded Wu Tian in a low voice while his daughter wasn't paying attention.

"Young people have many common topics to discuss. You can chat more on the way …"

Wu Tian was confused. As he was thinking, Liu Yueyao had already dragged him outside.

Soon she drove him back to school.

"Thank you for coming, Wu Tian, and thank you for helping my dad."

Liu Yueyao thanked him sincerely.

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