Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C9 Your Dog Eyes Look down on People
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Millionaire Suddenly Appears/C9 Your Dog Eyes Look down on People
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C9 Your Dog Eyes Look down on People

Wu Tian woke up late the next morning.

When he got up, he was the only one in the room.

The morning classes were almost over.

In the afternoon, Wu Tian quietly left the school to go to a housing sales center.

In terms of buying a house, he naturally had to choose the best location. As for the price, of course he had to choose the most expensive one.


Wu Tian stopped a taxi and said, "Please take me to the Hai Tian villa complex."

After hearing what Wu Tian had said, the taxi driver couldn't help but look at him twice.

"Little brother, do you live there? I heard that's not a place an ordinary person can live in. It's really expensive."

The driver was a local. He worked as taxi driver to make a living, but that wasn't an easy task. He asked curiously when he saw Wu Tian wearing cheap clothes.

Wu Tian stated his goal directly and casually said, "I want to buy a house. I heard that the location is not bad, and the prices are fine."


The taxi driver was silent. Most people couldn't afford to buy a house from Hai Tian, much less this young man in the taxi.

Soon, the car arrived at the Hai Tian housing sales center. Wu Tian gave the driver 100 yuan.

"It's all yours."

He then walked towards the Hai Tian housing sales center.

The sales center was extremely grand. It could even be described as magnificent, with every inch of land being worth every penny.

When he walked into the sales center, no one came to meet him.

"Forget it, I'll just take a walk myself."

Wu Tian took a look here and there. Finally, the salesperson saw him.

However, he didn't want to bother with Wu Tian. Seeing how shabby Wu Tian's clothes were, she could tell that he was a hot-blooded youth who just wanted to brag that he was going to buy a house.

With the intention of sending him away, the salesperson walked in front of Wu Tian.

Wu Tian was standing in front of a sand table. He saw a pretty good riverside villa. He looked at it several times and wanted to inspect it closer.

After walking around in a circle, he had taken a fancy to three villas.

They were all houses facing the river, which was pretty nice, and they had good natural illumination.

"You're a salesperson, and your name is Liu Li."

Wu Tian looked at the tag and said.

He wasn't friendly to this Liu Li, as she was obviously here to send him off.

But he really was here to buy a house. It seemed that he was going to be taken advantage of by this Liu Li.

He ignored the bitter look on the salesperson's face.

"I want to take a look at your best riverside villas."

Wu Tian's voice wasn't loud, but it was heard by quite a few people in the huge hall.

Suddenly, everyone in the hall turned around and looked at Wu Tian.

When they saw a young man like Wu Tian, all of them couldn't help but shake their heads.

He was a man who pretended to be rich. It may be a good thing to have an ambitious goal, but one must know that in Hai Tian a villa with a view of the river was worth several million yuan.

Millions were not a small amount of money, and that was only for the worst house.

If you want to pick the best, the price will go up.

This was not something that an ordinary person could afford.

"Sir, how should I address you?"

Liu Li looked at Wu Tian mockingly and said expressionlessly.

"My surname is Wu." Wu Tian ignored Liu Li and continued, "Can you show me the villas?"

"I'm sorry, Mr Wu, but I'm not feeling well today. Let me find someone who's familiar with the process so he can help you."

Liu Li said as she covered her forehead and waved towards the sales counter. Soon a young rookie came over.

When Liu Li saw the newcomer being so enthusiastic, she immediately felt disdain for her.

"A poor man came to buy a house. If he really buys one, I will write my name upside down."

Liu Li muttered.

"Mr Wu, right? I'll take you there right now. My name is Li Qing, you can ask me anything you don't understand."

Li Qing said. Then, she took Wu Tian to check the houses he was interested in.

The two of them left the sales center and went to the Hai Tian Villa Complex behind them.

Under Wu Tian's instructions, the two of them looked at the three villas. These three villas were the ones Wu Tian liked the most, and one of them was the best villa he had ever seen.

At the same time, there was another riverside villa that Wu Tian particularly liked.

This villa was the only one in the area, so it was absolutely quiet.

This was also Wu Tian's favorite point, silence.

He and Li Qing had a good chat, and after they finished looking at the houses, they went back to the sales center.

"Does Mr Wu have a satisfactory house in mind? I see that you are very satisfied with House 103 in Area A." Li Qing revealed a professional smile, her voice gentle and pleasant to hear.

"Hmm, yes, I like it. How about we buy that one? Let's go and pay for the house right now." Wu Tian immediately said.

This shocked Li Qing. The price of that villa wasn't low, and this Mr Wu didn't look like a rich person at all. He couldn't be playing with her, right?

She was in this business and understood the logic behind it.

When the two of them returned to the sales center, their colleagues were very curious and started asking about the house that Wu Tian had taken a fancy to.

When they heard that it was house 103 in area A, everyone revealed a mocking expression.

A poor wretch wanting to buy a villa worth ten million was simply wishful thinking.

Let's see what kind of money he'll take out to buy later. It can't be dead people's money, right?

Everyone was waiting to see Wu Tian make a fool of himself.

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