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C1 One Click Cultivation System!

"Cough! Cough! Urgh—!"

In the midst of a bedroom, Su Lang found himself lying on an unfamiliar bed. Feeling a sudden twinge in his body, he instinctively curled up and coughed out a mouthful of blood.

"Agh, it hurts...! Where is this?"

"Didn't I leap off the building after attempting the assassination? Didn't I fall to my death?"

A series of confusing thoughts struck through Su Lang's mind as he forced open his eyes twitching in pain. At that moment, countless fragments of what seemed to be memories flickered in his mind like fireworks before a sharp pain jolted past his head.

"Red Maple Stronghold?"

"The original host of this body has the same name as me?"

"This is... the Azure Star? But... barrier? Martial cultivators? Vicious Beasts?"

As the countless memories flashed passed his eyes like a meteor shower, Su Lang gradually widened his eyes in shock before feeling a storm raging through his heart.

A moment later, Su Lang finally understood the situation he found himself in — he had transmigrated!

While he may still be on the Azure Star, he seemed to have skipped over two thousand years. According to his memories, many things have changed since his previous life.

Two thousand years ago, humanity discovered the existence of spiritual energy. With the sudden appearance of natural disasters, however, humanity plunged into misery and suffering.

Having been forced into a desperate situation, the humans resorted to ancient Chinese texts to walk the path of martial cultivators. By doing so, they managed to develop a civilization that relied on martial arts.

Despite successfully finding peace once again, the Spatiotemporal Crack suddenly appeared, leading to the invasion of the Vicious Beasts.

The sudden invasion caught humanity off guard. Thus, they had no choice but to retreat for the time being. During that time, humanity constructed a barrier that reached into the clouds. Furthermore, they even formed bases and strongholds throughout the barrier to continue to resist the constant invasions of the Vicious Beasts.

After regaining consciousness, Su Lang recalled that he was currently in the Red Maple Stronghold, one of the weaker human bases.

The original host of this body was born into a decent family of three — his parents being Standard Martial Cultivators.

In this period, the martial cultivators seemed to be divided into several realms, which included the Body Tempering Realm, the Mortal Realm, the Martial Expert Realm, the Martial King Realm, the Martial Emperor Realm, and the Immortal Realm.

People who managed to become Standard Martial Cultivators were already quite reputable among the large population of humans. Not only did they receive special privileges, but they were even respected by most people.

Logically speaking, the original host of this body should have had a bright future ahead of him, seeing how his parents managed to achieve such feats.

However, he ended up spiraling down the stairway of despair. The reason was that his weak body could not handle the strain from cultivating martial arts. Thus, everyone mocked him as the unparalleled trash who should not have been born into this world.

Having been born in such a state, his parents spent all of their assets — even borrowing money from all directions — in an attempt to turn him into a martial cultivator. Their efforts, on the contrary, ended up in vain as he was unable to even enter the Body Tempering Realm.

That misfortune, however, wasn't enough for him to plunge into despair.

The final straw that dragged him down into the abyss was the death of his parents. While hunting for resources outside the city, they encountered an unfortunate situation and sadly met their ends early.

Without the protection and accompaniment of his parents, the original host instantly lost all hope in life. Not only was he born without any talents, but even the people who truly loved him had now left him alone in this world.

Within this short period of time, he truly understood the essence of this adage: "Only by suffering through the hardships of life will one be able to differentiate between its warmth and coldness."

Just yesterday, the original host of this body was heavily injured by two bullies. Unable to afford any treatment, he ended up dying after living a miserable life.

"Dear lord... the original host lived such a miserable life!"

Su Lang gasped in shock and exclaimed, "In that case, what's the point of me transmigrating here? I might as well fall to my death!"

Since this body did not have any capabilities of becoming a martial cultivator, he would be stuck at the bottom of society for the rest of his life. Just like the original host, he would constantly be bullied and humiliated by others. Without any chances of getting revenge, he might as well just end his life here and now!

*Knock! Knock! Knock!*

"Hey, you useless brat! Hurry up and open the door!"

A violent "knock" on the door was suddenly followed by an unbridled clamour.

Su Lang's breathing paused upon hearing the arrogant cursing outside. At that moment, a wave of memories flashed through his mind like a slideshow.

It seemed that he was not the only one being insulted and looked down upon by others as those bastards went as far as to insult his late-parents.

According to his memories, those bastards have consistently showed up in front of his door like piles of trash. At this point, even his front door had been dirtied by them.

As soon as he opened the door, Su Lang knew that the bastards standing in front would drag him out to the stairwell to blackmail him. If he refused their demands, they would lift him up by his hair and slap his face until he faints.


This humiliation derived from a single person... the one who lived alone across his home, Chu Gang!

When his parents were still around, Chu Gang would treat Su Lang extremely well, even calling him Young Master Su.

When his parents were out on their hunting trips, on the other hand, Chu Gang would occasionally drop by just to insult him.

Upon receiving news of his parents' death, Chu Gang's attitude took a complete turn as he treated Su Lang like some sort of trash.

As time passed, Chu Gang even began to bully Su Lang. Only after Chu Gang feels satisfied would he stop beating him up for the day.

Now, he had come to bully Su Lang again!

"God damn it! The original host was such a coward. Why did he not pull out a knife to defend himself even though he was bullied to this extent?"

Su Lang gnashed his teeth in hatred — his veins bulging out of his forehead.

He was not someone who would usually hold deep grudges. Once he does, however, he would not hesitate to exact revenge!

Unlike the original host, he could absolutely not tolerate such ridiculous humiliations.

"Where's the knife? Where's my knife? I will fight him to the death!"

After discovering the Tang Blade hung on the wall of his room, Su Lang grabbed it with his hand and prepared to fight for his life.

At that moment, however, he felt sudden wave of pain shocking through his entire body, causing his strength to be pulled away in an instant.

"God damn it! Why does my body hurt so badly?! I'm going to kill that bastard!"

Su Lang clenched his chest tightly to hold back the pain. His eyes were bloodshot as he fumed with anger.

*Thump! Thump! Thump!*

The knocking on the door gradually turned into the sound of someone kicking and bashing against the door. If the door wasn't made of a special type of ancient wood, it would have already been broken by Chu Gang a long time ago.

"The door won't last much longer. What should I do?"

Su Lang clenched his fists in anger and thought to himself, 'Am I just going to sit here and wait for my death? Absolutely not!'

At that moment, an unfamiliar voice sounded in his mind.

[Ding! One click cultivation system had been awakened and is now being activated!]

[1%... 12%... 56%...]

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