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C7 Total Garbage

Su Lang entered the line and waited patiently.

However, the line seemed endless. Aside from the countless people waiting in line, certain Standard Martial Cultivators would occasionally lead their juniors and cut the line. Consequently, it would take even longer for the line to shorten.

Su Lang waited for a full three hours before it was finally his turn.


Su Lang passed his ID card to the woman behind the window.

"Which level of allowance are you applying for?"

The woman with heavy makeup asked in a numb tone.

"Initial Body Tempering Realm."

Su Lang smiled back and touched the crystal beside the window. The crystal lit up with a white light.

This kind of crystal could accurately determine a martial cultivator's strength. The cultivators in the Body Tempering Realm would show gleaming white lights. Furthermore, the number of white lights increases corresponding to the cultivator's smaller realm.

"Hmm? You really are in the Intital Body Tempering Realm."

The woman revealed a surprised expression as she looked at Su Lang with disdain.

"Ahem! Please hurry up."

Catching the hint of disdain on her expression, Su Lang's face turned cold in annoyance.

"Su Lang? You have only broken through to the Initial Body Tempering Realm at the age of twenty? Should I call you an ordinary warrior or a useless piece of trash?"

As the woman spoke, she grabbed ten gold coins and placed them under the window. Purposely speaking with a loud tone, she made sure that everyone around could hear her words.

"He's only reached the Initial Body Tempering Realm at his age? He's clearly cursed with the lack of talent!"

"It's a pity to waste such precious resources on such a useless person."

"That's right. He shouldn't even think about breaking through the higher realms of martial cultivators in his lifetime. He will probably reach the peak of his cultivation at the Advanced Body Tempering Realm."

"Mhmm. I doubt he will be able to break through to the Intermediate Body Tempering Realm even after receiving his allowance for the next few years."


The ridicules continued for a period of time before someone interrupted.


Su Lang revealed a cold smile, "You guys aren't that young either, so why are you still in the Body Tempering Realm?"

"Can we really be compared to you?"

A young man with a pony tail that seemed to be the same age pulled his collar and clamored, "How can a trash like you compare yourself to me, a Quasi Martial Cultivator?!"

"Wow! He has already become a Quasi Martial Cultivator at such a young age? He's even stronger than someone at the Peak Body Tempering Realm! He's a genius!"

"Yeah, he's soon going to be full-fledged martial cultivator. How amazing!"

"Handsome, what's your name? Do you lack an errand boy?"


The surrounding Body Tempering cultivators immediately exclaimed and looked at the pony-tailed man enviously.

"Don't you see?!"

The pony-tailed man raised his chin and looked at Su Lang with incomparable contempt as he said, "You will have to work extremely hard in this world to reach my level of cultivation!"

Su Lang shifted his gaze at the pony-tailed man and peered into his Property Panel.

[Name] : Yang Shi

[Race] : Human

[Aptitude]: Intermediate

[Realm Level]: Quasi Martial Cultivator

[Attack Level]: Quasi Martial Cultivator

[Defense Level]: Quasi Martial Cultivator

[Movement Level]: Quasi Martial Cultivator

[Endurance Level]: Quasi Martial Cultivator

[Skill Mastery] : Infinite Heart Sutra

"Intermediate Aptitude? Useless Trash."

Su Lang rolled his eyes.

The pony-tailed man's Intermediate Aptitude was 300 to 400 times weaker than his current aptitude. From Su Lang's perspective, such a common aptitude was complete trash.

"Woah, you're finally talking back."

Yang Shi patted Su Lang on his shoulder and burst into a fit of laughter, "Yes, you're a genius. You're clearly a genius who was born to be trash."


Su Lang sneered, "Since you said I am a piece of trash, why don't we make a bet?"

"A bet? I like it!"

Yang Shi clapped his hands. "What are we going to bet on? I'll gladly play with you!"

Su Lang said indifferently, "We'll be betting on how long it will take for me to breakthrough from the Initial Body Tempering Realm to the Intermediate Body Tempering Realm. I will bet 50 gold coins."

"Alright, I accept the bet!"

Yang Shi said with a cold smile, "I bet you will take ten years to break through to the Intermediate Body Tempering Realm. If you manage to do it, come to Pu Yuan Villa District north of the city to find me, Yang Shi. I will give you 50 gold coins!"

"If you fail to do so, on the other hand, I will be generous and not make things too difficult for you. All you have to do is take off all your clothes and run three laps around the Union House while shouting, 'I am a genius'. Make sure to introduce yourself to everyone too, okay?"

"Good, that is a good idea!"

"Stripping in public and shouting 'I am a genius'? How exciting. That's not a bad idea!"

"Hahaha! I can't hold back my laughter just from picturing that exact scene!"


The surrounding people began to jeer one after another upon hearing the conditions of the bet.

None of them truly believed that Su Lang would be able to break through into the Intermediate Body Tempering Realm within ten years.

After all, everyone had already begun cultivating the moment they were aware of their surroundings even before adolescence. Even when Su Lang cultivated for more than a decade, he had only just broken through to the Initial Body Tempering Realm. Thus, how could he possibly break through to an even higher realm within a shorter period of time? That would be ridiculous!

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