Sentimental Saint/C13 Arrogant Boy
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Sentimental Saint/C13 Arrogant Boy
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C13 Arrogant Boy

Just as he finished speaking, the wooden door of the cabin where Jegers was located creaked open. An extremely miserable looking black-haired man appeared behind the door.

As he saw the person who pushed the door, he quickly scolded: "Young man, you don't understand the rules at all. Not only are you late, you've also made an appointment with the old man. He didn't even know how to knock on the door when he entered. Alas, it was all the fault of the current parents for spoiling their children. One or both of them are egocentric brats. "

The black-haired man looked as if he had experienced some sort of great tribulation. He was now extremely weak. The fact that he could still stand could be described as a miracle.

Using his last bit of consciousness, the black haired man said with difficulty, "Sor, sorry, teacher …" I came late. "

With that, Wu Yan lost consciousness. He plopped to the ground.

Yeges smiled as he came to Wu Yan's side. He first probed Wu Yan's breath, and after confirming that he did not die, he nodded his head in satisfaction and smiled. "He really is a strong young man. Although I had reduced the amount of magic in the defensive magic array from the first to the seventh layer by eight levels. But being able to get here in just seven hours, you're still the first. Alright, you should get a good night's sleep now. After all, from tomorrow onwards, you won't have a chance to sleep even if you want to. "

The reason why Wu Yan didn't need to train in the first floor of the Magic Tower like the other students and instead use his own strength to get close to the second floor and slowly level up like this was because of him. However, on the first day he came to Tong Tian Tower, he was directly called to the eighth floor by Jegs. This was because there were just too few people who practiced summoning magic. Some capable summoners didn't want to stay in this Skysplit Tower forever. As a result, the teachers in Tong Tian Tower became extremely empty.

If one really had to calculate it seriously, the Imperial Royal Magic Academy's Summon division already had no students for nearly a hundred years. A hundred years ago, there were only two students who successfully practiced summoning magic and became a grand mage who could shake the world.

Wu Yan was limited by his innate attributes. Apart from the Summon division, he couldn't practice any other spells. With no other choice, he entered Tong Tian Tower.

Just as he entered the Tong Tian Tower. Wu Yan immediately felt a chill down his spine. This was because not only was it dimly lit here, there was actually no one here. If there were a few more skulls placed around, it wouldn't even be an exaggeration to call this place a haunted house.

Suddenly, a white light flashed before Wu Yan's eyes. By the time the light faded, Jaeger was in front of him.

Although this was his first time in Tong Tian Tower, he could still recognize this old man in front of him who had his head covered with white hair, eyebrows, and beard.

After all, whether it was the principal's speech at the start of school or the seats of the special guests at the ball, they would all be able to find his figure behind the brand that had Skysplit Tower's Tower Lord. No matter how stupid Wu Yan was, he was still able to guess the identity of this guy.

After talking for a while, Jangers patted Wu Yan on the shoulder and said, "Young man, I am very pleased that the Summon division has students again. But don't be too happy too early, because we don't have a second teacher in the Summon division besides me. So, if you make up your mind, I will personally teach you. It would be a very difficult process. Compared to other types of magic, it was a thousand times more difficult, or even ten thousand times more difficult. Are you sure you want to continue?

"Aren't you just talking nonsense? You know that my innate magic can only be used for summoning magic, so you can't learn it." If I don't continue, wouldn't that mean I've given up on my career as a mage? If I had, I would've flown from Pucson City to Cloudy Heavens City to find that old fogey, Fantasy Star. Why would I have to suffer in this damned place? " Wu Yan rolled his eyes at Yeges and put on an exceptionally firm expression. "Teacher, no matter how bitter it is, I will definitely overcome it."

Yeges nodded his head in satisfaction and said with a smile, "Very good. Then we will begin today's first lesson."

Wu Yan said in surprise, "It's starting so soon?"

"Yes, your time in the academy is limited, so the faster you start to study the better."

Wu Yan nodded and said, "Indeed, it's time to make the most of it."

Although Wu Yan seemed to agree with what Jegers said, he still felt that there was something wrong with the situation. Especially when he laughed, he seemed to feel a chill invading his spine, but when he turned around, there was nothing behind him.

"Alright, today's first lesson will be …" He stopped in mid-sentence.

"What's the first lesson we're going to teach today?" Wu Yan asked doubtfully.

Although he looked like an old man, Jaegers acted like a young man of seventeen or eighteen.

He slowly moved closer to Wu Yan's ear and said, "Today, the first lesson we are going to teach is — — Live!"

"Alive?" An ominous premonition arose in Wu Yan's heart.

Jegers nodded, "That's right, this lesson will be completed by you alone. Actually, it's not that hard. As long as you can go from the first floor of Tong Tian Tower, where my magic power has been weakened to the eighth floor, you will be considered as a success. How about it? Isn't that simple? "Hahaha …" After saying that, he laughed out loud.

Just Tong Tian Tower's magic power that was left with less than 20% was already this powerful. It was really hard to imagine just how miserable it would be if a fellow with a strong and nimble body like Wu Yan were to enter the Tong Tian Tower, which had all of its power activated.

Even in his dreams, he would exclaim, "Ah!"

Wake up!

Looking at Wu Yan's frightened appearance, Yegs laughed and said, "Young man, you are really full of energy."

With his experience with Fantasy Star together in Cloud City, Wu Yan had learnt his lesson by now. In order not to suffer more, you must be polite in front of your teachers.

Wu Yan hurriedly jumped down from the bed and knelt in front of Jeges. He said, "I'm sorry, teacher. I tried my best, but I still couldn't reach the eighth floor on time."

Yegs stroked his long beard and laughed, "It doesn't matter, at first I set the time at half an hour just to test if you would back out because of this. Even if you really can't get up, I'll still go down and get you up. It turns out that you are much better than I thought. "

"Aiya, teacher, you are flattering me too much. I am only able to pass because of luck." Although Wu Yan was modest on the surface, but from his expression, it was obvious that he was very proud of it.

Yeges snorted. "It's good that you know your luck is good. After all, your current strength is far from being a prideful one." Wake up, get up and eat something, then start the second lesson right away. "

"Oh." Wu Yan hurriedly responded and slightly tidied up his tattered clothes. After which, he followed the indication in Yeges' eyes and sat down at the stone table.

He handed a cup of clear tea to Wu Yan and said: "Drink it. We will start the class after you finish."

"Wh …" "What?" Looking at the teacup in front of him, Wu Yan asked in disbelief, "Teacher, is this the only cup?"

Yeges nodded. "That's right, there is only one cup." A mage's cultivation was different from a warrior's. You don't need to use up too much of your physical strength, so you just need to properly recover your mental strength. "I made this green tea myself, and it has an excellent effect on the recovery of spiritual power."

Wu Yan raised his teacup doubtfully after listening to Jeges' words. A soothing fragrance entered his nose. He suddenly felt energized. Without further hesitation, he gulped down the green tea in one go.

"This feeling is simply too wonderful." The refreshing feeling brought by the green tea made Wu Yan exclaim loudly.

Angus smiled and nodded: "Of course."

Half an hour later …

Wu Yan sat cross-legged in front of Jegers, his eyes tightly shut, his brows almost knitted together.

"Teacher, why can't I sense the surrounding magical energy waves like you said?" I clearly have already been very focused. "

Yegs rolled his eyes and snappily replied, "You only sensed it for such a short time, of course you wouldn't be able to sense anything. If anyone could understand how to sense magical elements so easily, then there wouldn't be so few mages in this world. "Stop with your nonsense and continue to focus."

Another half an hour later …

"Teacher …"

Yeges said unhappily, "What now? Didn't I just tell you that it will take even longer for you to feel it? "

Wu Yan smiled bitterly and said, "I did feel something. But it seems like what you are sensing is not the magic element you are talking about, teacher. "

"What?" Could it be that you feel magic elements other than summoning elements? How is this possible? This is the eighth floor of the Tong Tian Tower, the possibility of having magic elements other than the summoning type is practically zero. " Jaegers frowned.

"Ah, that, no, teacher." Wu Yan hesitated for a moment and then said, "I mean, I feel hungry."

He looked like he wanted to fall to the ground. He asked with a smile that wasn't a smile, "Are you hungry?"

"En!" Wu Yan nodded vigorously and said, "Master, do you have anything here that can fill your stomach? If you stay here for a long time, you will starve to death if you don't eat."

"No, I think you may have misunderstood something."

"Isn't it? Every time you want to enter this room of yours, you will have to go through the first to seventh floor of the Tong Tian Tower. Just that alone would take several hours that you could have used to learn. So I think, Teacher, you must have already prepared for me to stay here for a long period of time so that you could teach me? "

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