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C16 So It Was like This

"Oh." "En," Wu Yan answered and ran towards them. He smiled at Linda, who was sitting close to him, and sat down on the seat that Mystic Two and Vieri had moved out of, "Sorry to keep you waiting."

Arcanum laughed. "It's alright, we're all used to it. "Speaking of which, in this one month, you are the earliest person to come back today."

"Ah, yes. That old man suddenly said that he had something on, so he let me back earlier today." Wu Yan said indifferently.

"So that's how it is. No wonder." Arcanum laughed. "Since everyone is here, let's begin the celebration. Linda and Bart dated for a month. "

The reason why Linda and Mai Bart were here today was entirely due to Mystery and Vieri. Before they were called over, neither Linda nor Barthes knew what was going on.

Linda didn't want to come. However, he insisted on coming here to hear what the profound mysteries had to say. At this time, the puzzle was finally revealed, and Linda seemed very excited. It was obvious that the theme of Mystery and Vieri was very much to her liking.

On the other hand, the face of Bartholomew slightly sank. It seemed to reveal that 'I've been tricked'. It meant …

Linda naughtily said, "Haha, you two are really not bad. She actually thought of him this way. But you may not know it, but we've been together for more than a month. It had been five months. It's just that three months of time has been separated because of the holidays. "

As a dorm master, in fact. Vieri had many rights that others could not have.

For example, you could submit a report to the head chef in the canteen. Say which day will be the birthday of a Duke's son or daughter. Then he added some gold coins for the 'grocery'. Vieri was able to get a big meal that ordinary students would definitely not be able to do. Only the dorm master could have such privileges.

Very quickly, the dining hall staff brought up the dishes that were filled to the brim.

The main dish was gong meat. The other side dishes were also popular meat dishes in the cafeteria.

"Ah, so full, so full. Senior, thank you so much for tonight's meal. " Wu Yan smiled at Vieri while patting his empty stomach.

Vieri smiled and looked at Bart, who was meditating on the bed. "I said it to celebrate for Bart." If you want to thank someone, then you should thank that fellow. " Vieri pointed his finger at the mysterious man. He was the one who came up with the idea and the money. I'm just using my authority a little bit. "

Vieri had always had his eyes on the top of his head. He always relied on his status as the dorm master to randomly give orders to others. However, he had a good side to it. The act of not impersonating others was one of them. In the beginning, Wu Yan also couldn't get used to his style. However, after a long time, he had already gotten used to this. He even felt a sense of admiration for the dorm master, who had always been solemn and rarely showed a friendly face. Of course, it wasn't just because he felt that Vieri was a good person. There were many other things. After all, if you're going to admit it or like someone, you don't need too many reasons. You just have to understand, or accept it silently.

Vieri did not attribute this credit to himself for holding a celebration party for Barthes. Instead, he spoke the truth. Of course, it was impossible for him to do that just to win Wu Yan's favor. He wasn't interested in men. It was just that he felt like it. It would be useless even if he were to take such a valuable 'contribution'.

It was his straightforward and open-minded personality that finally earned him respect. Even the dorm master's position. It was only after Long Feng had seen through the essence of Vieri that he had given it to him. After all, this was the role of a school administrator with over a thousand dormitories. There were also many preferential treatment. If it was just a casual assignment, there would be a lot of unnecessary problems.

"Although it was big brother Arcanum's idea, you still have to fully support it, senior." Wu Yan smiled and looked at the mysterious man. The mysterious man nodded at him and said, "That's right, Vieri." It was all thanks to you that we were able to have such a rich meal. As for me, I just paid a little bit of money. This small amount of money, when the holidays, I can go to work to earn back. It's not worth mentioning. "

Vieri was not a genius, but neither was he a fool. Wu Yan and the mysterious man were so attentive. He had already guessed something in his heart. However, in order to increase the weight in their hands, they could obtain more benefits from the hands of these two people who thought that they were smart. He needed to act very high and mighty right now.

As expected, Mystical Mystery didn't fall for the trick when it came to Vieri. No more tricks. He said straightforwardly, "Captain, do you think we'll be able to have another 'celebration' next Monday? "Elise, she said, you have to have a big meal at the college, no matter what."

"Isn't that simple?" "Give me the money and I'll help you with the application."

"Of course." Before Vieri changed his mind. "Here." Arcane Mystery took out a bag of gold coins from his interspatial ring and handed it over to Vieri. Here is one hundred gold coins. "

It would be very difficult to get Vieri to help. Don't underestimate this guy. He looks very friendly on the surface. But in fact, whenever there was a problem with his help. He always used all sorts of excuses to push it off. Even the roommates were no exception. The reason why he was able to host a celebration for Mubai and Linda was due to the fact that Mystery had helped him solve a lot of problems during the last mission.

He knew very well what was going on in his heart. Apart from gold coins, Vieri would definitely make other requests.

"If Elisa is going, then will she go with Fa Li and the rest?" Vieri asked timidly.

The mysterious man chuckled as he looked at Wu Yan, as if he had succeeded in his evil scheme.

"Of course, aren't Elise and Liepi good sisters …" With such a good relationship, of course, anything good would bring them along. " Wu Yan and the Profound Mysteries were one and the same. All for the same purpose. He wanted to trick them into eating another meal.

Vieri's eyes were filled with thought. But only for a moment. "His eyes were filled with excitement." All right, next Monday. I'll go and write the application now. " With that, he immediately put on the clothes that were half taken off. Walking out of the room. He had gone somewhere to write his application.

He looked at the swinging wooden door of the dormitory. Arcanum shook his head and said, "It seems that Vieri has not given up on the idea of having sex." You already know very clearly that it's impossible for them to like him. " Arcanum suddenly looked at Wu Yan. "Wu Yan, can't you help him with your status as the leader of the Wuyan Group. On the day of the ball, when I saw this guy sitting alone on a stone bench in the corner, I still feel a little relieved. No matter what, she's still a roommate we've been together for three years. "

Wu Yan smiled bitterly. "Brother Xuan, I also want to help Senior Vieri." But there's nothing I can do. Although I am her captain in name, she, and her good sister, Peng Daling. He never listened to my commands. To be honest, I think they're more like captains. They could go anywhere they wanted. Bart and I were just guards behind them. To put it bluntly, it's just two lackeys. "

Wu Yan and Peng Daling both came to the academy personally. How could he not know about the situation between the two of them? As for Wen, her name had been known since she was eleven years old. St. The news had spread across the continent at dawn, when a great feast had been held for her.

Originally, he thought Vieri was pitiful enough. As he thought of this, he suddenly realized that the most pitiful person was Wu Yan. He sighed helplessly. He finally sat down on his bed.

Seeing that the mysterious man had stopped talking, Ai Hui revealed a look of worry on his face. Wu Yan gently smiled as he thought in his heart. Brother Xuan always thinks too much. He wanted to worry about everything. Whenever there were problems that others couldn't solve, they would always take the initiative to help. Even though it usually only helps the more you do. However, perhaps it was due to his zeal, but it was likely that senior sister Elisa's gaze would only be on him forever.

Thinking of this, Wu Yan suddenly felt like he was electrocuted. He abruptly asked the mysterious man, "Brother Xuan, what time is it now?"

Mystery estimated the time and said, "It's almost time. You should sleep too. Aren't we going to the Tong Tian Tower tomorrow to train our 'magic'? "

Lazily yawning, Wu Yan smiled and said, "Thank you, Bart. You're still up so early today. "

He just sat back on his bed, bent over, and began to tie his shoelaces. It was not because he was arrogant and did not want to bother with Wu Yan.

Rather, he was afraid that if he spoke too loudly, he would wake up Mystical Mystery and Vieri, who had already made up their minds to train as hard as Wu Yan and Mai Bart, who were still deep in sleep.

Wu Yan smiled in understanding and also began to busy himself.

In the eyes of others, Wu Yan, who was practicing magic, was purposely organizing his own equipment. It was a very strange thing.

However, everyone who knew the truth was very clear about it. Wu Yan's caution was necessary. This was because he was going to face the powerful array inside the Tong Tian Tower. Not just one, but seven! And each was more powerful than the other.

He had brazenly entered Skysplit Tower without being completely prepared. Then he would probably become the same as on the first day. He had been beaten black and blue by the summoning beasts of Tong Tian Tower. Although there weren't any fatal wounds, they were all in tatters as they walked back to him. It wasn't going to be a good thing.

After confirming that the leather armour was durable enough. Wu Yan then took out a set of leather armor that he just bought a few days ago from a cabinet and put it into his storage ring. Keep it for contingency use.

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