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C20 Harmonious Progress

Some of these halfling draconians held short spears in their hands (long spears for the halflings). He focused on observing the movements in the stream. Then, he suddenly exerted his strength, thrusting the short spear into the stream. When the short spear was pulled out of the stream once again, there was already a fish desperately struggling at the sharp end of the spear.

The other Draconians were fetching water. After the water was filled, he poured it into a huge wooden basin filled with clothes. A few female Draconians were sitting around the wooden basin, washing the clothes one by one. The division of labor and efficiency were all very high.

Wu Yan even suspected that even the human villages on the continent of Yi Lan could not do better than these Draconic Dracons living in the hurricane layer of the Nine Sky Demon World.

Wu Yan and Alfazzi didn't stay long at every place. The people on the ground didn't notice that two people were 'sliding' over their heads at this moment. Everything continued in a warm and harmonious manner.

The trip with the pulley was less than ten minutes away.

When their feet touched the ground once again, Wu Yan and Alfazen had already arrived in a vast open area deep within the forest.

The surrounding trees had obviously been cut down to make a house. The trees within a kilometer radius all disappeared, leaving only the base of the tree stump.

Hundreds of small Draconian figures were practicing stabbing with short spears held in their hands. Their movements were uniform, and their eyes were focused. It was not inferior to any army that Wu Yan had ever seen. It was even better than that.

If it weren't for the fact that the Draconian's body condition was too poor, he would have died already. It was hard to imagine what kind of outstanding warriors they would be.

The center of the Half-Dragon village was the residential area. Their houses were all made of wood. After all, there was no need to be afraid of a house being attacked by strong winds while living in the inner parts of a mountain like this. All that was needed was to reinforce the measures against the rain on the roof. Therefore, the houses that the Draconians lived in were usually very simple. And the pattern was almost identical. The only difference was that as a Draconian held a higher status within the clan, the number of houses he lived in would increase.

Under the circumstances of such a layout, it was obvious that the half-dragon king's residence was in this situation.

In the very center of the village, there was an abnormally tall wooden house that was the residence of the Half-human King.

Previously, when they were in the sky, the people on the ground didn't notice Wu Yan's appearance. Wu Yan and Alfazan were walking side by side. The huge difference in height immediately attracted the attention of all the Draconians.

"Who is he?"

"Is he a Dracon like us?"

"But how come he's so tall?"

A few naive female Draconians stood by the side of the road and talked about Wu Yan.

After all, Wu Yan was not a real Draconian. He was unable to understand how ugly and beautiful a Draconian woman was. Naturally, he wouldn't feel anything from the burning gazes of those Draconian girls.

It was Alfazzi. Standing beside Wu Yan, he naturally noticed the various gazes that the surrounding tribesmen threw at him. Extreme light flashed several times in Alpha's eyes, but it was clear to see. Alpha Zan's endurance and his reputation were very good. He did not do anything unnecessary to Wu Yan. He continued to stare ahead. He strode forward. He led Wu Yan to the half dragon person king's residence.

He had to admit. Even though the half dragon person king's residence was almost all carved out of the same mold as the other half dragon person houses. However, in terms of its enormous aura, it was far from what those ordinary wooden houses could compare with.

Wu Yan stood in front of the half dragon king's palace, as Alfazen had said. He carefully observed this hundred-meter-tall, square-shaped building that looked like a castle. Zhang Xuan sighed. Whether in the human world or the world of magical beasts. The power of a king was always supreme. If it wasn't for the fact that the Holy Dragon King's presence still remained on the armor, these fellows might not even have taken me seriously. He shot me with a crossbow on the spot. How could he be so polite? Alright, since he didn't want to join, he had already snuck in. In that case, I might as well go in and see what this half dragon king looks like. Could he be taller than an ordinary Draconian?

Thinking of this, the corner of Wu Yan's mouth revealed an evil smile. He followed behind Alfaz calmly as they walked into the palace of the Draconian King.

It was not hard to imagine that Alfazan had some status among the Draconians. Walking from the outside of the palace. All Draconians would show great respect when they saw Alfah. Of course, the first thing they noticed was Wu Yan, who was dressed like a Draconian. However, they were not curious or confused about this alien in front of them. It could only be said that their trust in Alfazzi had reached a level of almost complete compliance.

Wu Yan was very confused about this in his heart. But he didn't ask. In any case, he had only come here to see the dignity of the Draconian King. If he was lucky, he might even be able to learn the way to reach the third level of the Nine Sky Demon World from the other party. After all, in a world full of yellow sand like the hurricane, if one wanted to find a small teleportation gate by themselves. That was almost impossible.

"Respected Draconian King, please wait here for a moment. I'll go inform them. " At a large circular wooden door, Alfazzi stopped. Ye Zichen turned around and said apologetically.

"Of course." Wu Yan smiled and said, "We are both kings. I still need to have the least bit of courtesy. You can go without worry. I'll wait for you here. "

Alfazan did not make Wu Yan wait too long. In less than a quarter of an hour, he returned. "Respected Draconian King. Our king is very glad that you have come to our village. Now, please follow me to the main hall. Our king has ordered that a great feast be held for your arrival. "

[Is it alright to be so happy?] Since they are both kings of close relatives, why didn't they personally come out to welcome me? Instead, you want another subordinate to lead the way for me? Isn't the appearance of the Draconian King a little too big?

Wu Yan humphed inside his heart, but pretended as if nothing had happened on the surface. He took a step forward and followed behind Alfazen, walking towards the depths of the hall. he thought. In any case, I'm not the real King of Draconians, I'm just an imposter. Since they were fake, why bother so much with them. Didn't they say there was a banquet? Haha, let's fill our stomachs first. So many days in the desert. I'm sick of eating grilled demon beast meat.

"I thought I would just have to escape to this new world. We Draconians can live a life free from war and murder. All things considered. Our ancestors never thought that the escape passage that the Ancient Giant Dragon King gave us before his death would lead to such a world filled with sand. He actually had an owner here. Those damned bugs! "

The Half-Dragon King sighed and said, "Our ancestors sacrificed close to half of their race's lives. Finally, they found a place where they could rest in amidst the sand and wind. This is the rock we are on right now. After that, we finally had a barrier that we could use to defend ourselves against those damned reptiles. "

Wu Yan was sitting on a long wooden chair beside the Draconian King. He took big bites of the half dragon race's own demon beast's barbecue. From time to time, he would raise his glass and drink to the cheers of the audience. However, that was all. After being grilled, the meat of the magical beasts that had been reared was much more delicious than those of the wild beasts. Wu Yan could only focus on eating. How could he have the mind to listen to what the Draconian King was saying? He didn't even look at her directly. The only impression he had of the Draconian King was that of a short and fat ordinary Draconian. With what he had imagined of St. Compared to an unparalleled king at dawn, it was like the difference between heaven and earth.

But how could Wu Yan know that even if he was the ruler of any empire in the Yilan Continent? They were also not comparable to the emperors of the Santes clan. Otherwise, how could the Holy Light Empire become an existence that the other six empires would fear at the same time, and maintain their position as number one for the past thousand years? The reasoning behind this was very obvious.

The Half-Dragon King tried its best to move its fat buttocks. With exceptional difficulty, he jumped down from the dragon wooden chair.

Holding the wine cup in his hand, the plump body of the Draconian King moved and walked towards Wu Yan. "Come, let us toast the handsome Dragon King!"

Who was the one with half a dragon's body, even though he was fat? However, he was still full of energy. His shout was answered by over a hundred Draconian officials in the main hall. One of them was the lower Alfazan, who was the sole subject of Wuyan.

Compared to the Draconian King, his appearance did not match up to that of a king. After bringing Wu Yan to the King of Draconians, he immediately knelt down and shouted, "Father." That was what shocked Wu Yan the most.

As a member of the royal family of the Draconian race. Furthermore, he was the sole successor of the Half-Body Dragon King. All along the way, the respectful attitude that Alfa Zan displayed toward Wu Yan could only be described as too much of a courtesy.

Draconians and Draconians were originally two different races that were equal to each other. There was no difference between the two. Alfazanne's action was undoubtedly a show of goodwill towards Wu Yan. Although Wu Yan clearly knew that after receiving such great gifts from others, he would inevitably be followed up with a huge trouble. But vanity. This caused him to brace himself and endure.

Amidst the cheers, Wu Yan also raised the wooden wine cup in his hand. He downed a large cup of Draconian wine in one gulp.

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