Sentimental Saint/C4 War on the Forest of Magical Beasts
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Sentimental Saint/C4 War on the Forest of Magical Beasts
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C4 War on the Forest of Magical Beasts

For convenience, the merchant Steamed Bun Si gave the black-haired man a resounding name — — Wu Yan.

After staying at the merchant's house, in order to repay his kindness, Wu Yan usually sold steamed buns for him. This made his business a lot better.

Since the merchant, Steamed Bun Si, and the Brawler, Lai Shui, were old acquaintances, Wu Yan quickly got to know him.

The scoundrel Lai Shui had a beautiful daughter named Lai Pi Ling. Wu Yan also met her later, and in the daily contacts and relationships of the increasingly deep feelings.

On this day, Wu Yan met a strange person. He whispered something into Wu Yan's ear. Before he left, he gave Wu Yan an Everlasting Secret Art.

From then on, Wu Yan fell in love with martial arts. After work, he diligently practiced martial arts together with Lai Piling, leading a happy and fulfilling life.

Time flew by like an arrow, and soon, six years had passed.

After six years of painstaking training, Wu Yan's martial skill had reached the Nascent Soul stage. It was truly amazing.

On this day, the Sacred Light Empire had a grand occasion to select martial skill users every five years. Wu Yan relied on his Nascent Soul stage to defeat many martial skill users and become the champion of the current world's martial skill selection competition.

Another day, they received a report from the border guards saying that the demons were harassing the citizens of the Holy Light Empire. For the sake of the peace of the nation, the Emperor had sent Wu Yan to invade the demons.

The next day, Wu Yan left with Princess Fang, Peng Daling, Fink, Frances, and Mabat.

In the end, Wu Yan, along with Peng Daling, Fink, Frances, and Mai Bart, defeated the demons and drove them into the Magic Beast Forest.

In order to completely eradicate the demon race and give their citizens a safe and secure environment to live in for a long time, the Emperor ordered Wu Yan to take advantage of the victory to pursue and kill the demons. Thus, Wu Yan brought Peng Daling, Fink, Frances, and Mai Bart to attack the Magic Beast Forest.

In the Magic Beast Forest, Wu Yan and the others had encountered a strong opponent, the Whirlwind Wolf King, and had been trapped and lost in the forest.

Fortunately, Wu Yan was smart and used a trick to trap the Whirlwind Wolf King in a fight.

In the Magical Beast Forest, there were many trees that grew extremely thick. Thus, when Wu Yan placed over ten thousand Jin of trees on the Whirlwind Wolf King, it was definitely not a pleasant feeling.

The specialty of the Whirlwind Wolf King was to run very fast, at least 1,000 kilometers per hour, even faster than the trains on Earth. Hence, Wu Yan had long wanted to subdue it and make it his mount, so that he could bring himself, Peng Daling, Fink, Frances, and Mai Bart out of this damn forest of demon beasts.

Thus, on this day, Wu Yan negotiated with the Whirlwind Wolf King. After a round of bargaining, the Whirlwind Wolf King agreed to be Wu Yan's mount, and Wu Yan agreed to let him out of the tree's predicament.

"Wow, it really is the Whirlwind Wolf King. Sitting on its back is really cool." After taming the Whirlwind Queen, that unruly Princess Ai Hui mumbled about riding it to try its taste. Since Wu Yan couldn't win against her, he let her sit on it.

Sitting on the back of the Whirlwind Wolf with Princess Fibre, she couldn't help but happily say: "Wow, so comfortable, so the fur of this Whirlwind Wolf is actually so soft, I thought it was very tough."

Hearing that, Peng Daling asked, "Is that so?" Princess, can I go up and be one of them? "


And the Princess agreed to Peng Daling's request, so she climbed up the back of the Whirlwind Wolf King.

As soon as he sat down, Peng Daling started to cry out in comfort.

As the Whirlwind Wolf King's body was very large, it could accommodate more than ten people. Thus, Wu Yan, Fink, Frances, and Mai Bart all climbed up the back of the Whirlwind Wolf King. Then, Wu Yan ordered it to bring them to fly towards the edge of the forest.

On the back of the Whirlwind Wolf King, they sat in the order of Wu Yan, Peng Daling, Princess Yi, and Mai Bart. Because of the mane on the wolf's neck and back, it was very comfortable for Peng Daling, Princess Ai Hui and the others who were sitting in the middle, but Wu Yan was not so lucky because there was no mane there, so he could only wrap his arms around the Whirlwind Wolf King's neck to prevent himself from falling.

"Whirlwind Wolf King, we are done. Run!" Wu Yan shouted to the Whirlwind Wolf King.

"Sure." What a great Whirlwind Wolf King. After saying this, it started running as fast as it could on all fours.

That Whirlwind Wolf King's speed class was really fast, so after a day and night of running, he finally brought Wu Yan, Princess Fi, and the others out of the terrifying forest of magical beasts.

After putting down Wu Yan and Princess Fi, the Whirlwind Wolf King didn't say a word and quickly ran back to the magic beast forest. It was afraid that if it was too slow, Wu Yan would go back on his word and turn it into a mount forever.

Looking at the back view of the Whirlwind Wolf King, Wu Yan helplessly shook his head.

At this time, everyone was thirsty. Wu Yan and the others who wanted to drink water realized that just now, the Whirlwind Wolf King ran too fast and shook off their water bags. How depressing.

"I don't have a water bag, and I'm thirsty. What should I do?" and Princess Fibre complained.

Wu Yan thought for a while and then shouted happily, "Wow, I got it."

He then asked, "Wu Yan, what do you mean, what do you mean?"

Wu Yan said, "I thought of a way to dig trees to get water."

Finished speaking, Wu Yan took out a treasured sword and stabbed towards a huge tree with all his might.

"With a flash of the sword, a big hole was pierced through the tree by Wu Yan. A lot of water started to flow out." "Lai Piling, I have an empty kettle here. Hurry up and fill it with water." Wu Yan threw her something.

"Alright." "Yes!" Lai Piling answered and the kettle was filled to the brim with water. Then, everyone started to drink and eat their rations in the same order.

After eating their fill, Wu Yan, Mai Bart, and the others set up a simple tent, and then everyone went to rest.

That night, the moonlight was very beautiful, shining on the mountain region at the edge of the forest, revealing the enchanting scenery at the edge of the forest.

However, the temperature here was too low, and they didn't have much clothes to wear with Princess Fen or Wu Yan, so they felt very cold. Therefore, they had to light a big fire, and then they all started to talk while coaxing around the fire.

The night passed in silence.

The next morning, Wu Yan, Princess Fi, Wu Yan, and the others ate some rations, drank some water, and then began their journey. They had to return to the Imperial Palace to report to the Emperor as soon as possible.

After walking for about two hours, he pointed to the front with Princess Fibre's sharp eyes and said, "Wu Yan, Mai Ba Ba, quickly come and look! There's light in front, we must have arrived at a city outside."

Wu Yan looked at the place and said, "There are no other cities here. It should be the Yu Guang City not far from the tenth floor. That light spot should be sent from that Yu Guang City right?" "That's good, we'll soon reach Yu Guang city."

It was said that Yu Guang City was one of the largest cities on the continent of Yi Lan, but its walls were very tall, almost twice the height of an average city's walls, reaching sixty meters. Furthermore, its walls were all made of hard granite, and its thickness was thirty meters.

As for the city gate, it was also made of special materials. Thus, under the shine of the night or the morning light, its entire body would emit dazzling light. It was truly mysterious and extravagant.

Wu Yan, Princess Fi and the others soon arrived at Yu Guang city's entrance. But at this time, the city gate was still tightly shut. With a glance, it seemed like they could see through the gate, but they couldn't clearly see the scene inside. They could only see the pitch-black area.

"Whiz …" Suddenly, a gust of cold wind hit them, causing them to shiver uncontrollably.

"Who are you people?" At this time, the soldiers standing guard on top of the city gate tower discovered the whereabouts of Princess Fen, Wu Yan, Fink, Lady Frances, and the others. They immediately shot an arrow at Wu Yan to warn him, and then, with a "la la la" sound, the city gate opened and a few eight elders walked out.

"We are from the Holy Light Empire, and we are here today. Please let us pass through the city and go home, okay?" Wu Yan cupped his hands together and said.

"Don't tell me that you two are Wu Yan and Princess Fan Jian's allies?" An elder asked.

"Yes, I am Wu Yan. How did you recognize me?" Wu Yan asked in surprise when he heard this.

"Hehe, you little rascal Wu Yan, come and die quickly. We have received the Gale Wolf King's order today and have been waiting for you here for a long time." An elder shouted.

It turned out that a few hundred years ago, the Whirlwind Wolf King had sent his Wolf Soldiers to attack Yu Guang City, and as a result, Yu Guang City became a colony of the Whirlwind Wolf King.

And because Wu Yan had designed the Whirlwind Wolf King to become his and Princess Fa Lan's mounts, for the Whirlwind Wolf King, this was a great shame and disgrace. Therefore, as soon as they returned to the wolf's lair, he sent someone to send an order to Yu Guang City, telling the eight powerful elders to await the arrival of Wu Yan, Princess Fa and the others, and then kill them all to avenge using them as their mounts.

Wu Yan, Princess Fa Li, and the others knew that they had fallen into a trap set up by the Whirlwind Wolf King, so they knew it was useless to say anything more. Thus, Wu Yan and the others immediately rushed forward to fight with the eight elders.

Who knew that at this time, a large group of veterans would rush over shouting loudly and immediately disperse Wu Yan, Princess Fi, and the others.

Wu Yan was surrounded by a large group of wolf soldiers and couldn't get away for a while.

Mrs. Frances was a poor martial artist, and she was soon killed by the Wolf Soldiers. If Fink had not arrived in time to help her out, she might have been killed.

Princess Fang Jian was also trapped by the wolf soldiers, but unfortunately, her strength was limited, so she had no choice but to retreat in the direction of the tenth floor's city, because she knew that it was her own empire, and as long as she went there, she would be safe.

At this moment, Fink was also in a dire situation. He had taken care of Lady Frances wholeheartedly, but who knew that he would be so careless that a flying sword would fly over, almost taking Fink's life away.

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