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C5 Limited Capacity

It was a pity that his strength was limited. He kept retreating towards the tenth floor, but he was not careful. A flying sword was about to take Fink's life. Fortunately, Frances managed to reach Fink in time. He used his own body to block the sharp sword for his son.

Only after that did Peng Daling and Mai Bart finally arrive. And the pressure on Fibre to face the enemy was finally reduced.

"We can't go on like this. We need to break through quickly and find a place to treat my mother's injuries. Otherwise, she won't be able to hold on for much longer." Fink gently laid Mrs. Frances down on the floor, stood up, and began scanning the cabinets for anything useful.

Suddenly, Fink's gaze stopped at a tall wooden cabinet on the left.

"Brother Bart, can you cover me with your firepower?" I have something I have to take. "

"Go on, I will control the firepower well, so that it won't hurt you."

Fink knew that he was not a woman, so he thanked her and walked over to the cabinet, which he had already locked.

The eight elders did not know why Fink had suddenly appeared from behind the group. Just as he was about to step forward and kill him, the sound of his Wind Thunder Hand Cannon rang out once again. Almost subconsciously, they hastily used their battle qi to form a shield in front of them.

The Thunderstorm Cannon's attack was like a giant hammer. It heavily struck against the Dou Qi shields of the eight Elders. Even though the eight seniors had all reached the level of mid-level Heaven Knight experts, they were still unable to stop the battle qi shield in front of them from rippling.

The power of the Wind Thunder Hand Cannon was astonishing. It was always a cannon that could harm the enemy. However, when he fought against the eight elders' battle qi shields, only a small ripple was created. He was unable to take a single step further. The difference in strength between Barthes and the eight Elders had become extremely obvious.

They watched as the eight elder-level experts approached step by step. Gradually, Mai Bart started to show signs of weakness in his heart.

With the help of the godly tool, Peng Daling and the others were proud to have stood in front of their enemies for such a long time, but with the overconsumption of their dou qi, whether it was the Mech's Wind Thunder Armour or Peng Daling's Night Demon Cloak, their effects were greatly reduced. As for the eight Elders, they had been maintaining their strength since the very beginning. Therefore, as long as they had the opportunity to approach Bart's side, it would be a matter of time before they were captured alive.

"Brothers Bart, get out of the way!" Fink suddenly cried out in alarm from behind him.

Out of trust for Fink. Mai Bart didn't hesitate. His seemingly huge body flipped backwards, his arms stretched horizontally, like a flood dragon crossing a river. He displayed the agility almost impossible among people of the same stature. Less than a third of a second after his feet left the ground, eight silver arrows shot out from beneath him. It shot towards the eight Elders.

As if sensing the sharpness of the silver arrow, the leader of the group shouted, "Get out of the way!"

Fink's sneak attack had been too sudden, and he had been using the huge body of Mubai to block the silver arrow's trajectory. For a time, three elders were caught off guard. He was shot dead on the spot.

However, if he thought that as long as he avoided the sneak attack of the silver arrow, everything would end there, then he would be completely wrong. This was because the silver arrows that Fink had created had another special function – tracking.

As long as he could lock onto the target once, then before the energy of the Feng Kong Stone hidden within the silver arrow was used up, the arrow would either be destroyed or it would hit the target. Otherwise, it would keep chasing its target.

Two of the Elders had been too careless. Just as they steadied themselves, they wanted to rush forward and kill Bart, who had just landed on the ground. However, just as the silver arrows brushed past them, they suddenly turned around and flew towards their hearts …

"Another two were taken care of. It seems that we really came too late." A voice that was very familiar with Fang Jian and the others came from the back of the wooden cabinet.

"Who is it!" Without the slightest hesitation, He Jian brandished the Holy Dragon Whip in the direction of the sound and fiercely lashed out.

The Holy Dragon Whip was indeed worthy of being called one of the best divine tools. Even though the wooden cabinet carved from the Tree of Life was as hard as iron, it was still cut in half by the Holy Dragon Whip. Behind him, two handsome figures could be seen.

"Cough …" "Cough …" Perhaps it was because there was no cleaning all year round, but there was still a lot of dust left on the wooden cabinet. At this moment, he had been cut in half at the waist, causing large amounts of dust to fall. The two people hiding behind the wooden cabinets took the brunt of the impact and inhaled a large amount of dust. For a time, the sound of coughing rang out incessantly.

"Ah!" At the same time, both Feng Jian and Peng Daling cried out in alarm, "It's you!

Wu Yan patted the dust that covered his body with great effort and said with a bitter smile, "That's right, it's us."

So. The moment Fink launched his sneak attack, Wu Yan and Reis were already nearby. They were not in a hurry to show themselves, but were quietly observing. They wanted to wait until they could not hold on any longer before taking action.

However, the two of them had never dreamed that Fink's silver arrow would be so powerful. He had easily taken care of five elder-level experts in one fell swoop. Although it was a sneak attack, and there were a lot of coincidences in it, winning was still a win. There was no need to ask whether the winning process had used any underhanded methods. What's more, Fink was only a person who only knew a little about magic and martial arts. Yet he was able to deal with the enemy in one move. Even Race had to admit that Fink's creativity was extraordinary.

Race reacted quickly, taking advantage of the fact that Peng Daling and the rest had not yet 'show their power' to say something, "The opposing side still has three elder-class people. I'll go deal with them first …" After saying that, Raith hurriedly joined the battle. However, in a blink of an eye, one of the elders had been knocked down. The depth of one's strength could only be described as unfathomable. It could be said that he had put all his effort into making it worth it.

Peng Daling looked at Wu Yan and asked with a charming smile, "Then, what about you?"

Wu Yan's right eyelid jumped and he suddenly had an ominous premonition. He turned around and was about to run away …

The Holy Dragon Whip swept forward like lightning. Tie him up.

"You … What are you all doing!? " Wu Yan struggled with all his might, but he found that the Holy Dragon Whip was really quite sturdy. And it was getting tighter and tighter.

Yue Yang smiled lightly and said, "Stop struggling. The friction from your struggles will only cause the Holy Dragon Whip to get tighter and tighter. If you don't want to suffer any more, I advise you to just stay put. "I am doing this for your own good …"

"Bullshit!" Wu Yan cursed fiercely in his heart, "Who in this world would tie up someone for their own good? It's not like I have ADHD or epilepsy."

Although Wu Yan didn't say those words out loud, they were written all over his face.

Knowing that Wu Yan was definitely cursing him in his heart, he tightened his grip on the Holy Dragon Whip. No matter how solid Ren Wuyan's body was, at this moment, it was already deeply caved in. One could imagine how painful it was.

Seeing this, Peng Daling ran over to He Jian and gently shook his wrists. "Enough, don't tighten it. What if it hurts the bone?"

She giggled and said: "Great Ling, are you sad?" But don't forget, this guy just saw us being bullied as a good show. Such a heartless guy would not learn his lesson unless he was taught a deep lesson. It just so happens that we can force him to hand over the position of captain through this matter. And then we'll be the team leader, uh... I've even thought of a name. It's called the Ring-Rou Group. " "Then, she stuck out her cute little tongue mischievously.

After all, Peng Daling was unable to deal with Wu Yan the way she had proposed. She hardened her heart and treated Wu Yan, biting her lower lip. She grabbed the Holy Dragon Whip in her delicate hand and then moved forward to release the part that was tied to Wu Yan's body.

"You … Are you alright? " In front of so many people, Peng Daling openly acted like this, not caring about her friends for men. This made her feel extremely shy, and her complexion became even more rosy.

Wu Yan also understood that Peng Daling had always been obsessed. However, in his heart, he always felt that he was someone who had been abandoned by his own parents. Thus, he was destined to be alone for his entire life. Thus, he had already sworn an oath. Unless he found his own biological parents, he would never accept anyone's love in his life other than Steamed Bun.

After thinking about everything and recalling the oath he had made to himself, Wu Yan snorted at Peng Daling expressionlessly, "I will be tied up and you will have your share too. You don't have to pretend to comfort me here." Lai Piling, this move of yours is a bit too old-fashioned. "Do you think I don't know? You want me to let my guard down and push me into a deeper pit when I'm not paying attention."

"No, I'm not …"

Before Peng Daling could finish her sentence, Wu Yan had already walked away. Only Peng Daling remained where she was, lowering her head silently. The teeth that were lightly shaking her lower lip had unwittingly cut the skin on her lips, and traces of bright red blood flowed into her throat. Salty and a little bitter... Under the dim light of the room, two streams of silver tears quietly fell.

Li kindly walked to Peng Daling's side and comforted her, "Big Ling, you don't have to be sad for such a person. There are so many men in this world. Plus you're so beautiful. "I can promise you that as long as you rise up, countless men will be willing to die for you." As he said this, he patted on his own chest with Fa Li's hands.

Peng Daling's heart warmed. Having been together with Ai Hui for the past year, the friendship between the two of them had long been entrenched in her heart. He suppressed the melancholy and grievance in his heart and nodded, "Alright, I will listen to you." With that, a charming smile appeared on her face once more. He held Mubai's hand and walked towards the group, swinging his arms one step at a time. Zhang Xuan thought to himself as he walked. Wu Yan, ah Wu Yan, where is your heart? Why do I always feel that the distance between us is as thick as the sky despite the fact that I am so close to you? Thinking of this, a complicated expression flashed across Peng Daling's face.

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