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C6 Sanguinarum

While Peng Daling was still depressed, Wu Yan had already arrived at the side of Fink and Frances. After a burst of magic fluctuations from the spatial ring, a Blood Replenishing Ghost Fruit astonishingly appeared in his palm.

"Fink, quickly let your mother eat this. After eating it, she'll be fine."

"This thing can treat sword wounds?" "This is …" Fink took the Blood Replenishing Ghost Fruit dubiously, placed it under his nose, and gently sniffed it. Suddenly, a surprised expression appeared on his face. This... This thing actually contains light elemental magic of the rank of Grand Magister. "Exactly what kind of person would have such strength to develop such a super callus?"

Wu Yan smiled and said, "Fink, you might not believe what I said, but other than being able to recover all of his weakness and damage, this Blood Increasing Ghost Fruit can also fill your stomach. As long as he ate one, he would not have to eat for ten days. When I was exhausted, I ate a Blood Strengthening Ghost Fruit. Look, not only have all my injuries healed, I even feel very full in my stomach. It really is like having a big meal. "

Fink put the Blood Replenishing Ghost Fruit into Frances' mouth and said reluctantly, "It would be great if there were one or two more Blood Replenishing Ghost Fruits. I must slowly separate them and then study their principles. "

Fink slowly sat up as if he was awakened by the sound of Frances getting out of bed. He rubbed his eyes and said, "You are awake."

"Are we all right now?" Frances asked.

Fink nodded his head and smiled, "That's right, I'm fine now. The Blood Replenishing Ghost Fruit was a miraculous thing. Not only did it cure your injury, it didn't even leave a wound. Wu Yan's kindness is so great that I am afraid I will never be able to repay it in my entire life. "

Thinking back to that day when she had been stabbed in the stomach by an elder-class expert, Francis suddenly rolled up the clothes in her abdomen. What she saw was not a bloody wound caused by battle-qi, but a fair and smooth skin.

Unknowingly, a shadow in the corner of the room had taken the form of a human and appeared behind Fink. Frances's eyes widened: "It's you! Herman. "

Herman smiled and nodded, "Lady Frances, it looks like you have recovered." Now, the Loric family had finally fallen into the hands of the Fink family head. In that case, I believe you haven't forgotten about your promise to my Master. "

Frances smiled in realization. "So that's why you came to find me. "Don't worry, I will keep my promise."

"If that's the case," Herman said, "I'll take my leave now." Herman was about to leave when his body turned illusory again.

"Ai, wait, I have another question to ask …"

Before Frances could answer the question, Herman had disappeared into the air. The question in her heart could not be answered, so she could not help but feel somewhat disappointed.

"Mother, what are you thinking about?" Fink's voice interrupted Frances's thoughts. Although there were still many doubts in her heart, she was very clear about them at the same time. In this world, there were many things that he should not know. Then he shouldn't ask too many questions. Otherwise, it would only lead to a fatal disaster.

Frances's fleeting gaze settled on Fink's handsome face, and her mother's smile spread over it. Frances might not be a good woman, though. But one thing was certain. "That means she's definitely a good mother." Child, what's the situation with the Rolin family now? It must be tiring for you to be able to support such a huge family by yourself, right? "

Fink smiled and shook his head, "Right now, the clan's business is not getting worse because of the civil war. In fact, it is even more prosperous than before. In addition, Wu Yan and the rest have also helped me a lot before we left. Basically, many of the vacant positions have already been filled by the newbies. The enthusiasm for the new guy's work was very positive. So I basically have nothing to do but peruse a few papers every day. It's also because of this that I'm so proud to continue my research. "

"What!?" Have they already left? "

Fink nodded. "That's right, this time you are rumored to have been in a coma for a long time because of an injury to your nerves." Wu Yan and the rest had already left for nearly a month. They had returned here once again, saying that they had completed their journey, and that they were going to travel to the south again. At this time, I'm afraid we'll soon reach the location of the Holy Light City. "


"That's right!" The light ahead should be coming from the Sacred Light City. Even the sky had been illuminated. No matter how many times we've watched this scene, it still felt so spectacular! " Peng Daling's figure appeared on top of a small hill in the desert, looking incomparably excited.

After almost three months, Wu Yan's team finally completed the 'holiday assignment' of a hundred good things. After obtaining the approval of the City Lord of Amaram City, they finally returned to a place less than 30 kilometers away from Holy Light City. Wu Yan and Mai Ba, on the other hand, didn't have much to say. Peng Daling, Feng Feiyun and Feng Jian, due to their relationship of sneaking out from the academy to the night market, had once again returned to the Sacred Light City. An indescribable sense of joy had once again awakened in their hearts. Although there were still a few days until the start of the new school term, from the pair of shining eyes, it could be seen that they had already thought of a plan on how to sneak out to play after the start of the school term.

Wu Yan did not know if he was being too sensitive, but he had a faint feeling that both Peng Daling and He Lian were staring at him. An ominous premonition welled up in his heart.

Mai Bart also noticed this. As he walked past Wu Yan, he lowered his head for the first time and whispered into Wu Yan's ear, "Brother, looks like you're in trouble again." "Haha …" After saying that, he continued to follow Peng Daling and He Jian's footprints as he laughed loudly.

"Hahaha, this is really funny, what trouble can I get into. Could it be that the two of them can eat me up? " Wu Yan pretended to be relaxed and natural on the surface. As soon as Mai Bart and the others left, he mumbled to himself, "Hmph, not funny at all, maybe the two of them will really eat me! Women are always the best at eating people. Especially beauties, they don't even spit out bones after eating someone. It's even scarier than a tiger. "

While Wu Yan was talking to himself, Peng Daling and the rest had already walked quite a distance away. As if noticing that Wu Yan had fallen behind, Peng Daling suddenly shouted towards him, "Hey, Wu Yan." Hurry up! If you don't hurry up and leave, the city gate will be shut again. "

"Oh, got it." As he responded, Wu Yan stomped his feet. Within a few breaths, they had crossed hundreds of meters to arrive in front of Peng Daling and the rest. Not only that, he didn't even gasp for breath, although he didn't dare to say that his battle qi had increased again. However, it was certain that his control over his strength had reached an even higher level.

The City of Holy Light was like a bright gem embedded in the land of Ilan. Especially at night, it emitted a dazzling light.

He once again felt the lively atmosphere in the streets of Holy Light City. The four members of the Wuyan Group had completely different feelings in their hearts. There was only one thing that they all wanted to do right now. And it was something he couldn't wait to do.

"Uncle!" A serving of beef noodles for four people! " He sat down at the noodle stall. Peng Daling had already started calling out to the boss of the noodle store. Looking at her anxious expression, it was obvious that she was starving.

No wonder she was so hungry. And not only her, but Wu Yan, Mubai, and Ai Hui as well. At this point in time, he was almost at the end of his wits. This was because Wu Yan had previously obtained a bag of Blood Replenishing Ghost Fruits from Reith. Therefore, when Wu Yan and the rest were about to cross the Red Cliff, they did not prepare any dry food. However, after the four of them walked for half a day, they already started to feel hungry. However, when Wu Yan took out the bag of Blood Replenishing Ghost Fruits from his spatial ring, he discovered that they had already 'expired'. Not only would they not feel full after eating it, they would even have a stomach that they played with for an entire day. Originally, he had expected to arrive at the Sacred Light City by last night. It was for this reason that he was delayed by a day.

"Humph!" Ras Haarte, how dare you embarrass this princess. "In the future, if you end up in my hands, see how I'll deal with you." Not only did he not notice. He clenched his fists, and his eyes almost burst into flames. He looked as if he wanted to eat Reith alive.

He Fen had always listened to Peng Daling's words. She lightly nodded her head like a well-behaved child, and didn't say anything more. He began to nibble on the noodles. Whenever he ate noodles with beef, a happy expression would surface on his face. It was hard to imagine that a dignified Imperial Princess could be satisfied so easily.

Peng Daling brought another bowl of beef noodles and looked at Wu Yan with a smile. Wu Yan mistakenly thought that the bowl of noodles was meant for him. While reaching out his hand to take the bowl of noodles, he said, "Thank you for your hard work."

However, Peng Daling suddenly turned around and placed the bowl of noodles in front of him. "Bart, you should eat it as well." If it's not enough, we'll order another bowl. "With such a big body, it would definitely consume a lot more energy to walk a long distance than us." She turned to the third bowl of beef noodles.

As for Wu Yan, after making such a romantic action, he simply wanted to find a hole to hide in. Unfortunately, after scanning his surroundings, he realized that there wasn't even half a mouse hole here. Faintly, he seemed to feel the strange gazes being cast from the direction of Ai Hui and Mubai.

The magic fire from the fire element magic stone was very hot, so the third bowl of beef noodles was quickly cooked. He saw Peng Daling walking over with a bowl of noodles in her hands. Wu Yan thought, "It should be my turn this time." Seeing that she was so enthusiastic about helping others, she shouldn't have ignored me. Hehe, alright, since you caused me to make a fool of myself just now, then I'll put on airs this time. I'll make a fool of you once. Hmph, fight me.

Wu Yan had always been a person that could do whatever he wanted. Before Peng Daling could reach the table, he sat up straight and put on the appearance of a master. He waited for Peng Daling to place the noodles in front of him.

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