Sentimental Saint/C7 Intentional or Not
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Sentimental Saint/C7 Intentional or Not
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C7 Intentional or Not

How could Peng Daling not know Wu Yan's thoughts? He turned his head away and pretended not to see it. He then carried the noodles to his seat and began to eat.

"Where's my bowl, Ripley? Didn't you order four bowls? " Wu Yan looked doubtfully at Peng Daling.

He took another two bites of the beef noodles. Only then did Peng Daling raise her head and say, "What do you mean your bowl?" Your bowl is, of course, at the owner's place. If you want to eat, then go and get it. " After she finished speaking, she continued to gobble down the food. He didn't even look at Wu Yan.

Wu Yan felt depressed in his heart. Ever since they left the territory of the Rolin family. Peng Daling's attitude towards him was much worse than before. Peng Daling would often do something against Wu Yan by accident or accident.

Helplessly, Wu Yan could only get up and go get the noodles …

The speed at which the four of them ate could only be described as a tornado. Wu Yan, Peng Daling, and Ai Hui seemed to not care about their image when they were eating. Whether it was the passersby, the boss of the noodle store, or the other customers, they were all shocked by the way the three ate.

Passerby A said, "I must be seeing things. Those two girls were so pretty, how could they be so rude when it came to eating. "

Passerby B said, "It looks like I'm seeing things too. That black-haired man is also very handsome. He can't even compare to the beggars by the roadside when eating." "What kind of world is this?"

Passerby C said, "Same feeling …"

After the four members of the Wuyan Group finished off all the noodles in the beef noodle shop, they patted their full stomachs in satisfaction and walked towards the Royal Magic Academy. Along the way, in order to have a good rest in the next few days. Peng Daling and her minions decided to spend all the money they had earned on this adventure. Afterwards, he stored a large amount of snacks into his spatial ring and brought it back to the academy to eat. After the both of them had spent all their money, they even exploited Wu Yan's and Mai Bart's portion. He acted as if it was natural for a man to buy things for a woman.

The whole night was spent in a wild celebration. Only tonight could Wu Yan and the others finally feel like they were on vacation. Soon the new school year will begin again. The cultivation of martial skills had already come to an end. Some people might never be able to break through in their entire lives, and there was a high chance that they would become an expert whose name was recorded in the annals of history. All of this depended on the individual's level of comprehension and diligence.

Even though it was extremely difficult and difficult to raise his martial arts. However, the students who were about to be promoted to the second year of the Royal Magic Academy didn't feel the slightest bit distressed about this. This was because the new knowledge they were about to come in contact with had always been an existence that was above martial arts since ancient times — — Magic. Nightmare for all melee professions.

Magician. A mysterious and powerful profession that had been passed down for thousands of years on the continent of Ilan. They are inhumane, eccentric, and do not like to deal with people. He liked to close himself up and indulge in magical research. No one would like to talk about love with a wooden person who hid in the training room all day. No noble's banquet would invite cold mages to ruin the atmosphere.

Of course, all of this was just a small part of the world's understanding of mages. It was impossible to generalize about all the mages.

This was because a truly powerful mage wouldn't cause you to feel even the slightest bit of fear. Not to make you feel unfriendly. On the contrary, he would try his best to merge himself into the crowd. Do what you want. Often, in places where magi were the most unlikely to appear, perhaps there existed a powerful magus. Often is the angle that you are the easiest to ignore, the mage's fatal magic will devour you. This was the true reason why magicians were so terrifying. The reason why the people of the world misunderstood mages was because mages were just too strong. Their enemies were so strong that before they had even fought with a truly powerful mage, they had already become the target of the mage's magic.

For example, the nine Grand Magisters of the Holy Light Empire's Royal Magic Academy. When they were young, they were all outstanding young talents. Especially Long Feng, a great mage of the Wind element. When he was young, he relied on his powerful magic and a handsome face to become the famous Casanova in the southern regions of the Empire. For instance, how could such a magician who liked to show off be called someone who liked to seal himself off?

Late at night. The clouds in the sky were blown away by the wind and were moving west. Faintly, the magical elements in the air also became violent. They seemed to be excited, because before long, a new group of mages would be building a bridge of consciousness with them. Leading them, showing the world the power and brilliance of magic in an extremely gorgeous way.

Some people slept soundly that night. However, there were some people who were extremely worried. Anxiety and uneasiness repeatedly intertwined within their hearts. In another world, the blood-red wine cup and the owner of the dead grey silver pupils were trembling in excitement as the huge waves on the horizon were about to rise up from the continent.

Gently taking a sip of the red wine in his hand, the silver-eyed man revealed an extremely evil smile. Azshari. Let me take a good look at how much growth you can achieve when you wake up this time. The stronger you are, the better I'll feel when I rip you apart piece by piece. Ha … "Hah …"

As for the other class of people in the academy, they were known as the "Calm Faction". Since their talents were far higher than ordinary people, they were not in a hurry to cultivate. Instead, they quietly sat down. Through thinking, he analyzed how to improve his cultivation method. To the calm faction, enjoying life was also a part of their training. Therefore, in the week before school started, most of the calm faction's members would enjoy the remaining free space to their heart's content. Only late at night, or when he was extremely bored, would he start cultivating.

Early in the morning, the faint rays of the morning sun always gave off a feeling of laziness. Even though it was completely bright outside his eyelids. However, those thoughts of wanting to sleep longer still echoed in people's minds.

At this moment, the difference between the calm faction and the fanatical faction was immediately apparent.

As freshmen and second year students of the fanatics, most of them would choose to wake up around five in the morning, and then run to the 'principal's secret garden' for some exercise.

Only an extremely small number of fanatics who had a high level of confidence in their own abilities would team up and go to the arena to spar with each other. Here, he would occasionally meet some senior students, and use the magic that he had already mastered to suppress his junior sisters and students. It's a good name, it'll broaden your horizons. In fact, most of these people came to vent their anger because they were used to being bullied by others due to their lower levels.

Although it would be beneficial for the freshmen to increase their understanding of magic, it would always be a bit of a loss if they had to pay with their injured tendons and short bones. Therefore, whenever they met the so-called 'seniors', the fanatics would always keep away from them, knowing that they were not strong enough.

Compared to the students of the fanatics, the calm faction got up much later. As long as the sun did not touch their heads, or their stomachs did not rumble. It was almost impossible to see them in the arena or anywhere else in the academy. If you have something important to do, find a student who belongs to the faction of calmness, then you don't need to spend too much effort to find it, because as long as you go to the student's dorm room and open the bed, you can see his slumbering posture.

Even if there were one or two people who had gotten up early, they were mostly a man and a woman, sneaking off to the back of the mountain to do shameful things.

Inside the 101st room of the girls' dormitory, Peng Daling was carefully folding and placing the bedsheets on her bed. "It was as if she was afraid to make any unnecessary sounds that would wake up Eilis and Rinsyi, who were still sleeping soundly, from their sleep.

Compared to the mission of finishing a hundred good things by Peng Daling and the others, the task of the four-man team where Elisa and Arcanum were located was much simpler. He only needed to go to the southern regions and capture a mature flame demon beast. As a Fire element Spellblade. This mission was completed solely by relying on the profound mysteries of a single person.

Even so, after returning to the academy, Elisa still showed signs of exhaustion. After Peng Daling's questioning, she finally came up with an enviable answer.

She was actually tired!

After receiving this answer, Peng Daling, Fang Jian, and the rest pounced on Elisa almost at the same time. Three of them started to fight with their six fist attacks, half seriously and half jokingly.

Other than Peng Daling, who was a fanatic of martial arts the next day, Chris and Alice were still fast asleep. He didn't know if he had dreamt of something delicious, but a bit of saliva even flowed out from the corner of his mouth. The Sleeping Moon is cute.

After wiping off the sweat on his forehead, Peng Daling sat down beside the bed made of fiber and used her towel to gently wipe off the saliva on her mouth. Looking at the beautiful angel like sleeping face, he couldn't help but sigh in his heart. If only I had been born in the Monarch's House. Even if I didn't train so hard, I would still be able to obtain talent that was naturally outstanding and I could be willful about it. In this way, even if Wu Yan wanted to leave me alone, it would be impossible.

It was unknown if it was because she was too tired from her training. Not only did she not notice, but Peng Daling had fallen asleep beside her bed.

When she opened her eyes again, it was already evening. Moreover, he was no longer sleeping beside the bed but had been carried to the bed with the fiber. Even the quilt was covered for her.

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