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C8 A World of Silver Grey

Peng Daling was the only one in the dorm. Ai Hui, Yi Yiran and Liu Yi probably went to the cafeteria at this time of the night.

Peng Daling was planning to get up for dinner before continuing her cultivation. However, just as he moved his body, a warm feeling spread throughout his body. He suddenly felt sleepy, and his eyelids grew heavier and heavier. Gradually, his breathing became even again …

Unknowingly, Peng Daling's consciousness came to a silver-gray world. All around her was mist, and she could see nothing but the silver sky and the gray earth. It was as if he was at the center of a hurricane.

However, the strangest thing was that this hurricane formed from mist seemed to be alive. No matter which direction Peng Daling took, the distance between the wind wall and Peng Daling was always kept in a delicate balance.

Although Peng Daling was confident in her own speed, no matter how fast she sprinted, increased her speed, or suddenly ran to the left and right. He was still unable to get rid of this fog hurricane.

Finally, after her 101st attempt at escape failed, Peng Daling completely gave up on the idea of escaping from the fog hurricane.

Calmly sitting down, she began to recall just how she had come to this world.

"I remember I was just too tired and then I fell asleep beside the bed with the girl. The first time he woke up, he was carried to bed with the fiber. Then he thought it was a very comfortable relationship, so he wanted to sleep for a while longer. But how did I come to this place? Am I dreaming? If he was dreaming, then this was true. Well, it certainly wasn't a dream. Maybe someone threw me in a quadric or something while I was asleep. "Yes, that must be it."

There is a very popular magic picture book among children in the continent of Ilan. This magical picture book was, of course, a finished product of magical technology. Some people's wonderful ideas can be transformed into three-dimensional animation. The children of the poor families would often raise money from dozens of families to buy a magic picture book.

When Peng Daling was young, she had naturally used to play in a magic picture book. He remembered that the most popular mental image in the Magic Painting Book was a long animation called 'Goddess of the Heavenly Vidas'. The Dimensional Space was the technique used by the guardians of the twenty-fourth palace, when Sky Vidas of the Goddess was trying to save the Goddess.

Now, Peng Daling realized that she had fallen into a dimensional realm. There could only be two explanations. One was her childish nature. The other was that her imagination was simply too rich. She might even think of herself as the female lead in another animation next time.

While Peng Daling was busy reminiscing about the happy times of her childhood …

"Hehe, what a big tone you have for a little girl. "However, what should I do? My power is too strong. I'm afraid that you will not be able to withstand my sudden appearance in front of you." His voice rang out once again. He sounded like he was trying to intimidate Peng Daling, but from his tone, it sounded like he was teasing her.

Having been humiliated by others, Peng Daling could not take it lying down. She became even angrier. "Just come out. No matter how strong you are, I can handle it."

"Alright, since that's the case, so what if I let you see me …"

As soon as his voice fell, the entire silver-gray space began to shake violently. Suddenly, a semi-golden and a half-silver crack appeared in the sky. An unprecedented pressure pressed Peng Daling down to the ground.

There seemed to be a person in the crevice. As that person's silhouette became clearer and clearer, Peng Daling could feel the increasing pressure. It was only when that person had completely emerged from the crevice and reached a distance where Peng Daling could clearly see his face that … Peng Daling was forced to half kneel down.

It was an exceptionally handsome man. Her long silver hair fell down to her waist, so white that even Peng Daling wanted to skin her to the extreme. What was most attractive was his silver eyes. It didn't matter if it was a person's body, a piece of muscle, or a single strand of hair. It was like a perfect product that had been meticulously calculated by the Creator.

The moment he saw this man, there was no denying it. Peng Daling's heart skipped a beat. Even she was surprised at this. In the past, she would definitely not be tempted by anyone other than Wu Yan. However, this thought was ultimately broken by the man in front of him.

The silver-haired man's eyes suddenly widened as he laughed, "Such good willpower. He was actually able to face me without collapsing. He only knelt down halfway. You have rekindled my interest in human abilities. In the past, when I was travelling upstream in the Ilan Continent, even if it was a Sword God level human who met me, they would immediately be so angry that they wouldn't be able to move a finger under my pressure. And you are just a senior Earth Knight. "

Peng Daling rolled his eyes at the frightening man in front of him and said angrily, "Just who are you? Why did you bring me here?"

The silver-haired man smiled and said, "It doesn't matter who I am. On the contrary, I want to ask you a question. "You must answer me honestly, otherwise you will never be able to leave this world of dreams."

Peng Daling snorted and said, "Are you threatening me?"

The silver-haired man smiled and said, "You know that I have this ability." With that, he waved his silver hair and the pressure in the air suddenly doubled.

Under the unprecedented pressure, Peng Daling's half-kneeling body was pressed down even lower. He couldn't even raise his head.

A wise man does not take advantage when the odds are against him. Furthermore, Peng Daling was just a woman, how could she bear such torture? After persevering for a while, she finally gave in and said, "If you have any questions, ask quickly. I'll answer them."

The silver-haired man smiled and said, "Do you yearn for power!?"


"Big Ling, Big Ling, wake up, it's time to eat." And the sound of the firecracker rang in his ears. Peng Daling suddenly felt her body loosen up, and when she opened her eyes again, she was back in her room. At this moment, Fibre was shaking himself desperately. A lunchbox was placed on the small table in front of the bed, obviously bought for her by him and Elisa.

Peng Daling sat up and patted her head, saying, "Oh, what time is it now? Why am I sleeping in your bed?"

She opened the lunchbox and handed it to Peng Daling, saying with a smile, "When I woke up, I saw you sleeping beside me. I don't want to wake you up, so I asked senior sister and me to carry you to my bed. Da Ling, it's about time for you to sleep in and rest up. You will have to train so hard, and one day, your body will not be able to take it anymore. "

Peng Daling smiled and said, "I know I am the most concerned with you, my princess sister. Don't worry. I will definitely take a good rest when the time comes. "

Upon hearing Peng Daling's words, Elise intentionally made a fuss. "Daling, what you said doesn't make any sense at all." "Don't tell me that she treats you well? Don't tell me that as a senior, I'm not good to you?"

Peng Daling stuck out her tongue and retorted, "All good, all good. You are both good sisters to me, whether it is you or Sister Elise. That should be fine, right? "

Elisa put on a look of barely being able to accept it and said, "Mm, that's more like it. Alright, hurry up and eat. Otherwise, it won't taste good when it gets cold. This is the best meal today that Fibre and I have chosen for you. After eating, you have to thank us. "

The evening passed quickly. Even though the sun had already set below the horizon. However, in the bustling streets of Holy Light City, it gave off the feeling of day.

The profound mysteries were the same as Elisa's, belonging to the calm faction that loved to enjoy more than to cultivate. With such a senior, Wu Yan naturally wouldn't have the chance to stay in his dorm and cultivate through meditation. After all, meditating required absolute silence.

Therefore, in order not to affect the training process of the two. Wu Yan could only agree to enjoy life with Mystery.

The first place they decided to go was naturally a bustling place where all sorts of young nobles would gather. Even within Holy Light City, it was a rather reputed place for nighttime entertainment — the Miranda Bar.

There was a huge parking lot in front of the Miranda Bar. Over a hundred carriages were parked inside. The light purple magic flame made the atmosphere here especially gloomy and graceful. Back then, the famous Master Pei was the one who considered that many of the people who came to a place like this bar were nobles. The dim light made it difficult for people to recognize these young nobles. Secondly, it provided a romantic and elegant rendezvous place for many couples.

Just by walking in the parking lot, Wu Yan gradually understood why so many young people liked to come to Mirant Bar.

Wu Yan originally wanted to stay in the parking lot for a while longer, but under the mysterious urging, Wu Yan couldn't help but restrain his curiosity. The small cloth transformed into a large piece of cloth and walked towards the main entrance of the Miranda Bar.

When the waiter saw that the mysterious item that was handed over was actually a golden membership card, the gaze with which he looked at the mysterious item and Wu Yan immediately became much more respectful. So, it's young master Xuan Ao. As you are the gold card VIP of our store, this friend beside you does not need a membership card. This is your VIP card. I hope you have a good time with your friends. " With that, the waiter returned the golden card to the mysterious hand.

Mysterious Mystery had always disliked these kinds of watchdogs who only knew about money and not people. With a cold snort, he took the gold card without even looking at the waiter and walked into the bar with Wu Yan.

"Do you need to show your membership card to go in and spend money?" Wu Yan asked doubtfully.

Arcanum smiled and said, "Of course, there are many places like this in Holy Light City. "Whether you are a noble or a commoner, as long as you have money, you can acquire the right to become a VIP."

Wu Yan's face changed slightly. "Isn't that nonsense?" "Of course nobles are richer than commoners. Isn't this equivalent to a disguised form of identity discrimination?"

Realizing that Wu Yan had misunderstood the meaning of his words, the mysterious man chuckled and said, "Wu Yan, you misunderstood. In fact, the VIP system is not meant to distinguish between the poor and the rich. Just for convenience. Think about it, in a place like a bar, there are bound to be people who like to cause trouble. Often, in bars without a VIP system, those who caused trouble would choose to flee after making a scene. At this time, the manager of the bar department could find the person causing trouble through the record of the membership card. No matter if it was a noble or a commoner, they would have to pay the price for causing trouble here. This is protected by the laws of the empire. "

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