Super Ring

Super Ring

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The perspective function helps him guess the gambling stones, thus gets rid of the poverty. Practicing the movements on the Qiankun figure can strengthen his body. And the photographic memory was enough to make This youth, he will eventually embark on a counterattack road.

Lin Feng, a senior high school student, was evicted from his aunt's home after two years of lodging. He had not seen his mother since he was born, and his father died three years ago. At that time, people in his family changed their attitudes as soon as his father died. They slandered that he was not the descendant of the Lin family and threw him out for various reasons.

Just as he was cleaning up his room to leave, a bronze ring fell to the ground and attracted Lin Feng's attention. He took the ring to his hand, but maybe he didn't realize that the ring would change his future fate at this moment.

☆About the Author☆

Zhi Bi Hua Yuan is an urban novel writer. He has written two novels, they are The Strongest Master of the City and Super Ring.

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