Super Serving System/C15 She Suddenly Became Someone Else's Boyfriend?
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Super Serving System/C15 She Suddenly Became Someone Else's Boyfriend?
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C15 She Suddenly Became Someone Else's Boyfriend?

In the next moment, beautiful waitress saw a scene that she would never forget for the rest of her life.

When she met the manager of the private restaurant, she ran straight to Xu Lai and respectfully took a stack of contracts from her assistant. She smiled at Xu Lai and nodded.

She looked like she had seen a big shot. It was even more exaggerated than how she fawned over the manager.

"Director Xu, this is the contract for the Western Restaurant's transfer, as well as the assets reports and profitability reports for the past two years. Please take a look."

Xu Lai took the pen from the obsequious middle-aged man in front of him. He glanced at it briefly and left his name on it.

"I won't look at the rest. You are in charge of the restaurant. I am relieved."

Xu Lai smiled. If he could find anything wrong with what the old fox had given him, it would be a problem. Since he didn't have much time to manage this place, he might as well accept his goodwill.

After all, he was the boss behind all the private western restaurants. He didn't want this restaurant to face internal disunity after he took over.

As for the others who saw this scene.

The people who mocked Xu Lai, mocked him, the guests who were watching the show, the customers who were eating, Wang Loong, and Liu Ye who was standing beside Xu Lai.

They were completely dumbfounded.

No matter how hard they thought, they never thought that this young man in front of them would be the owner of such a big western restaurant.

"How, how is this possible? How could he be the owner of this restaurant? This western restaurant is worth more than a billion!"

"I really didn't expect this Xu Lai to be so rich. It looks like I'll have to seduce him later. If he sees me, I'll give him whatever he wants. "I'm a million, I'm a dead man."

"This man is so young. His family must have a strong background. It seems like I'll have to make friends with him in a while. Having such a friend in Loongkou City is equivalent to having a powerful and helpful backing."

Everyone present had their own thoughts. They were all thinking about how they could interact with Xu Lai later.

At this moment, only Liu Ye had a smug look on his face. He looked at the people around him as if he was saying, "Look at my eyes. To be able to catch such a rich person with just one fish.

"Alright, let's do this for now. I still have other things to do."

Sensing the burning gazes of the people around him, Xu Lai frowned uncomfortably. There was nothing he could do about it. He was such a low-profile person. He turned around and was about to leave after saying that to the middle-aged man.

"Mr. Xu, uh, no, no. Director Xu. The dishes you asked for haven't been served yet."

"Consider it my treat. You guys can eat."

Xu Lai stretched his back. So many things had happened in the morning. It was easy to spoil his mood. He was about to leave when he suddenly saw Wang Loong staring at him with a face full of hatred.

"Ah, trouble." Xu Lai waved at the manager.

The manager did not seem to be in charge of the restaurant. He ran to Xu Lai.

"You said that this place is going to be grand and high-end. We can't just put everyone in it. What if something happens? What should we do? " What do you think? "

The manager looked at Xu Lai's eyes. He was smart enough to know what was going on. He signaled the security guards to throw Wang Loong out.

Wang Loong seemed to want to struggle. He shouted at Xu Lai, "Xu Lai! Don't think you are so awesome just because you are doing this. You are a food and beverage worker. Do you know that customers are God? If you do, I will sue you in the relevant department."

"Oh?" Xu Lai rubbed his temples. "This is really troublesome."

Wang Loong, who was struggling, could not help but feel happy when he saw Xu Lai frowning. He continued to shout. "Let me tell you, Xu Lai, if you did not have us to support you in this lousy place, you would have been dead long ago! " Why aren't you bowing and apologizing to me now? "

Xu Lai pursed his lips and looked at Wang Loong as if he was looking at an idiot. "You may have misunderstood. What I mean is, you are so troublesome. You will find trouble sooner or later. Why don't we beat you up first?"

A few security guards heard him and immediately pressed Wang Loong to the ground.

Looking at the wailing Wang Loong, Xu Lai's bad mood in the morning instantly became much better. Why did this person have to look for trouble for him? In the end, he had to force Wang Loong to give him a beating.

Hey, isn't he just looking for trouble?

"Director Xu, do you have any other orders?" The middle-aged manager continued to serve Xu Lai carefully, afraid that the new leader would have a bad impression of him.

"No, you did well."

As he spoke, Xu Lai pointed at beautiful waitress. When the handsome waiter saw Xu Lai pointing at him, he thought that he finally had a chance and was instantly excited.

Who would have thought that Xu Lai's next sentence would beat her to the bottom.

"This girl's talent is not bad and she has a bright future. Let the personnel arrange for her to go to the kitchen to pick vegetables. I believe she can do it."

After saying that, Xu Lai ignored the enthusiasm of the people around him and walked out of the restaurant.

"Little brother, wait for me!"

As soon as Xu Lai left, Liu Ye caught up with him.

Xu Lai looked at Liu Ye, who was almost hugging his thigh. One head and two heads.

He looked at the manager of the western restaurant. The manager understood and sent someone to stop Liu Ye. Xu Lai pursed his lips and smiled. He took the opportunity to take back the money.

It can't be, right? No way, no way. There's really someone who thinks he can give money to such a woman.

They can't do it.

Xu Lai thought to himself as he rode the electric scooter. He was finally done. It wasn't easy for him to be so rich, so he decided to go back and be a salted fish for a few days. I'm sorry about the money.

Unfortunately, as soon as he parked the electric scooter, a beautiful figure ran over from downstairs.

"It can't be."

Xu Lai touched his forehead. How did this person know where he lived?

The person who came was none other than Lee Fei.

Xu Lai did not want to talk to such a woman. A private detective. This occupation itself had something to do with trouble.

"Xu Lai."

Lee Fei waved at Xu Lai from a distance. She jogged all the way to Xu Lai and said breathlessly, "I have waited for a long time. Where did you go in the morning?"

"I have something to do. How did you find my address?"

Lee Fei smiled shyly. "No matter what, I am a private detective. It is not difficult to find a person's address."

"Is there anything?"

"I came here mainly to thank you. I heard from Wang Dong's subordinate that I was too rash during the last operation. Not only did I not help you, but you also saved me in the end. I really don't know how to thank you," Wang Yao said.

Lee Fei stared at Xu Lai with her eyes wide open. Her face was full of sincerity. For the first time, her cute appearance made Xu Lai notice this woman. There was still such an unknown side to her.

"It's alright. It's all in the past."

"Oh, right. How did you get that recording? I gave it to the police station. Chen Minghui was taken away. The Chen family is in chaos now."

"I was lucky that someone else gave it to me. You don't have to thank me."

Xu Lai wanted to brush it off. He didn't want this matter to have too much to do with him. He had already received the reward from the system. As for the rest of the trouble, he didn't want to get involved.

Who would have thought that Lee Fei would reveal her cute canine teeth and smile at Xu Lai. "Xu Lai, I have already told the people in the police station about your heroic deeds. They also want to thank you. I have another thing to tell you this time. If you have time, go to the police station. The people in the police station are planning to thank you."

Xu Lai narrowed his eyes and was speechless.

If I wanted to show off so much, why would I give you the recording and let you deal with it?

Xu Lai instantly reacted. He suddenly realized that Lee Fei might be thinking the same thing.

"Little guy, your plan is quite deep."

"Same here."

Lee Fei cunningly laughed. "Our private detectives are very wary of dealing with people from the police department. I will not be the one to stand out."

"Uh, but."

Lee Fei seemed to have thought of something. She blushed and looked at Xu Lai shyly.

This made Xu Lai a little confused. He stared at Lee Fei.

"What else do you want?"

"Can I ask you something?" Xu Lai asked.

"What is it?"

Xu Lai shrugged and picked up a glass of mineral water.

"Be my boyfriend."


Xu Lai spat out all his saliva.

Asking him to be Lee Fei's boyfriend? Xu Lai indicated that it was too late for him to hide. If he became her boyfriend, wouldn't that mean that he would be in trouble every day? Wouldn't that mean that he would be dealing with trouble every day?

"No, I was wrong."

Lee Fei was embarrassed. Oh.

"Can you pretend to be my boyfriend?"


Xu Lai looked at Lee Fei curiously. This girl was good-looking and had a good figure. She had a pair of long legs and a lolita aura. She did not look like she lacked a boyfriend.

"I have a reunion the day after tomorrow. There will be a lot of men and women, and it will be very troublesome. "

"So you're using me as a shield?"

Xu Lai curled his lips. Did he look like someone who was easy to talk to?

Lee Fei smiled awkwardly. She had tricked him just now. Asking him for help at this time was indeed a little too much. Furthermore, she was using him as a shield. It was just that she really could not find anyone outside the circle. Some of her friends were also familiar with each other. They would be seen through at a glance.

"How about I be your girlfriend the next time we meet?"

"I don't want you to be my girlfriend."

The girl had learned to give him a blank check when she was young. She wanted to take advantage of him.

Lee Fei saw that Xu Lai was not wearing any tricks at all and finally gritted her teeth.

"Name your price."

"580, not bargaining."

"What!? Why don't you go rob the money!"

Lee Fei's eyes almost popped out. I brought you to eat and drink for free, but you actually opened your mouth wide.

Xu Lai saw Lee Fei's carefree expression as she walked home. He deliberately said a number. Anyway, he did not intend to play around with the little girl.

Pretending to be her boyfriend?

If he had the time, he might as well save his energy and wait for the next mission to appear.

However, just as Xu Lai was about to run away.

Lee Fei gritted her teeth and shouted at Xu Lai.

"Can we do it in batches?"


Xu Lai was surprised.

Please, you are a private detective with hundreds of thousands of dollars. How much do you want me to pay you?

Are you kidding me?

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