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C16 The Reunion

Two days later, at the Golden Age Inn in Loongkou City.

The lights were red and green, and the crowd was surging.

As the best business area in the center of Loongkou City, every inch of land was worth a gold coin. This place had almost become a place for all large gatherings and consumers. Anyone with a certain status or upper class would call their friends to come to the mansion.

"Speaking of which, who was the one who stopped your classmate's gathering? You have some strength."

The north wind whistled. Xu Lai wrapped his coat around his body and looked at the bustling place not far away with trembling hands. The luxury cars outside were almost too crowded. There were men and women in suits and shoes everywhere. They were indeed of high class.

"He's my former university classmate. His name is Liu Sheng. I haven't contacted him for many years. I heard that he joined a big family in Imperial to run errands. He picked up a few good projects and earned tens of millions. I don't even know what he's showing off for when he runs a reunion."

Lee Fei was wearing a beautiful long dress. Her immortal aura was intimidating, but she looked too weak in the wind. Especially from her trembling hands, it could be seen that she was indeed frozen.

Xu Lai looked at her, then at the mansion.

He was silent for a while.

Suddenly, he asked, "Who asked you to come into the mansion to investigate this time?"

Lee Fei blurted out without thinking.

"Secretary Li asked me privately."


Lee Fei's expression changed when she finished.

"Humph, I knew it."

Xu Lai had an expression of understanding. Although he had not interacted with Lee Fei for a few days, by observing Lee Fei's normal actions, she was definitely not someone who would care so much about her classmates, especially when she knew that Liu Sheng purely wanted to show off.

He actually knew and still wanted to go.

There must be a reason.

As a private detective, what other reason could it be to investigate a case?

That was why Xu Lai pretended to casually ask who the client was while she was trembling. Sure enough, Lee Fei did not notice and directly said the answer.

He was still young.

At this time, Lee Fei acted like a child who had done something wrong and behaved obediently towards Xu Lai. "Please, this case is very important to me. If it wasn't for this reunion, I wouldn't have been able to find a reason to enter Glory World Residences."

"Is it very difficult to enter Glory World Hall?"

"That's not the case, but there has to be a reason, right? Otherwise, I wouldn't have any excuse to sneak in and be discovered. I don't want what happened last time in Swallow Tail Lane to happen."

Xu Lai looked at Lee Fei in amusement. "It seems that after the last time, you have become a lot more steady."

"Thank you."

Lee Fei smiled sweetly but Xu Lai did not like her at all. She continued to ask.

"Who is Chief Lee?" Xu Lai asked.

"Chief of the Special Investigation Division of the Police Department. They are responsible for investigating suspicious cases. They will not appear in the police department. They will only set up an investigation team when a big case is involved."

Xu Lai raised his eyebrows.

"Isn't it taboo to hook up with them in your line of work?"

"That's right. It's just that... " Lee Fei curled her lips. "Who asked him to be my father?"

Xu Lai almost choked on his breath. 'You are my father, Chief of Investigation Division of the Police Department?' No wonder it was so convenient and quick for you to be a private detective. So this was the reason.

Lee Fei helplessly shrugged her shoulders. "I have no choice. I heard that the boss of Golden Age Mansion who was investigating this time has been in the mansion recently. But this person is very skilled. I heard that the investigation department also has his eyes. Otherwise, this kind of thing would not be my turn."

"Then what are you going to do?"

"I only need to collect fingerprints near his residence, if I'm lucky."


Xu Lai rolled his eyes. He knew that everything related to this girl was troublesome.

"Alright, alright. Anyway, you are here."

Looking at the impatient Xu Lai and Lee Fei, she looked like she had gotten what she wanted.

As she was talking, a limited edition silver Rolls Royce slowly drove over from not far away. A fierce-looking young man with a head covered in oil waved at Lee Fei and said with a smile, "I just said that I am like you. Lee Fei, long time no see. It is becoming more and more beautiful."

Looking at the five or six gold chains around the man's neck and the golden watch on his wrist, the most ridiculous thing was that there was a diamond embedded in his teeth.

Ah, this... ...

Xu Lai had every reason to suspect that Lee Fei was looking for him because she wanted to avoid contact with him.

It was obvious that Lee Fei was also helpless when she saw this person. She revealed a professional fake smile and shouted, "Liu Sheng, I haven't seen you for many years. I didn't expect you to be more and more handsome!"

Seeing Lee Fei working hard to manage her expression, Xu Lai felt uncomfortable for her.

While they were talking, Lee Fei had already pulled Xu Lai into Liu Sheng's Rolls-Royce. In the end, there were still six men and women sitting inside. Seeing Lee Fei, they hurriedly exchanged some small talk. These people were all Lee Fei's university classmates. Perhaps it was because the time interval was too long. When they met again, there was only small talk and flattery left. Even if it was in the past, there was only a perfunctory fake smile left.

This was reality. No matter how deep their feelings were, after a few years of immersion in society's large dyes, they would eventually change.

"Lee Fei, you haven't told me about your boyfriend. What does he do?"

As the classmates chatted, a woman with heavy makeup finally laid her eyes on Xu Lai. Looking at Xu Lai's slightly handsome face, she could not help but say.

Lee Fei did not know the exact situation of Xu Lai, so Xu Lai could only continue the conversation.

"I was a doctor before, and I am now unemployed."


The woman frowned slightly, but soon returned to normal.

"Do you feel tired from work and plan to take over the family business?"


The woman frowned when she heard Xu Lai deny it.

"So you're going to start your own business and don't want to be a worker anymore?"

Xu Lai rubbed his hands and pretended to be embarrassed.

"I don't plan to start my own business. I don't have that much money, but I still want to be a worker. I feel safe."

When Xu said this, Lee Fei glanced at him in surprise. She had investigated Xu Lai's situation. Although the information she found was not complete, the car he drove was Bugatti Veyron. It was worth enough to build a small Glory World Residences in the center of Loongkou City.

In the end, you said you didn't have money to start a business?

Lee Fei rolled her eyes at Xu Lai. She now suspected that this person was lying to him before taking revenge on her, so she deliberately said this to make her unhappy.

When she heard Xu Lai's words, the woman shut her mouth in disappointment and did not say anything. Instead, Liu Sheng, who was sitting at the very back with a goblet of red wine, looked at her and interrupted her.

"I think men must be ambitious. They can't just ask for peace. What is peace? They must be content with the current situation. They must choose to be ordinary. Men can only be successful if they continue to struggle and create. Look at my current status. Isn't it just a struggle?"

Liu Sheng opened his mouth wide, and the surrounding people immediately began to flatter him.

Xu Lai was not a young teenager who had just entered society. He had seen many rich people like Liu Sheng who were eager to show off. He had long gotten used to it. He just shrugged his shoulders silently and did not say anything.

Suddenly, a pain came from his thigh.

Lee Fei's small hand pinched herself hard at some point.

Then, under Xu Lai's shocked gaze, Lee Fei suddenly hugged herself and said naively, "Our Xu Lai is the best in my eyes. Even if he doesn't have money, I can still support him."

Good fellow. This time, everyone looked at Xu Lai differently.

He directly placed Xu Lai in the category of gigolo and gigolo.


Lee Fei leaned against Xu Lai's side. Her mouth was close to his ear as she said in a voice that only two people could hear, "Hehe. Anyway, you have to keep a low profile. Why don't you keep a low profile?"

"I'll settle the score with you later."

Xu Lai gritted his teeth and said. He swore that when this matter was over, he would move to the villa Zhao Zhongsheng sent him to live in. He could not have any more interactions with this girl. This was not a little beauty. She was clearly a little devil.

The car drove slowly and soon arrived at the entrance of Glory World Mansion.

The men and women who were dressed in formal attire walked into the mansion one by one. Liu Sheng had invested a lot this time. He booked the entire first floor of the mansion. Every university student who was invited had a face full of excitement.

After all, the cost of a meal in this place was about ten thousand yuan.

For ordinary people, who would come here for nothing, let alone Liu Sheng who had prepared a series of singing events, the price was not even worth mentioning.

When Lee Fei entered the house, she started to look around. Even at the dinner, the people around her were discussing the recent developments and interesting situations. This little girl was still constantly observing the upstairs of the house. It was the distribution of bodyguards in the private sector.

"Sorry, I'm going to the bathroom."

Lee Fei felt that it was almost time to go, so she used the excuse to leave.

One had to say that this girl was very quick-witted. She deliberately sprinkled some white wine on herself, then she held her forehead and walked around the corridor while swaying. She walked upstairs.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

The bodyguard standing on the stairs saw Lee Fei who was walking weakly and could not help but frown. He shouted from a distance.

However, Lee Fei acted as if she did not hear him. She kept smiling foolishly. This outsider looked like he had drunk too much.

"Huh? Are you calling me? I'm going to the bathroom!"

He couldn't help but admire the little girl's acting skills. The bodyguard couldn't help but sigh when he saw Lee Fei like this. These few days, he would always run into people who drank too much and couldn't find a bathroom. If it was before, he might have let them go. But these few days, the big boss of the mansion had returned. The entire second floor of the mansion had become a private area. The higher-ups had specifically instructed that no outsiders were allowed to enter the second floor.

So even if Lee Fei's performance was very realistic, it was very similar to a drunken guest who could not hold it in and wanted to be more convenient.

Unfortunately, the bodyguards blocked the corridor, so they did not have any intention of letting them pass.

Looking at the wooden bodyguard, Lee Fei cursed in her heart. Just when she was about to continue going in, a large and broad hand revealed her in her arms.

"Ah, I'm sorry. My girlfriend drank too much and caused trouble for you."

Who else could this person be? It was Lee Fei's boyfriend today, Xu Lai. Seeing that Lee Fei still wanted to continue pestering him, he went forward and pulled her down.

At the corner of the corridor.

"What are you doing?"

Lee Fei, who was drunk just now, pouted and stared at Xu Lai.

"Do you really think you can get up there?"

"Of course."

[Forget it. If you continue to pester me for a while, I guarantee that the bodyguards will get someone to throw you out. At that time, you will lose a lot of face.]

"Hmph, I don't believe it."

As she spoke, not far away, there was really a tall, drunk beauty walking unsteadily towards the bathroom on the second floor. No matter what the bodyguard said, this woman just didn't understand. In the end, she really did summon a few people to carry this beauty and throw her out.

Lee Fei helplessly shrugged when she saw this.

"Then what should we do? We can't just return empty-handed, right?"

"Of course I also hope that you can succeed. After all, you still owe me money."

"Hey, don't take money seriously. You really want that bit of money."

"Of course. I was afraid of being poor in the past. I have to take every single cent seriously."


Lee Fei looked at Xu Lai angrily. She did not expect such a young man to be so petty. However, before he could say anything, a black shadow fell from the window in front of her.

Xu Lai and Lee Fei were both stunned.

In less than three seconds, they heard a cry of surprise from outside.

"Someone come quickly! Someone jumped off the building!"

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