The Aged Tree/C5 Work injury
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The Aged Tree/C5 Work injury
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C5 Work injury

When Chen Juan held it in her hand, she immediately felt it was sticky. Looking over, how could she not understand what it was?

"Big brother is already over 40 years old …" "This kind of situation can even happen …" Chen Juan was so embarrassed that she almost died, but fortunately there was no one at home.

Chen Juan looked around and somehow smelled it. When the thick male scent reached her nose, her heart started to thump loudly, her chest was moving up and down violently, and she felt a numbing sensation under her body.

Sensing her body's violent reaction, Chen Juan's face flushed red and she immediately spat at herself. "Chen Juan, Chen Juan, you really don't know shame."

Although she said that, Chen Juan couldn't help but look left and right, and her heart started racing.

"At this moment …" "There shouldn't be anyone coming …"

After muttering to herself, Chen Juan climbed onto the bed, placed a pillow on top of it, and sat down on top of the bed.

After being bathed by the water, Chen Juan opened her mouth and used her tongue to lick the tip of her finger.

She slowly placed her hand below, and kept on pulling Old Huang's pants, at the same time speeding up her movements.

She imagined her hands as big brother. Smelling Old Huang's scent again and again, she shouted out, "Big brother, big brother!"

In less than three minutes, Chen Juan's eyes became blurry, and after his body shook violently like a sieve, she lost his body.

After she was done, Chen Juan felt a little regretful. "Chen Juan, why would you do such a thing …"

After swearing to herself, Chen Juan washed Old Huang's pants. After cleaning up, Chen Juan let out a long sigh: "Anyways, Big Brother wishes to go himself. I don't want to drag him down with me. "

Thinking about this, Chen Juan called for a van driver who was pulling goods from the entrance to help her load everything onto the car, and when she looked at her home once again, Chen Juan walked in with a complicated feeling.

Just as the car was about to leave the intersection, Chen Juan's phone rang. It was an unfamiliar number.

When Chen Juan answered it, a voice came out from inside: "Is he Old Huang's little sister? Something has happened to Old Huang, quickly come over … "

Hearing that Chen Juan wanted to leave, Old Huang's entire being became soulless, how could she work on the construction site in such a state. In less than an hour, something happened. The steel bar pierced a hole in her calf.

When Chen Juan rushed to the hospital and looked at Old Huang who was lying on the sickbed, her tears flowed like a broken kite as they ran out and lay on Old Huang's body and cried.

"Big brother …"

She had received the same call back then, but it was her husband who had gotten into trouble. By the time she arrived at the hospital, there was no one left.

She was afraid, her entire body was going to explode, but when she saw that Old Huang was still fine, her mind was immediately on the verge of collapse.

Old Huang looked at Chen Juan who was in her embrace, her heart filled with countless complex emotions.

Although Old Wang's leg had a hole in it, he didn't move to the bone and instead strongly requested that he be discharged in less than three days.

The contractor took Old Huang home, and jumped back home. He knocked on the door, and Chen Juan immediately answered.

"Big brother! How did you get out of the hospital! I was just going to send you something to eat. "

Chen Juan immediately supported herself with her hands on Old Huang's arms, causing Old Huang to suddenly feel a strong scent stringing into his nose. His own arm was squeezed into the middle of Chen Juan's chest, the beautiful feeling striking against her chest causing Old Huang to secretly rejoice.

"It's alright. Big Bro's in good health. It's fine if you keep him at home. The hospital is so expensive, but you can save as much as you want." Old Huang laughed indifferently.

"How can we do that? Come, let's quickly lie on the bed."

Chen Juan glared at Old Huang and supported Old Huang into the bedroom.

But when he entered, Old Huang was dumbfounded. Why did his room look so clean? It occurred to him that his "criminal evidence" was still lying by the bed. He glanced around and saw that it was gone.

"Sister, mine …" Old Huang felt his old face burning up, and did not know what to say.

Chen Juan's pretty face looked as if she was dyed red, "Wash them … Aiya, big brother, you're a man too, it's okay. There's no need for us siblings to act like this. "

In order to prevent herself and Old Huang from getting into an awkward situation again, Chen Juan seemed rather carefree on the surface, but her heart was beating wildly.

Since the little sister was so open, it would be boring if Old Huang thought more about it. But the bed was cleaned so cleanly, he himself was almost covered in mud, and did not want to sleep on it.

"Sister, can you help put some hot water on me? I haven't had a bath in the hospital for the past few days. I'm about to die from the stench."

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