C3 Chapter 3

A slashing sound rang out as the ax made contact with the zombie's head, splitting it in two instantly.

Even Christopher was shocked, not expecting his strength to have increased to such an extent. It was almost like slicing butter.

The woman kept screaming desperately, the bloody scene below her only making her more anxious.

Christopher silently commended her for attracting the zombies.

Just then, two zombies noticed him and rushed over feverishly.

Christopher bent down and protected his head with the shield. One of the zombies landed on the raised shield, growling and scratching the metal to reach him.

With the zombie in his shield, he lifted the shield with all his strength, throwing the zombie into the wall.

The other zombie rushed over, but Christopher was prepared, making a hacking motion with his ax and cutting its head off its shoulders.

The zombie that was thrown into the wall had recovered, rushing towards Christopher with its teeth bared.

Christopher dodged, aiming directly for its head. The ax made contact, stopping in-between the eyes of the zombie.

That was the last one.

Christopher was surprised that despite killing 3 zombies in a row, he wasn't tired at all.

At that moment, the word 'Collect' appeared on the corpses of the zombies.

Christopher Briggs felt his heart skip a beat as the corpses of the zombies close to him disappeared.

[You have collected a zombie corpse and obtained Energy Crystal * 1, lighter * 1, mutated fertilizer * 3]

Mutated Fertilizer could be used to speed up crop growth, but upon inspection, it was just a pile of rotten meat collected from a zombie. Christopher was relieved that the mutated fertilizer didn't smell or leave any stains, so he had no problem storing it in his storage space.

He continued to collect zombie corpses, obtaining useful items from their undamaged belongings.

Notifications kept going off from the system.

[You have collected a zombie's corpse and obtained Energy Crystal * 1, car keys * 1, Mutated fertilizer * 3]

[You have collected a zombie corpse and obtained room keys * 1, unit door restriction card * Mutated fertilizer * 2]

[You have collected a zombie's corpse and obtained Energy Crystal * 1, Mutated fertilizer * 5]


After collecting eight zombie corpses, Christopher counted his spoils: Mutated Fertilizer * 30, Energy Crystal * 3, Car keys * 1, Room Key * 1, Unit Door Restriction Card * 1, Lighter * 2, and Alien Paper Currency worth 325 yuan.

He realized that 'collecting' basically meant obtaining the useful belongings of the zombies he killed. He also noticed that Energy Crystals didn't appear on every zombie, so its drop rate was definitely not 100 percent.

Christopher confirmed there were no other zombies in the area before inspecting the items again.

There was Mutated Fertilizer, which could speed up crop and livestock growth, and Energy Crystals which could increase body strength. The other items, such as the lighter, door key, and car key, had no need for explanation, but their usefulness depended on the units of buildings, rooms, and cars they belonged to.

He received a push notification that showed the specific uses of the items:

[Car Key]: An off-road vehicle key. You can go to the underground parking lot to try your luck

[Forbidden Card]: Block 3, Unit 2, Entrance Card

[Door Key]: Block 3, Block 2, Block 5, Block 2, Entrance Key

[Cash]: You can spend money on packaged food from an Automatic Vending Machine.

Christopher felt relieved by the considerate prompts as they made him aware of the value of these items.

He put the items in his pocket and decided to head to the nearby apartment building .

He ignored the pleas of the woman wearing a dinner dress as his priority was to survive. He barely had enough supplies for himself, taking in another person was the same as dooming them both.

He went to the door of Block 3, Unit 2, which was made of tempered glass and alloy steel, and used the key card to unlock the door.

Christopher Briggs peered through the glass of the unit door, observing what was happening inside.

Since there were no zombies on the first floor, he felt safe and swiftly entered the unit, gently closing the door and hearing the lock click shut.

Feeling nervous, he placed the shield in front of his chest and tightly gripped his ax with his right hand, ready to defend himself from any unexpected zombie attacks.

The apartment building had five stories and no elevator.

After entering the unit door, there was a long passage followed by four flights of stairs.

The door of the room facing the stairs was closed, with many bloody handprints on it that had dried up and looked horrifying. The door of the room next to it was ajar with a trail of blood on the ground that led from the corridor into the room.

There was a possibility that there were zombies in there. Christopher faced two options: to close the door and stay safe, or to enter and kill the zombies, as he desperately needed food and water. He chose the latter option without hesitation, determined to search every room for supplies.

Knowing that zombies could attack from behind, he decided to risk it and entered the room, quickly closing the door behind him with a loud bang.

Two zombies emerged from opposite directions, one from the bedroom and the other from the bathroom.

The zombies collided with his shield and he quickly used it to push them against the anti-theft door. He then struck them down with his ax, killing them instantly. In this life-and-death situation, Briggs knew he had to act quickly and without hesitation because even pausing for a second could result in his immediate death.

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