C5 Chapter 5

Ignoring the call for survivors to join their group, Christopher received notifications from David Gates, who had put bottles of water and canned meat up for sale.

Many survivors were amazed and sought to barter with him in exchange for food and water.

Christopher recognized that right from the start, this world was unfair. Survivors that appeared in good places like supermarkets obviously had a greater advantage over those that appeared in the middle of nowhere. If you also counted his cheat of having a system, one could only bitterly lament over their own fate.

Christopher Briggs opened the trading channel and was surprised to see all kinds of strange things hanging on it. They had been hung up by other survivors while he was out killing zombies, including women's underwear, stuffed toys, empty water bottles, cups, chopsticks, and hats.

The survivors were hoping to find someone foolish enough to exchange resources for their useless items, but Christopher was wise enough to select food and water instead.

The items David was selling appeared in front of him, however, he soon realized that the exchange conditions were harsh, requiring an Energy Crystal for just a bottle of pure water or a can of meat.

Energy Crystals were crucial for increasing one's strength, so Christopher knew that whoever possessed a large number of them would become a powerful survivor.

This made him realize that those who appeared in the regional channel were potential threats, seeing as giving them Energy Crystals would lead to them gaining more strength, including David Gates, who was selling food and water for Energy Crystals.

Christopher remained calm and continued to observe the regional chat channel, realizing that weapons were essential for survival.

Of course they were. Bartering for food and water could only get one so far, it was better to obtain those resources directly, either by killing zombies or raiding hot spots.

He had already gathered all the knives from the kitchen so he had more than enough to sell.

Christopher Briggs confidently opened the trading channel and carefully selected a price for his weapon.

He was betting on the fact that two types of people desperately needed weapons: those who could fight against zombies and those who could kill zombies to obtain energy crystals, which could be exchanged for more food and water. Christopher was convinced that there were enough survivors in these two categories to make the investment worthwhile. He put up [Sharp Kitchen Knife] and [Sharp Fruit Knife], and watched as other survivors also put up their own items for sale.

It was not surprising that weapons were the most popular item being exchanged for food and water. Christopher correctly predicted that survivors would be more interested in acquiring weapons rather than food and water, and his bet paid off as all the weapons he had hung up were quickly sold out. Christopher then obtained [Canned meat] * 9 and [Pure Water] * 9.

Christopher was not worried about someone taking a kitchen knife or a fruit knife and becoming a future threat to him because knives were consumable items and would wear out over time, getting blunt from use.

Moreover, he knew that exchanging food for energy crystals was not a smart move, as most survivors knew the value of these crystals.

Christopher made a smart move by not publicly selling food and water like David Gates, who underestimated the intelligence of the survivors and made himself a target by revealing his location.

With enough money from his successful weapon sales, Christopher explored the trading channel and stumbled upon an intriguing item, the [Bloodied Key].

It was sent by Sophie Wood, a stewardess who was selling three items.

The [Bloodied Key] could unlock several rooms at Sea University, including the school cafeteria warehouse and the management office, making it a valuable find for Christopher.

Sophie was surprised by Christopher's interest in her items and asked if she could exchange them for some water.

Her surprise was given seeing as most survivors saw her items as useless.

Who would want some dusty old key that would open an unknown door?

Christopher had an advantage since he had a system that gave him hints on the uses of items.

Christopher offered half a bottle of water in exchange, which Sophie hesitated to accept at first but eventually agreed to. After confirming the trade, Christopher gained [Bloodstained Key] * 5, [Sea City Map], and [Sea University Distribution Map].

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