Abandoned Son-in-law

Abandoned Son-in-law

100 Chapters
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*Four years ago, he was abandoned by the Lin Family because he refused a marriage without affection, humiliated, taunted and has tasted the cruelty of humanity.

By coincidence, he became the most despised son-in-law of the Liu family. Everyone sees him as a loser, even his wife got picked on.

Four years later, there was a sudden change in the Lin family, they beg him to come back and save the family business. But at this time, he was already able to wield total control in this city and no longer have to endure anyone's spite.

☆About the Author☆

Lin Gong Zi, an outstanding network novelist, his novel plot is rich and tortuous, have very strong readability.

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April 1, 2022 8:28 AM
How does all the son in law have the same style
I like this book much that i keep on reading non stop but I wonder why all son in law books have the same start
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