Beauty's Devil Bodyguard/C12 Xia wei's request
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Beauty's Devil Bodyguard/C12 Xia wei's request
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C12 Xia wei's request


Zhong Xiaoyu immediately covered her eyes with her hands, and then she heard Xiao Yi's naughty laughter. Under the urge of curiosity, his finger slightly opened, leaving a gap for him to look at. However, he discovered that Xiao Yi was wearing shorts and was looking at him while grinning.

"Dirty!" Zhong Xiaoyu said fiercely.

"I still have one more, how can it be so vulgar!" Xiao Yi shouted, but it seemed that he did not have any intention of repenting.

Compared to Zhong Xiaoyu, who was shameless, she was far from being this guy's match. Fortunately, his initial goal of luring him had been achieved. She yawned elegantly, got up and walked towards the stairs, "It's getting late, I'm so tired today, go to sleep!"

After Xiao Yi heard this, although he felt regretful, he was not disappointed. He laughed: "That's right, it's been a long day. If you want to play, it's the same in bed! "

After he finished speaking, he wanted to follow Zhong Xiaoyu upstairs.

"What are you doing?" Zhong Xiaoyu looked back at him with her beautiful eyes and glared at Xiao Yi.

"I'll sleep with you!" Xiao Yi said matter-of-factly.

"You sleep in the guest room downstairs!"

Black lines instantly appeared on Zhong Xiaoyu's forehead. Her slender arm pointed towards a bedroom at the side of the living room. She gave Xiao Yi a clean eye, then leisurely walked upstairs.

"So round!"

Watching Zhong Xiaoyu as she went upstairs, Xiao Yi could not help but mutter softly.

"What did you say?"

Xiao Yi's voice was not soft and the living room was so empty that there was not even the slightest noise. Zhong Xiaoyu naturally heard his words and turned to look at him angrily.

"I mean, when you go up the stairs in the future, you'd better not cover yourself with a towel. "To think that I was a gentleman. Otherwise, tsk tsk tsk..."

Being seen through while being peeked at, Xiao Yi became even more unrestrained.

Seeing Xiao Yi's gaze that was wandering between his chest and the village head, as if they were tangible, Zhong Xiaoyu felt his body getting slightly hot. She glared at Xiao Yi before quickly walking up the stairs.

Standing at the stairs on the second floor, Zhong Xiaoyu fiercely looked downstairs at the shameless fellow who was still wanting to continue: "If there's nothing in the future, you are not allowed to casually go upstairs!"

After saying that, she prepared to leave. At this time, Xiao Yi's lazy voice came from behind him.

"That won't do. Those useless bodyguards of yours are all messed up. If I accidentally throw some unknown items into your house, my heart will ache!"

Zhong Xiaoyu was shocked, she turned her head, but the hall was already empty.

Zhong Xiaoyu had thought about it for a long time, but couldn't come up with an answer.

As a daughter of the Jianghua Group, her normal life was naturally very particular. Food and shelter were all the best. Her mother's degree of protection was no less than that of an ancient emperor. Even so, someone was still plotting against him today.

Xiao Yi's words were like a blow to his head, it instantly made Zhong Xiaoyu think of a possibility that made her shiver. That is, the one who poisoned her, was most likely the bodyguard that was by her side!

She had spent more time with these people than she had with her mother, and it had been easy for them to find a chance to poison her.

"Those bodyguards can't be used anymore, I'll tell mom tonight!"

Zhong Xiaoyu had an idea in her mind, she then looked deeply into Xiao Yi's tightly shut door, and her face revealed a moving light smile: "Scoundrel, looks like other than being vulgar, you have not forgotten to be concerned about me!"

It was just that, thinking that his plan to embarrass Xiao Yi tonight had not succeeded, Zhong Xiaoyu was extremely unhappy.

"Let's wait and see, hmph!"

Zhong Xiaoyu looked at the door of the guest room again, then turned and returned to her own bedroom. The night passed without incident. Due to the fight and the detoxification on Zhong Xiaoyu's part, Xiao Yi was exhausted after all. When he woke up, he was the only one left in the villa.

Xiao Yi sat cross-legged on the bed and meditated for a while, adjusting his body to its peak state. Then, Xiao Yi went downstairs to the kitchen to get some food.

He walked into the dining room. There was a breakfast on the table, and beside the breakfast, there was a piece of paper with a line of beautiful words written on it.

Xiao Yi picked up the slip of paper and looked at it.

"Lazy fellow, I didn't expect you to wake up so late. I won't wait for you. I'll go to the company first. Today, the nanny will not come. I made breakfast myself. If you feel cold, take it to the microwave and heat it! "

After reading it, Xiao Yi's heart filled with a faint warmth. This experience that he'd never experienced before caused his heart to feel warm.

Looking at the breakfast on the table, he could not help but not know whether to laugh or cry. There were two plates on the table and a glass of milk. One of them was a plate, while the other two plates held food.

Five slices of bread, an omelette, and a hot dog were his breakfast.

Xiao Yi laughed bitterly and shook his head. Luckily he didn't need special food now. If it were two years ago, this kind of thing would only be enough for him to fill the gaps in his teeth.

After sweeping away all the food on the table and preparing to wash the dishes, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Xiao Yi was curious, he was currently at Zhong Xiaoyu's place. Those who knew Zhong Xiaoyu all knew that there was no one at home. As for express delivery or anyone else, there was a special kiosk in the district, so there was no need to send them here.

He walked to the door and clicked on the monitor. A petite face appeared in the video. There was a tinge of fear in his big, watery eyes.

"Why is it her?"

Xiao Yi looked at the monitor curiously, he did not expect that the person who came was the nurse he saw yesterday in the hospital, Xia Wei.

There was such a huge difference in status between Xia Wei and Zhong Qianmei, who would normally never have met each other. Furthermore, the three of them had met each other in the hospital yesterday, so it was obvious that they didn't know each other.

If so, how did Xia Wei find this place?

Xiao Yi pulled open the door, and instead, it gave Xia Wei, who was standing at the doorway, a huge shock. She looked at Xiao Yi, a look of disbelief flashing past her eyes.

"Xiao … Godly Doctor Xiao, you really are here! " Xia Wei said timidly.

Xiao Yi looked at her with interest, even though she had changed her white angel clothes. However, his short hair that reached his ears, the face of an angel, and the body of a devil were all still familiar to him.

Today, Xia Wei had intentionally dressed up and was wearing a dress. She was petite, and Xiao Yi was taller than her by a full head. Looking down from Xiao Yi's point of view, he just so happened to see a deep ravine.

With just a single glance, he was unable to retract his gaze. Xiao Yi dazedly stared at the deep ravine on Xia Wei's chest. At the same time, Xiao Yi slightly tilted her head and looked down from different angles, wanting to see more of the spring sunlight under her low-cut dress.

It really looked like a mountain peak formed on the side of the forest, with different heights and sizes.

Xiao Yi sighed in admiration in his heart, and couldn't help but rub his hands on his pants; he was very satisfied with this moment of time.

"Godly Doctor Xiao?" When Xia Wei felt Xiao Yi's gaze, she became even more uneasy and softly called out to him.

Xiao Yi coughed to hide his embarrassment and laughed: "It's you, how did you find this place? Did that pig head professor bully you again? Rest assured, since the matter has arisen because of me, I will naturally not let you suffer a loss! "

Hearing the term "pig head meat professor", Xia Wei immediately thought back to yesterday when Professor Li made a fool of himself in the hospital. She couldn't help but laugh, and the nervousness in her heart was somewhat relieved.

"No, Godly Doctor Xiao, Professor Li did not look for trouble with me, because of yesterday's incident, I was even promoted!" Xia Wei said softly.

"That's good. Ah? But that's not right, this is not my house, are you here to look for Xiao Yu or the Aunt Zhong? " Xiao Yi laughed.

Hearing the way Xiao Yi addressed his mother and daughter, the luster in Xia Wei's eyes couldn't help but dim a little. But then her expression hardened.

"Godly Doctor Xiao, I came to find you this time!" Xia Wei's voice became a little louder as if she was cheering herself on.

Xiao Yi was startled. He had only been in the Jianghai City for a few days, and knowing Xia Wei was also yesterday. Why would she come knocking on his door the next day?

Seeing Xiao Yi's doubt, Xia Wei said in a low voice, "Godly Doctor Xiao, you left in a hurry yesterday, so I didn't have the time to ask for your contact details. I only knew that you were related to Ms. Zhong, so I wanted to try my luck here. "

"Oh? Is it really that easy to find the address of Aunt Zhong's family? " Hearing this, Xiao Yi looked at Xia Wei with a smile that was not a smile.

The main reason he was sent out by the old man was to protect Zhong Xiaoyu. Hence, they were especially concerned for Zhong Xiaoyu's safety. If even a nurse without any background like Xia Wei could find out where Zhong Xiaoyu lived, it would mean that Zhong Xiaoyu's safety precautions were too big.

Xia Wei quickly waved her hand and explained, "I secretly saw the address of Ms. Zhong's home in the hospital's hospital records. I guarantee that this will never leak out! "

Seeing Xia Wei so anxious that her eyes were red, Xiao Yi smiled and waved his hands. Just now, his face had changed. It was a completely subconscious action. He didn't expect it to scare this girl.

"Say it, why did you waste so much effort looking for me?" Xiao Yi laughed.

Xia Wei lowered her head with a struggling expression on her face. She didn't say anything for a long time.

Yesterday, after seeing Xiao Yi's superb medical skills, Xia Wei had a thought, and asked Xiao Yi to save her mother who was paralyzed on her bed.

Jianghai City First Hospital was the best hospital in the entire city and even in the entire province. The few people who treated Zhong Xiaoyu yesterday were all extremely famous experts around the country.

They had struggled in the ward for a few hours, but could do nothing about Zhong Xiaoyu's condition. But after Xiao Yi entered, he only took five minutes to treat him.

This kind of medical skill was simply a miracle in Jia Xia Wei's eyes. She was very clear on the level of those experts. Even for Professor Li, who had a very poor character, his medical skills were absolutely of the highest standard in the country.

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