Beauty's Devil Bodyguard

Beauty's Devil Bodyguard

879 Chapters
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His name is Xiao Yi. He is a super martial arts man, respected by many celebrities. One day, he received a task to serve as a bodyguard for a beautiful 18-year-old girl.

The young girl’s father is the CEO of a large company, and their family is very rich. But he is very concerned about the safety of his willful and adventurous daughter. So he had to hire Xiao Yi as her daughter's bodyguard. At first, she was very resistant to having this man limit her life everywhere, but as they got along, she not only accepted the bodyguard but even fell in love with him!

As for him, what would he do when such a beautiful girl fell in love with him?

☆About the Author☆

Ni Gu La Si.Zhao Si, an excellent online novelist, author of many novels, most of his novels are fantasy, and his rich imagination and humorous language have attracted much attention and love.

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