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C18 Taxi driver

When Xiao Yi and Xia Wei were surrounded, Xiao Yi had his back facing Wang Depei, so Wang Depei didn't see what he looked like clearly.

When Wang Depei walked over, he was burning with jealousy and was only concerned with finding trouble for Xia Wei, so he didn't pay attention to Xiao Yi who was standing beside her.

Now, when Wang Depei saw Xiao Yun's appearance, the large pile of words that he had prepared to curse at Xiao Yi was forcefully swallowed into his stomach.

Isn't this man the same person who was with Boss Zhong yesterday?

's expression was slightly bitter. Yesterday, he was also working at the hospital, so he saw the scene of Zhong Qianmei and Xiao Yi travelling together.

Furthermore, through Wang Depei's observation, from start to finish, the Boss Zhong had unconditionally supported this young man.

This was an old expert who was at the level of the hospital's most precious treasure. He was much higher ranked than the attending physician. However, he didn't know how he offended the person in front of him. They were all of the same age and had lost all face from this young man's lecture. In the end, they didn't even dare to fart.

No matter how arrogant Wang Depei was, he knew that if Xiao Yi wanted to deal with him, it would simply be like playing a game.

I heard that when Xiao Yi arrived at the hospital yesterday, he only took a few minutes to cure Zhong Xiaoyu, who had defeated the old experts.

Wang Depei did not believe this rumor. He himself was a doctor, so he completely disdained hearing such rumors. Now that he saw Xiao Yi's changed expression, he was completely fearful of the other party's forces and it was for no other reason.

Seeing Wang Depei's change in expression, Xiao Yi could guess what he was thinking. Through Xia Wei and Wang Depei's conversation just now, he had more or less guessed the conflict between the two of them.

Therefore, Xiao Yi coordinated and patted Xia Wei's head, and said: "Xiao Wei, Doctor Wang is a doctor after all. "Doctor Wang, Xiao Wei doesn't know how to act. Don't lower yourself to her level!"

Wang Depei complained in his heart: "Even if I had the guts, I still wouldn't dare to provoke your woman!"

"Eh, my tone is a bit too extreme too!"

However, since Xiao Yi had said that, Wang Depei was not stupid enough to be so shameless. Naturally, he followed the pole and climbed down.

The reason why Xiao Yi was willing to give Wang Depei a way out was mainly because Xia Wei still had to stay at this hospital to work. If he really offended the attending physician, he would definitely not have a good time in the future.

If it was Zhong Xiaoyu who was in her place, Xiao Yi would definitely not waste her breath on him, and would directly beat him to a pulp with her fists.

"How was it? My acting wasn't bad, right?" After Wang Depei left, Xiao Yi boasted to Xia Wei in a complacent manner.

Xia Wei let out a long breath, stuck her tongue out adorably and said, "You can have the movie emperor now. This guy will no longer bother me in the future. You've helped me out once again!"

"Since he helped, shouldn't there be a reward?" Xiao Yi said with an evil smile as he looked lustfully at Xia Wei's towering chest.

However, Xia Wei didn't avoid them. Instead, she stuck out her chest.

Xiao Yi coughed dryly, and thought: "This young lady is becoming more and more bold, if this goes on, how can laozi defend myself like jade!"

Xia Wei giggled and stood on her tiptoes. Suddenly, she kissed Xiao Yi on the cheek: "It's purely out of gratitude, don't think too much about it!"

With that, she left with light footsteps. Xiao Yi caressed the cheeks that seemed to still have the warmth of a girl's lips, and couldn't help but laugh.

Walking out of the hospital, Xiao Yi suddenly realized that he had nothing to do. He remembered that he had promised his mother-in-law that Zhong Qianmei would treat her sickness, so he took out his phone and called her mother-in-law, Zhong Qianmei, to inform her that she was about to go to Jianghua Group.

Zhong Qianmei was very happy to receive this news. She had been suffering from illness and torture for many years, and could finally solve the problem.

Xiao Yi casually stopped a taxi and sat inside.

"Go to Jianghua Group!"

After telling the driver the destination, Xiao Yi closed his eyes and meditated. Healing Zhong Qianmei was not really an easy thing to do, so he needed to rest up.

Not long after, Xiao Yi suddenly felt a gaze land on him. He opened his eyes and noticed that the taxi driver was looking at him through the mirror in the car from time to time.

Seeing Xiao Yi opening his eyes, the driver naturally asked: "Sir, is this your first time in Jianghai City?"

"Oh? How do you know? " Xiao Yi laughed, and asked.

"Very few people take a taxi from First Hospital to Jianghua Group. The distance is relatively far and the fee is very high!" The driver had a simple and honest smile on his face.

Xiao Yi remained calm: "I heard that it's not too far to the Jianghua Group!"

"Aiya, the person who told you the news is definitely not very familiar with the road of Jianghai City. Many private cars can take roads that even us taxis can't take. It's quite a long detour! "

The corner of Xiao Yi's mouth flashed a cold smile, and he no longer spoke. He had heard of such a method before, but he had never expected that he would be able to find one.

The inside of the carriage quietened down. Xiao Yi took a look at the two sides of the road and realized that the driver was indeed taking a detour. The road he was walking on was completely different from the road in Jianghua Group.

"Since it's still early, I'll play with you!"

After a while, the driver asked again, "Sir, are you going to Jianghua Group to look for your relatives?"

Xiao Yi laughed out loud, and said: "In our countryside, it's rare for someone to be so promising after more than ten years. How could I have relatives in such a large group? I heard that the Jianghua Group has been building new buildings recently, and there are quite a few construction teams waiting to pick up businesses there. I plan to go over to their place to try my luck! "

"Oh!" When the driver heard this, his face flashed with obvious disdain.

"He is indeed a country bumpkin. He has entered the city to be a migrant worker!"

After finding out what he wanted to ask about, the driver confirmed that there would be no problems killing the passenger. Finally, he relaxed and brought Xiao Yi to walk in circles even more vigorously.

As the car circled around the Jianghai City seven times, Xiao Yi looked at the scenery on both sides as he found it a little funny.

"Does this guy really think I'm a country bumpkin? In the square they had just passed, there was a large, half-naked female statue. "Such an obvious landmark dared to take me around it three times. This is simply taking me on a day tour!"

However, this driver was not stupid. In order to save money on fuel, he had to take the route that was the most blocked. Anyway, he would jump at the time meter waiting for the red light.

They walked and stopped like this for three hours, and then they stopped on the road for two hours. After this "arduous trek", the taxi finally stopped on a street not far from Jianghua Group.

"Sir, here we are!"

The driver looked at the meter and turned his head proudly as he said this.

Xiao Yi pretended to take out the money and asked: "How much?"

"306 yuan, I'll wipe the smudge for you. I'll take 300 yuan from you then!" The driver said with a smile.

"Three hundred? How can it be so expensive!? "

Seeing Xiao Yi's surprised expression, the driver felt good inside, but he clearly spoke: "Sir, this is the price on the meter. It can't be wrong, if you don't believe me, look!"

As he spoke, he pointed at the meter. It was only now that Xiao Yi seemed to have discovered the meter, and looked at it with a face full of disbelief.

"But I don't have that much money!"

"No money, no money, what car are you riding?" The taxi driver immediately changed his expression and asked fiercely.

"I didn't expect it to be so expensive to come here!"

Seeing Xiao Yi being so short of breath, the driver became even more angry, and said angrily: "I already told you the moment you got on the car, you came from very far away from First Hospital. Why didn't you say anything when you had no money? "At that time, are you prepared to leave it to me?"

Xiao Yi continued to keep silent, encouraging the driver, and said coldly: "Don't think that you can go back on your words just because you don't have money. Let me tell you, this is not the first time I've met a country bumpkin like you who likes to go back on your words. Take it out if you have the money, you and I will have a good time; if you don't have the money …. "Hehe, the police station isn't too far away from here!"

"Don't, big brother, how about I play tricks on you? I heard that people in your city all like to watch tricks. Xiao Yi said in all seriousness.

The driver was angered. He turned his head and smiled through the fence, "You know magic tricks? If you can change your tricks and get out of here, then I will be in for a ride of misfortune! "" No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, you!

Then he laughed.

In the past few years, the security in Jianghai City was not good. Later on, the Jianghai City's taxi companies provided all the taxis with protective nets. With a steel protective net, the cockpit was wrapped.

In addition, all the taxis are equipped with the first key lock function. As long as the engine is down, no one can get in or out of the taxi unless the windows are smashed.

What the taxi company didn't expect was that these configurations would solve the problem of killing people and stealing cars, but that would also lead to another problem, which was the taxi driver's ripping off the passengers.

The driver of the Jianghai City didn't mess around with the meter, but she deliberately took the guests to take a detour. Thus, even in a lawsuit, the evidence was in their favor.

Since then, the Jianghai City Police Department dealt with the disputes between taxi drivers and passengers every year. And since the taxi drivers were able to come up with positive evidence, the police knew full well that they were the culprits, but they couldn't do anything about it. The adjustment result was that the passengers had to pay according to the orders. Over time, this bad mood became more and more prevalent among taxi drivers.

The driver simply turned the car off, turned his head and crossed his arms, then sneered at Xiao Yi. After finishing Xiao Yi's task, all of his performance today had been completed, so he didn't mind wasting no time.

Xiao Yi muttered: "You city dwellers, you think yourself to be smart. The trick you're talking about is too simple! "

After saying that, he extended his finger and slid it along the window.

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