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C6 Angry xia wei

This time, as Zhong Qianmei was driving, she saw the serious look on Xiao Yi's face and could not help but ask: "Right now? "But, I'm driving, why don't you wait until we get to the hospital before cutting in."

"Oh, it's fine. It's the same here. My cooking skills are very good. I can guarantee that it won't hurt and I won't affect my driving."

Xiao Yi followed what Zhong Qianmei said, and said without thinking.

Zhong Qianmei suddenly came back to reality as she felt that her words were a little strange. Carefully savoring the aftertaste, she couldn't help blushing.

Although she said the wrong words first, but Xiao Yi's way of saying it sounded even more despicable.

She could not help but turn her head to glance at Xiao Yi, and her face showed slight anger. Speaking of which, she was about the same age as Xiao Yi, yet he was making such a big joke towards her.

However, she saw that Xiao Yi's face was filled with innocence. His pair of big eyes were also clean and pure, without any distracting thoughts.

"Am I thinking too much?"

She couldn't help but feel embarrassed. It was obvious that she hadn't said it clearly, but her motive was to guess Xiao Yi's guess.

"Aunt Zhong, what's wrong? Why is your face so red? Are you afraid of pain? " Xiao Yi tidied up the silver needles in his hand as he asked in confusion.

Seeing that he was confused, Zhong Qianmei felt even more ashamed. She immediately said: "It's fine, it's fine. I don't know what happened. "

The more she explained, the redder her face became.

Xiao Yi's face had a pure smile, his eyes were sincere as he said: "En, then I am relieved. I play around with this needle technique very casually. Aunt Zhong, relax a little, I'm going to start now? "

"Un, good, good, you can do it then..."

Because he felt guilty, Zhong Qianmei spoke a little faster, and without noticing, he said another sentence that made him feel extremely ashamed and angry.

But right now, Xiao Yi was like a child who didn't mind at all. His face was full of innocence and not a single trace of evil.

Seeing his expression, the awkwardness in Zhong Qianmei's heart lessened a little.

A few minutes later, Xiao Yi finished acupuncture for Zhong Qianmei. Just as he had said earlier, this set of acupuncture techniques to strengthen and nurture the body was nothing but a piece of cake for him.

And Zhong Qianmei who was driving, didn't feel a thing during the entire process.

After everything was done, Xiao Yi looked at Zhong Qianmei and giggled: "How is it, Aunt Zhong, I'll say there aren't any problems right? "How do you like it? Comfortable?"

Zhong Qianmei knew that Xiao Yi was asking her about the feelings after using the needles, but his words sounded a little strange.

She was thinking too much herself, so she could not get angry at Xiao Yi, so she could only force a smile, and said: "En, comfortable. I feel like my spirit is a lot better now."

What she said was also the truth. This set of Strengthening and Nurturing Needles had such an effect.

Xiao Yi nodded his head and laughed, but said nothing.

He looked at the great character of the Jianghai City beside him, a woman who had fair skin and beautiful looks, who had an extremely charming air about his, and could not help but laugh naughtily in his heart.

However, just by looking at her appearance, he could roughly understand why Zhong Xiaoyu already had such a devilish body when she was just about to turn eighteen.

Thinking about that, Xiao Yi unconsciously sized up Zhong Qianmei a few more times.

"It is indeed more valuable than that little girl …"

He thought in his heart as he had unknowingly arrived at the hospital.

After entering the hospital, Xiao Yi followed Zhong Qianmei all the way to an emergency ward. Outside the ward, a girl in a pink nurse's uniform was guarding the door.

Seeing that Zhong Qianmei and Xiao Yi were going to go in, the waiter walked forward and said: "I'm sorry, the group of experts is diagnosing the patient right now, you can't go in right now."

"I'm her mother, not even me?"

Zhong Qianmei frowned slightly as she said unhappily.

She had managed the Jianghua Group for many years and had long developed the aura and dignity of a person in a position of power. Hearing her words, the pretty young man started to hesitate.

"This... "I don't think so. Professor Li said that no one should be allowed to enter." The nurse looked at Zhong Qianmei with a troubled expression. She knew who this great figure of the Jianghai City was. She had only seen it on television before, and standing face to face with it made her a little nervous.

He looked at the sickroom, then said to Zhong Qianmei: "Aunt Zhong, I think we should wait a bit. In any case, with me here, Xiao Yu will definitely be fine."

He spoke with full of confidence and comforted Zhong Qianmei.

Zhong Qianmei nodded her head. Although she was anxious, after hearing Xiao Yi's words, she calmed down a little.

When the small cultivator at the side saw this strange scene, his eyes were filled with surprise. She secretly sized up Xiao Yi. He was very handsome, but he was just too young.

Why would such a fellow dare to say such words? One must know that the specialists in the ward were all frowning when they saw Zhong Xiaoyu's illness. Did he really have the ability to let Zhong Xiaoyu, who was in the ward, recover?

Because of this trace of curiosity, the small fry couldn't help but look at Xiao Yi a few more times.

It was just that she did not know that the reason why Zhong Xiaoyu had fainted was actually because Xiao Yi had used a secret method to cure her poison.

If Xiao Yi had not personally made a move, perhaps only this old man would be able to wake Zhong Xiaoyu up.

Although he knew that the experts inside were wasting their time, Xiao Yi was not in a rush, since he would be fine.

While he was waiting, Zhong Qianmei couldn't help but want to push open the door and enter several times, but he was stopped by Xiao Yi all of them.

This made the small sized person outside feel grateful towards Xiao Yi, because he really did not want to make things too difficult for him.

"Xiaoyi, wait over here for a moment, I'm going out to pick up a call."

In no time, Zhong Qianmei's phone started to ring. She was usually busy, so she had very little free time.

"No problem, Aunt Zhong. If you have any matters to attend to, you can leave this place to me."

Xiao Yi snapped his fingers and said with a relaxed expression.

Zhong Qianmei turned around and took a look at the tightly closed door, then looked at Xiao Yi.

With that, Zhong Qianmei walked out.

Xiao Yi sent her on her way for a few steps, then stopped in her tracks. As he turned around, he suddenly realized that the beautiful little retainer outside was staring at him.

Ye Zichen looked up and down at himself. The garage door was also locked, so it shouldn't be a problem.

"Ugh …" Miss, is there anything wrong with me? "

He helplessly looked at the small accountant as he said this in an embarrassed manner.

"Oh... No, no, it's not good, I... "I'm here to watch the scenery …" The pretty face of the little cultivator turned red. The reason she had randomly made up in her panic sounded extremely funny.

Xiao Yi looked at her cute little face, he had white skin and a slim figure. Although her pink uniform was wide, it was still unable to cover her curvaceous body. A pair of white pants and a pair of black cloth shoes. He looked simple and generous, as pure and elegant as a lotus flower emerging from the water.

Maybe it was because Xiao Yi's unbridled gaze made him a little shy, but the little man's cheeks were slightly dizzy, and there was a trace of anger within his large watery eyes.

"Xia Wei, help me get something downstairs." Oh, is that your boyfriend? "Let's go down together to help..."

An anxious voice came out from the corridor, and a fat middle-aged woman roared at the little cultivator and Xiao Yi.

"Oh, I'll be right there."

Xia Wei stuck out her cute little tongue, glared at Xiao Yi, and ran over.

"Hey, there's an elevator here."

Xiao Yi looked at the light on the elevator and shouted at Xia Wei.

Since he had nothing better to do, he deliberately wanted to tease her, so he decided to follow her down to help.

"What are you doing down there?"

Seeing that an elevator had arrived, Xia Wei turned around and walked back. Seeing that Xiao Yi was about to follow her, she asked in a bad mood.

"Of course, as a boyfriend, I can't be too heartless, right?"

Xiao Yi shamelessly teased as he pushed her into the elevator.

"I can't be bothered with you!"

Xia Wei's face flushed red. She rolled her eyes at Xiao Yi and stood in the corner of the elevator.

When they reached the floor below, the fat middle-aged head nurse also squeezed in. She looked at Xiao Yi and then said to Xia Wei: "Xiao Xia, your boyfriend isn't bad …"

"How could that be … "He …"

Xia Wei's face was red as she tried to explain, but she was interrupted by a wave of shouts from outside.

"Hold on..."

As he shouted, the people outside pushed a rescue car into the elevator.

There were already a few people in the elevator, but now they were all gone.

"Everyone help out, squeeze a little and let the ambulance in."

The fat head nurse looked at Xiao Yi who was standing in front of Xia Wei, and said anxiously: "Hey, young man, stand closer with Xiao Xia, make room for me."


Xiao Yi turned around and stood face to face with Xia Wei. He said in a low voice, "It's convenient for me to be with others, but it's convenient for me too. Giving away the rose, leaving a lingering fragrance in the palm. Saving a life is better than building a seven leveled pagoda … "

"How annoying, just go closer …"

Hearing Xiao Yi's nagging, although Xia Wei was unhappy, he didn't feel right trying to reason with him.

Furthermore, the patients in the ambulance couldn't just wait. Time was life.

At this time, she didn't care that much, pouted her lips and said to Xiao Yi in a small voice: "You better be honest."

Xiao Yi giggled and nodded, then said: "Cultural people, are all cultural people. "Don't be afraid …"

As he spoke, he took a small step forward, almost sticking close to Xia Wei. The two of them squeezed into a corner, making room for the ambulance.

Because Xiao Yi was taller, he blocked Xia Wei's entire body and gently put his hands on her waist.

"Aiya, I don't have any space to let go of my hand. Let's just let it go …"

"Aiya, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you..."

Inside the elevator, Xiao Yi muttered to himself. It sounded like he was complaining. However, only the furious Xia Wei knew that every time she mumbled, this guy had just done something dishonest.

Xia Wei was squeezed into a corner, feeling so angry that her teeth itched. From time to time, when Xiao Yi would smash her body against him, she could feel how firm and strong his body was.

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