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C4 Again

Qin Yan put on a stern face, and did not bother to pay attention to Xiao Yi the whole way. When they reached the police station, she directly threw Xiao Yi into the interrogation room and fiercely locked the iron door.


"Hey, Comrade Police Officer, it's not suitable to flirt here. How about we go to a different hotel? I don't have any money to go to the Heaven Palace.


With a cold expression, Qin Yan said without raising her head.

"Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi."



"Hmm?" Qin Yan suddenly raised her head, and stared at Xiao Yi for a moment, as though she believed him somewhat.

It was not that there was a problem with Xiao Yi's appearance, but his unpredictable change had already caused Qin Yan to become a little nervous.

Hearing him say that she was a woman at this moment, she was truly a little suspicious.

"Are you a woman?"

Qin Yan was already a little unable to see through Xiao Yi, and at this moment, her heart was even more unsettled.

She thought to herself: I really can't say for sure …

"What a joke! How could I be a woman? Do you want a medical examination? "I'll show you now..."

Xiao Yi said exaggeratedly as he stood on the chair and pretended to untie his belt.

"Sit down!"

Qin Yan's chest heaved as she growled.

"Heh heh …" Are you kidding me? "How can I meet people even if I show them to you …"

Xiao Yi crossed his legs, and said while smiling mischievously at Qin Yan.

Qin Yan suddenly stood up, both her hands supporting the table, she leaned down and stared at Xiao Yi, and said coldly: "Don't joke with me, because this interrogation room doesn't have any cameras."

She had a serious look on her face, and her tone was full of threat.

"Just a little further down, too many buttons. You can't see much from this angle …"

Xiao Yi opened his eyes wide, but did not hear what Qin Yan had to say. His attention was completely attracted by the place that wasn't too big.

"You …"

Qin Yan suddenly went around the table and kicked at Xiao Yi.

"Mhmm, the leg shape is pretty good. If I were to wear a skirt, I would have earned quite a lot from this." "Next time, remember that attracting men is a very profound skill..."

Xiao Yi held onto Qin Yan's leg with one hand as he looked at her slender leg.

Qin Yan's kick missed, and she desperately tried to pull back her leg, but she realized that she was unable to move no matter how hard she tried.

"Let me go!"

she said angrily, pulling back hard.

"Ah?" Let it go so that we can talk it over later. "

Xiao Yi laughed and said, but before he finished, he released his hand.

Qin Yan was still pulling hard, she never expected him to let her go so easily. Suddenly, her legs loosened and she fell backwards.


Qin Yan screamed and was about to fall to the ground.

"Hey, hey, hey, be careful. If you break it, my heart will ache for you."

When Xiao Yi's disrespectful voice entered his ears, it made Qin Yan's teeth itch.

"Look, if it wasn't for me, this little b * stard would be suffering …"

It was unknown when Xiao Yi had already appeared behind Qin Yan, but he was currently gently holding her in his arms, talking as he lightly patted Qin Yan's plump butt.

"You … Let go of me, or I'll kill you! "

Qin Yan was stunned for a moment before anger appeared on her face and killing intent arose in her eyes.

In Jianghai Police Station,hee had long ago become famous for his violence and willfulness. Although he was beautiful and had a strong ability to work, she had also received many small reports from his colleagues.

But then it turned out that all the little reports were unanswered. And slowly, everyone noticed that the police chief, Zhang Jianye, seemed to be very concerned about Qin Yan.

At first, everyone thought that there was some unspeakable secret between the two of them, but later on, some smart people realised that other than taking care of Qin Yan, Zhang Jianye had also treated his with faint respect and reverence.

Hence, even though no one knew of Qin Yan's background, no one dared to provoke her anymore.

Right now, Xiao Yi was unrestrainedly joking around, he was simply playing with fire beside the room full of gunpowder.

"Let go? "Oh, okay, okay …"

Xiao Yi nodded with a smile on his face. He loosened his hands and Qin Yan screamed again.

Just as she was about to land on the ground, Xiao Yi once again embraced her in his embrace.

"Look, you asked me to let you go and didn't stand up properly. You are truly willful."

Xiao Yi helplessly shook his head, and as if he was teaching a child a lesson, he smacked Qin Yan's little fart again.

"You … "Stop, I'll kill you!"

This time, Qin Yan was truly angry, she directly pulled out the gun at her waist, and pointed it at Xiao Yi.

"Oh, you damned bitch. I saved you out of good intentions, but you still want to repay me with kindness. Watch as I discipline you!"

Xiao Yi did not even bother to look at the gun in Qin Yan's hand. He used some unknown method to grab the gun in the blink of an eye.

After that, he casually tossed it onto the table and flipped it over with Qin Yan in his arms, allowing her to rest on his lap.

"Damned bitch, if I didn't save you twice, your little butt would have been smashed to smithereens. To make you not appreciate my kindness, to make you not appreciate my kindness … "

"Pah pah pah …"

Xiao Yi said hatefully, and started beating up Qin Yan. It was as natural as an adult teaching a child a lesson. One slap, and it was loud and clear.

Qin Yan was lying on his lap, trying to move but finding herself unable to do so. He wanted to shout for help, but he was afraid that his colleagues outside would see his appearance.

Since she was young, she had been protected like a princess, and she had never seen Xiao Yi's shameless methods before.

At this moment, her beautiful face that was as cold as ice was filled with shame and anger. Amidst the sounds of "pa pa pa pa", tears flowed from her big eyes.

She felt wronged, but she also swore in her heart that if she didn't fight with Xiao Yi, she would die with him, and no one would be able to walk out of this door.

After Xiao Yi fought for a while, his mood seemed to be a lot better. He proudly pulled Qin Yan up and leaned his against the wall.

"Hmph, just look at him. After getting beaten up, he should be crying, right?" He sounded like an adult lecturing a child. "You can't be so willful in the future, you hear me?"

There was no trace of a smile on Qin Yan's face, nor was there any expression of anger on her face. Apart from the tears, her pretty face was abnormally calm and frighteningly cold.

"Let me go."

She looked at Xiao Yi coldly, gritted her teeth, and said word by word.

"Heh heh …" "Don't be angry, don't be angry, I was just joking too, wasn't I?"

Xiao Yi looked indifferent, as if he didn't know that Qin Yan's anger had reached its limit.

"Let me go!"

Qin Yan said coldly again.

"Alright, alright, but don't be angry, I just cured your stomach. If you don't take care of yourself in the future and get angry often, you will still offend me again. "

Xiao Yi nodded his head. He did not want to continue angering her and quickly told her the truth.

Qin Yan frowned, but did not say anything, and continued to stare coldly at Xiao Yi.

"Heh heh …" I know, because I'm so good-looking, many people think my medical skills aren't good. "Actually, this kind of reasoning with no scientific basis is wrong!"

Xiao Yi helped Qin Yan to sit on a chair, and continued, "Don't be in such a hurry yet, you will need a few minutes to regain your mobility. "You started about three years ago, and you slowly developed a stomach ache at night, right?"

As he spoke, he ignored Qin Yan's reaction and continued, "Moreover, this kind of situation is becoming more frequent, and the pain is becoming more and more intense. Especially when you're in the physiological stage, it's better to die than to live, isn't it? "

"You … How do you know? "

Qin Yan did not have much strength left, but the expression on her face was one of extreme shock.

She had never told anyone else about this. He went to the hospital a few times, but nothing came of it.

But he could actually say it so clearly in less than a day after meeting this rogue in front of him.

"I already said that I'm a genius doctor, you shouldn't be so superficial. Is it because I am handsome that you always ignore my talent? "

Xiao Yi lazily pulled a chair over to Qin Yan and sat down.

He looked at Qin Yan and said with a smile, "The reason for your current situation is because you have a short temper and a short temper. Using the theory of Chinese medicine to explain can be called internal fire, is the result of Yin-Yang imbalance. Simply put, the human body's enormous and complex functions, because a certain small part of the body is abnormal, affect that part of the body's work. "

Xiao Yi explained in a low voice, regardless of whether Qin Yan understood or not.

"Then... "Then it won't flare up again?"

Qin Yan nodded and asked cautiously.

"Of course, but you do have to restrain your temper a little. Otherwise, it will still be very painful to feel pain again. "

Xiao Yi looked at her seriously and said with concern.

For some unknown reason, Qin Yan suddenly felt like she didn't dare to meet his gaze. Shifting her eyes away in panic, she actually nodded obediently.

"Un, I... "I know …"

In this moment, she had already forgotten her previous determination to kill him and cut him into pieces. On one hand, it was because she knew that Xiao Yi had been treating her illness just now; on the other hand, she was someone who had pure nerves in the first place.

Seeing her current state, Xiao Yi nodded his head in satisfaction and laughed: "En, but there is still one last step that I have to complete, I need your cooperation."

"Un, thank you …"

Qin Yan's eyes twinkled as she agreed in a low voice. She had been suffering from this stomachache for so many years that anyone who had not experienced it personally would not understand.

Xiao Yi immediately waved his hands, and said: "No need to thank me, no need to thank me, as long as you don't kill me, it will be fine."

Qin Yan's beautiful face turned red, and said angrily: "How could I be so violent … … "Ugh …"

Before she could finish her sentence, Xiao Yi's face grew bigger and bigger in her eyes, and her mouth was covered by something moist.

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