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Beauty's Devil Bodyguard/C16 Kicking a team of kick-ass
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C16 Kicking a team of kick-ass

Tu Shanhu turned his head to look in the direction of the voice, only to see a young man with his hands in his pockets looking at him coldly.

Xiao Yi walked to Xia Wei's side and untied the ropes on her hands and feet.

Right after the rope was untied, Xia Wei threw herself into Xiao Yi's embrace and started to cry. Feeling the girl in his arms still trembling slightly, Xiao Yi felt a wave of pity.

"I've already beaten this damn fat pig up for you. If you still haven't vented your anger, then do what you did last time and kick him a few times!"

Xia Wei buried her head in Xiao Yi's embrace and sobbed, "I won't do it, the last time I kicked, I already felt extremely disgusted. I'm a girl, why do I have to constantly kick a man's butt!"

There was a coquettish tone in his words. Hearing her reasoning, Xiao Yi did not know whether to laugh or cry. He gently said, "Fine, then let's not kick, so as to not dirty our own feet!"

Tu Shanhu lowered his head and eavesdropped on the conversation between the two. He couldn't help but let out a long sigh of relief when he heard Xia Wei let him go. After all, he was still a big boss. If he was kicked in the butt by a woman, then he would have no face to continue staying in this place any longer.

"If you don't kick, I'll help you find a few laborers!"

Xiao Yi said with a smile. He walked in front of Tu Shanhu and gave him a slap on his fat body.

"I just took a look around and found that you have quite a few subordinates outside. Call them all in!"

Xiao Yi laughed as he spoke, and pulled Tu Shanhu up. In his hands, Tu Shanhu's body, which weighed a few hundred kilograms, appeared as though it was empty. Grabbing Tu Shanhu was like grabbing a small chicken.

Seeing the happiness that flashed past Tu Shanhu's eyes, Xiao Yi sneered: "Don't blame me for not reminding you, just now, you only suffered a little bit because Xia Wei didn't suffer any injuries. If you still refuse to repent even now and want to find trouble with me, I can't say for sure what will happen to you! "

Tu Shanhu was shocked. He had thought to call his little brother in to get revenge, but he didn't expect that Xiao Yi had already seen through his plan.

After thinking for a long time, Tu Shanhu sighed and gave up on this idea. He only had seven subordinates outside the door, and could handle them all by himself.

However, he didn't have the strength to fight back when facing this young man. Just a moment ago, he was beaten up so badly that one couldn't even see him, much less touch the corner of his shirt.

This kind of gap in strength made Tu Shanhu completely give up. It wasn't that he didn't want to take revenge, but he knew that if he were to drag his underlings along with him, the result would be a crushing defeat without any mishap.

Thinking about it, Tu Shanhu stood up and wanted to leave.

"Xia Wei, did you notice? His head looks like a mushroom!"

Xiao Yi's laughter came from behind him. He was so angry that he staggered and almost fell to the ground. He quickened his pace as Xia Wei giggled.

Outside the door stood seven young men in different attire, side by side. The two people closest to the door were smoking together.

"Dongge, are you really not interested in that woman? This is the first time I have seen something like this in my life! " A petite youth with a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks laughed.

Beside him, a strong young man with white hair glared at him and said, "Damn it, I've told you so many times that you want to keep more women by your side. You can just put that thought out of your mind!" Do you know who that woman is? That's Hu-ge's wife, our future sister-in-law. If Hu-ge finds out that you've thought of this, he might even skin you! "

"But …"

At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open from the inside, and the sharp-tongued young man immediately shut his mouth.

A few people looked towards the door, and their eyes widened in unison.

Hu-ge came out of the house with a grimace. His face was dirty, as if he had just cried. What was even more exaggerated was that his signature bald head was bright red. Clearly, it had grown a size bigger, making it look extremely strange.

"Follow me in!"

Tu Shanhu dejectedly said to his subordinates. Then, without waiting for them to react, he turned around and returned to his room.

The few young people looked at each other, then Dongge led the way and walked into the house.

The scene they saw inside the house shocked the seven of them. The woman they had kidnapped earlier had been untied. This was nothing out of the ordinary. What was amazing was that there was a young man standing beside the woman. At this moment, the two of them were embracing. Brother Hu, who was standing not too far away from them, seemed to have not seen this at all.

"All seven of you, come over here and help me with something!" Seeing them enter, Xiao Yi smiled and waved them over.

Dongge looked at his big brother, and saw him turning his head to another direction. He knew that this stranger was not one to be provoked, so he walked over.

"I'm playing a fun game with Brother Hu. Later on, Brother Hu will lie down and let you guys kick his butt. When that time comes, don't be embarrassed.

Dongge was startled, he thought: "Is this man crazy?" Brother Hu only agreed to play this kind of game when he was in a fluster.

Three seconds later, under Dongge's dazed gaze, Tu Shanhu actually lied down on the sofa and raised his fat butt.

"What the f * * k are they waiting for? Why aren't you coming over? "

Tu Shanhu's face was as red as a monkey's ass. He had grown up, forget about doing it, he had never even heard of such a shameful thing.

As a big boss, he actually ordered his subordinates to kick his butt. If this were to spread out, he would be utterly humiliated.

"Wait!" Seeing that Dongge and his group had moved behind Brother Hu hesitantly, Xiao Yi suddenly shouted: "I have two requirements. First, do not hold back.

Dongge stood behind Tu Shanhu, trembling as he asked: "Big Brother, what do you mean by precise?"

"Accurate means that the center of the foot is a circle. The closer the circle is to the center, the more precise it is. Do you understand now?" Xiao Yi bared his teeth.

Seeing that no one replied, he said, "Why don't I demonstrate it to you first?"

When those words came out, it immediately scared Tu Shanhu's soul away. He might have left some leeway for his men, but if this God of Slaughter did anything, even a anal fissure would be considered light!

"Just wait for laozi to invite you, why aren't you coming?" Tu Shanhu was incomparably aggrieved as he turned his head to glare fiercely at Dongge.

Dongge was stuck between the two of them, he knew that he was done, so he raised his leg and kicked Tu Shanhu in the butt.

"That kick of yours won't do. Without strength and accuracy, it is better for me to personally demonstrate it to you!" Xiao Yi shook his head and acted as if he was going forward.

"No, you're tired too. Just let them come!" Tu Shanhu was about to cry, he then roared at Dongge: "You haven't f * cking eaten, use all your strength!"

Dongge's face was frighteningly black. He was the smartest out of all of Tu Shanhu's subordinates, otherwise he wouldn't have been groomed by Tu Shanhu to become the little leader.

From the moment he entered the room, he could tell that something was wrong. Connecting to Xiao Yi's weird request, Dongge was sure that Hu Ge was coerced by someone.

However, the other party seemed to have a great background. Hu-ge couldn't afford to offend him, so he was willing to swallow his anger and pretend to be his grandson.

However, it didn't matter to Dongge for Brother Hu to think about it, as it was impossible for him to kick Brother Hu's butt. He had been under Hu-ge for a few years, so he naturally knew that even though Hu-ge looked very happy, he was a real tiger. No matter who it was, as long as they provoked him, they would not have a good ending.

As the saying goes, a tiger's butt cannot be touched, and kicking him would be courting death. Even if the tiger asked for it, it wouldn't do!

But, Brother Hu was shouting for him to use more strength, Dongge knew that it was impossible for him to avoid this. He could only use all the strength in his body to kick towards Hu-ge's butt.

Dongge had a good physique and was very good at fighting. In order to maintain his fighting strength, he frequently trained himself too, so his strength was not just for show.

With full strength, he kicked Tu Shanhu's three to four hundred kilograms of body off the sofa.

Tu Shanhu only felt a heart-wrenching pain rushing into his head. It felt like there was a fire burning behind him, painful and itchy at the same time.

However, this guy did have some ability. Although his face was twisted, he gritted his teeth and did not make a sound. After recovering, he gritted his teeth and turned his head, then shouted to the little brother beside Dongge: "Continue!"

With the Dongge as the starting point, the burden on the underlings became smaller, and they started to kick their big boss with all their might.

After the seven of them walked around, Tu Shanhu could only lie on the sofa and hum. His buttocks were burning in pain, especially where he had left them. It felt like his butt was about to split open.

Tu Shanhu gasped from the pain, but in front of his little brother, he was not afraid to admit his loss.

The seven subordinates looked at him fearfully, afraid that Tu Shanhu would suddenly attack them. As a lackey, he actually beat the boss up today. Even though their boss had requested for it himself, they could not help but feel anxious, afraid that their boss would come and settle the score with them.

Xia Wei stood at the side and watched the farce, giving Bai Xiao Yi a glance from time to time.

"This person looks gentle and quiet, and he has great medical skills. Why does he like to kick people's butts?"

Waiting until all seven of you had walked through it once, Xiao Yi clapped his hands and said in surprise, "Is this really the first time the seven of you have come into contact with such craftsmanship? "You're quite talented. I think you two can form an extremely intimidating battle squad together!"

"What team?" The young man with a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks who was by the side of the Dongge had just followed Tu Shanhu. He had only arrived a few days ago and kicked his boss a few times.

He noticed that something was wrong with this sentence. After that, he felt a few extremely murderous gazes land on him.

"Haha, kicking a big team in the butt? This level of skill is definitely invincible throughout the world! "

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