Beauty's Devil Bodyguard/C2 Don't look for me pengci
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Beauty's Devil Bodyguard/C2 Don't look for me pengci
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C2 Don't look for me pengci

Xiao Yi ran around the train and spouted nonsense, causing him to reach the limit of his tolerance.

Just as Zhong Xiaoyu was trembling with hatred, a sturdy bodyguard who was standing beside her stared at her coldly, and said: "Mr. Xiao, please keep your mouth shut!"

Just now, Xiao Yi had casually mentioned all sorts of's whereabouts and privacy. From Zhong Xiaoyu's reaction, it was obvious that she wasn't spouting nonsense.

As Zhong Xiaoyu's bodyguard captain, A Chuan was naturally embarrassed.

He didn't know how Xiao Yi broke through their defense line and easily monitored Zhong Xiaoyu. However, he knew that if Zhong Qianmei knew about this, there would only be one outcome for them: pack up and get the hell out!

The treatment of Jianghua Group's bodyguards could not be compared to that of other places. And as a bodyguard, he could still sell some favors to those young masters who wanted to pursue Zhong Xiaoyu and earn a considerable amount of extra money.

For all these reasons, no matter which immortal Xiao Yi was, he had to think of a way to chase him out today.

"Oh? Your name is A Chuan, you started practicing the Eight Trigrams Palm when you were eight, and have been a special forces soldier for the past five years.

Xiao Yi saw that A Chuan's face was filled with ill intent, but he was not bothered by it.

"That's right, but the bodyguards don't rely on just their mouths. The brothers behind me and I have all slept in a pile of corpses."

A Chuan's voice was cold and indifferent, the bodyguards behind him also looked at Xiao Yi with unfriendly eyes.

"If you want to cheat, you can go somewhere else. In Miss Zhong, we do not welcome you, nor will we cooperate with you. "

After saying this, even the staff of the hotel nodded their heads in approval. They believed that Xiao Yi was a prodigal son, but it would be a joke to say that he could be their bodyguard.

"Cooperate?" Xiao Yi was startled for a moment, then scratched his head and said embarrassedly: "About this … It's not that I'm a blabbermouth, but actually … To be honest, I really don't intend to cooperate with you. These few tricks of yours … "He really is a useless trash …"


A Chuan's resolute face clearly twitched a few times. He looked at Xiao Yi, and suddenly rushed forward, raising his knees and waving his fist, the two paths forward, it seemed like he wanted to defeat Xiao Yi in one fell swoop.

"Too slow..."

No one had time to react because A Chuan's speed was simply too fast. However, those words were like ghosts floating in the air.

In the next second, when A Chuan's attack missed and he stopped, everyone was shocked to discover that Xiao Yi had actually disappeared into thin air.

"Oh, you're wearing this one today. I prefer the black one, the one with the lace. Besides, only that one model suits you. The others are a little too small. Tightening up may look good, but it will affect your growth. "

It was only until a heartless voice sounded that everyone noticed that Xiao Yi was already standing there with Zhong Xiaoyu unknowingly.

His pair of shifty eyes were staring at the other person's chest as he commented on it.

Zhong Xiaoyu raised her hand in embarrassment and was about to hit him, but she only swung her fist in the air.

Xiao Yi returned to the reclining chair like a ghost and looked at the beautiful lady who had stood up. He laughed, "Big Sis, I still have one more clock to go.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

Just as A Chuan glared at Xiao Yi and was prepared to take action, a burst of gunshots sounded out, and three masked men rushed in in the blink of an eye.

After injuring a few bodyguards, they immediately rushed towards Zhong Xiaoyu.

"This is bad!"

A Chuan did not care about Xiao Yi anymore, he looked at the few masked men who were rushing in, then looked at his and Zhong Xiaoyu's position, he knew that something was going to happen today.

Sure enough, the three people who rushed in broke through the bodyguards' defenses in an instant, and the employees who were in a mess in the hotel were all squatting on the floor with their hands covering their heads.

The place became empty in an instant, only a few bodyguards were surrounding Zhong Xiaoyu as they stood there nervously.

"All of you f * cking watch this daddy. Kill that girl and this daddy will take your dog life!"

The leader of the masked men fiercely glared at the two of them and cursed.

After he finished cursing, he looked at Zhong Xiaoyu and chuckled, "Girl, I've been looking at your photos for the past few days and couldn't hold it in anymore. Initially, the order I received was to directly take your life. However, seeing how beautiful you are, I can first let you feel free before you die. "

The extremely vulgar voice entered Zhong Xiaoyu's ears. She clenched her teeth tightly, but she did not dare to recklessly attack.

A Chuan stood a little distance away, and took the chance while the masked man was talking, to quietly move a few steps.


"Be more f * cking honest! Hugging your head, kneel down! "

With one shot missing, the leader of the masked men did not bother firing the second shot and shouted at A Chuan.

Looking at the three masked men's black guns in their hands, A Chuan's throat moved up and down a few times before finally landing on the ground slowly.


"Do you f * cking not understand human speech? I will make you kneel! "

The masked man shot out yet again, this time striking A Chuan's leg.

"You guys get out of the way, I'll count to three. If you don't get lost, then I won't have eyes for bullets!"

After suppressing A Chuan, the leader of the masked men shouted to the bodyguards in front of Zhong Xiaoyu.

Seeing that their captain had suffered a loss under the gun, the bodyguards hesitated before dispersing and squatting down.

Money was very important, but one had to have a life to spend it.

Looking at the bodyguards who had spread out, then looking at the masked men who walked over step by step, Zhong Xiaoyu finally could not hold back her tears.

"Heh heh …" Little beauty, don't cry. There's nothing you can do when someone has set their eyes on you. But I promise you, before you die, I'll definitely let you have a taste of the most beautiful thing in the world … "

The leader of the masked men laughed obscenely as he walked towards Zhong Xiaoyu.

"Big brother, there's another Ocean Horse over there."

"There's another pretty girl here!"

The remaining two people were holding guns as they looked around vigilantly. At the same time, they stealthily caught sight of the two beautiful employees that were previously in the hotel.

The young girl in the work clothes trembled as her legs gave way and she collapsed onto the ground.

"Beautiful your mother! You have made me look like a fool! I'll drag you out later!"

The leader of the masked men yelled in annoyance. He then looked at the people in the room and cursed, "These are all useless things. I'm happy today, so I won't kill you guys to save the waste of bullets!"

As he spoke, he kicked aside a bodyguard who was squatting in front of him.

The bodyguard raised his head and glared at him. With a "peng" sound of the gunshot, the bodyguard suddenly fell to the ground.

"Motherf * cker, why are you staring at me? I'll show you the live spring palace in a while, and you're f * cking glaring at me!"

The masked man swore as he walked over, and then said to the other bodyguards, "In a while, if you have guts, brothers, as long as you are willing, we brothers are done. You guys can do whatever you want, haha …"

The palace in the sky had an extremely good soundproofing effect, and just as Zhong Xiaoyu and her bodyguard came in, the hotel had long since stopped talking about the matters here.

It could be said that even if these masked men had caused a huge ruckus here, nobody would know about it in the outside world.

This was also the reason why they were acting so boldly. At this time, the leader, the masked man, was carefully sizing up Zhong Xiaoyu's body. The burning desire and greed in his eyes made Zhong Xiaoyu feel unbearable.

"Damn it, it's really pretty …"

He practically drooled from the last sentence as he rushed towards Zhong Xiaoyu.


In her despair, all the Eldest Miss could do was scream.

With a "peng" sound, it wasn't a gunshot because the sound was too dull.

"God damn, you dare to look at laozi's girl? Do you think there's no need to take money just because you look at it like that?"

Xiao Yi's head was still facing the sky, he tilted his body and laughed sinisterly, imitating the main character of the kung fu film as he lightly shook his feet.

He didn't know if it was an illusion or what was going on, but Zhong Xiaoyu suddenly felt that this scoundrelly scoundrel in front of him was really handsome at this moment.

The leader of the masked men was kicked flying by Xiao Yi, while his two companions didn't even have time to react.

None of the bodyguards or hotel staff present were able to react. Because after the sounds of the gun being fired, a series of changes occurred, and everyone had even forgotten about Xiao Yi's existence.

The young girl's chest was violently heaving up and down. There were still some tears on her face. Her low-cut shirt was a bit untidy, and her chest revealed a patch of white.

"You … You kicked my boss flying? "

The remaining two masked men looked at Xiao Yi in disbelief, then looked at the big boss who was lying on the ground motionlessly.

"I didn't kick him. He bumped into it himself. Don't look for me, I'm very poor …"

Xiao Yi said with a face full of sincerity and immediately waved his hands, as if he was afraid of provoking trouble.

If it were not for the circumstances, Zhong Xiaoyu would probably have laughed out loud.

"You … "You …"

The two masked men didn't know what to do. One of them ran over to check on their boss while the other pointed a gun at Xiao Yi.

"Bang, bang …"

After two more deep sounds, Xiao Yi said with slight impatience: "Forget it, forget it, if you guys want to touch porcelain, I'll help you guys out. "But don't blame it on me. Any random person here would be richer than me …"

As he spoke, he took a few steps back with a face full of scruples. He walked to the side of the deck chair, looked at the lady from Uruguay whose face had lost all its color, and smirked, "This big sister from a foreign country, seeing that I've just put in so much effort, I'll give you a free bell …"

Other than Xiao Yi's wretched voice, the only thing that remained on the stage was the music from the phonograph.

No one had yet to emerge from this sudden change. From life to death, then from death to life. This kind of stimulation, this type of feeling was not something that ordinary people could endure.

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