Dragon Blood Devil Soldier

Dragon Blood Devil Soldier

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The excellent soldier in the past, the humble factotum now. Long Bufan is not reconciled.

The special soldier Long Bufan was poisoned and finally died in the execution of his mission. After that, his soul crossed into the foreign space and attached to a little boy. The little boy was a poor orphan who was sold to Ling Xuan Martial Mansion as a factotum. He had no name. People who knew him only called him the factotum instead.

This world is very different from the era of science and technology. Most of the people here advocate the martial arts, they have strong bodies and rarely sick. With some medical knowledge accumulated as a special soldier, Long Bufan insisted on getting up early to practice and gathered herbs everyday, therefore gradually grew stronger

The excellent special soldier in the past life, the humble factotum in this life. Will Long Bufan be content with the status quo? Getting the magic ring by accident, personal strenth being constantly evolving......Long Bufan who are not willing to be born at the bottom began to build his own way of growth.

☆About the Author☆

Tang Long is a young online novel writer, and Dragon Blood Devil Soldier is his first work. Tang Long has a strong desire to create from an early age, and his talent in literature was revealed in the middle school years.

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