Eternal Immortal King

Eternal Immortal King

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This day was a great day for Miss Qin Yueshuang, the third daughter of the Qin family, and Tang Ao, the son of the city Lord. As the union of two forces in the city, the wedding attracted countless people's attention.

But now in the inner hall of Qin's mansion, the atmosphere is somewhat depressed. The young man, dressed in a jubilant red, looked ashamed, but his eyes were firm. Just because at this moment, there was a woman waiting for him. For her, Tang Ao was willing to be a shameless person, even if he gained infamy! Tang Ao gave Qin Yueshuang valuable family treasure as compensation. But at that moment he did not expect that from the appearance of his beloved woman, all this was just a fraud!

He once thought, in this life, he wanted to be a mortal and live an ordinary life. In this case, then he chose not to be mediocre! People in the city thought that he could not practice martial arts in the whole life. But no one knew he just sealed himself. And his qualifications, a thousand years hard to meet, enough to make the world amazing!

☆About the Author☆

Wan Shi Zhi Yong, the fantasy novel writer, his masterpiece is 永恒神王.

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