Legend of A Talented Youth

Legend of A Talented Youth

636 Chapters
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He is a talented youth. At a very young age, he has the ability to become a martial art lord. He originally planned to further improve his strength through cultivation to reach a higher level. Unexpectedly, the accident came ……

He was involved in a destiny plan and became a victim of it. Not only did he fail to enter a higher realm, he was also framed as a sinner, his family broke down, and he almost lost his life.

However, as a talented youth, how could he be willing to heed fate? He will take the initiative to become the master of his own life. Let's see how he rises in the predicament, changing his destiny step by step!

☆About the Author☆

Zi Bei Han Feng, an excellent author of online novels, has superb writing skills. His novels have distinctive characteristics, with a humorous language and a simple style, which have been loved by most people.

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