Martial Arts Peak

Martial Arts Peak

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Chen fan was a great master of ancient Chinese martial arts. He had been immersed in practicing martial arts all his life, collecting and comprehending all the famous martial arts. And it was because of this that Chen Fan became obsessed when he cultivated.

He travelled through time and space and his soul landed on a new continent and attached to the same boy of the same name.

The original Chen fan was not belong to the Li family. When he was young, he was taken to Li family by a mysterious master and left a jade pendant. But it was this jade pendant that led to Chen Fan's death. He had been poisoned since childhood, therefore became a loser who can't cultivate.

But it's not a problem for Chen fan. Being crazy about the martial arts, he vows to reach the peak of martial arts! When ancient Chinese martial arts and Jiuzhou martial arts are integrated, these legendary martial arts will successively shine in the mainland of Jiuzhou! Genius! It's just worth being trampled under my feet.

☆About the Author☆

Liu Yue Li Yu, web novel writer, has written oriental fantasy novel Martial Arts Peak.

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