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My Supernatural Squid Game/C18 Red Eye Disease(18)
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C18 Red Eye Disease(18)

"That girl... is her name Suzukaze Aoba? I already let my hand go down to grab her. Although I don't know what your relationship is, you have been protecting her until now. You shouldn't want anything to happen to her, right? "

Priest's words caused my heart to sink.

Since he could say Suzukaze Aoba's name, and knew that I was protecting her... That means that he must have a certain degree of confidence in our recent activities and must know that Aoba is currently in Yukio's villa. He was not just a survivor, but Priest who commanded Heretic. He indeed has the ability to send his subordinates to capture Aoba, I cannot ignore his words.

Although I gave Aoba a gun, I really don't think she could fight Heretic head on.

What if Priest sent an advanced Heretic who has mastered magic power...

I don't have much hope for Aoba to escape.

"How is it? Join us." Priest smiled with ease. "I promise that as long as you say this, I will give you a position that is only below mine. One day, even if you advance to the same position as me, it is not impossible. "

"The same position as you?" I asked, "Aren't you the person with the highest status in this cult?"

"It's really unpleasant to say that it's a cult, but after you joined us, There will be as many chances to resolve this misunderstanding as possible. " Priest said, "I'll answer your question. You are wrong. I am not the one with the highest status in the sect. Above me, there are five Bishop and one Pope. They are the true leaders of the sect, and I am just one of the people in charge of this small R Country region."

" Five Bishop and one Pope? " I continued to ask, "Are they also in Beaver City?"

"No, none of them are here. Thus, in the Beaver City, my position is the highest." Priest said, "I know what you are thinking. Do you think that since Bishop and Pope's status is higher than mine? Then there must be something more powerful than me, right? You are right. They are far stronger than me, but so what? You still have no chance of winning against me. Give up on your useless thoughts."

Although his words are very impolite, I have to admit that... I do not have the confidence to resist his spiritual control. Because I know nothing about spiritual control, this kind of Supernatural Power, I naturally can't think of a way to break this kind of power.

"As long as I sacrifice all the citizens of this city, I will be able to greatly please the gods." Priest's expression faintly revealed an insuppressible desire, "This is the population of the entire city. How many times has there been such a magnificent feat since the founding of the Church? Presumably, as long as I make this contribution, the gods will bestow me with even more power. After this, even becoming the sixth Bishop of the sect is not a dream."

His words were filled with a sense of indifference towards the lives of all the citizens in the city, causing me to deeply feel his madness.

"As for you, as long as you follow me, I promise you a lifetime of wealth and glory." Priest said to me, "A talent like you who possesses extraordinary powers even before joining the Church, the Gods will definitely pay attention to you. And give you more power. How is it? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you definitely won't refuse the chance to become stronger. Right?"

This simple persuasion caused me to waver for a moment.

A lifetime of wealth and glory, a chance to become stronger...

For me, who has no other abilities besides the Superpower, what else is more attractive than becoming stronger?

However, for now, this is just a piece of cake that has been drawn. Will he really fulfill his promise? Would things go as smoothly as he said? I won't just be casually persuaded, and I'll just drool and bow my head. That's too stupid.

Priest continued to persuade, "I know you won't simply believe me, but it doesn't matter, I'll be fine..."

Before he could finish, a bell suddenly rang from his pocket.

He frowned and took out a white phone.

A phone? Can I still use a phone in the current Beaver City?

Before Yukio became a patient, she had tried to use a phone, a landline, and the internet to contact the outside world. But they all failed. There was no signal on her phone, and the landline could not be connected. The network was also cut off. If that was the case, why was Priest able to use the phone? I don't know the principle behind the communication mechanism of the phone. Perhaps Heretic has someone capable of restoring the phone's communication function. But this should only be limited to the Beaver City.

The Beaver City has already fallen into the stomach of a god and is completely isolated from the outside world. If the signal of the mobile phone is to break through this kind of isolation, it must be Supernatural Power - - I think so.

The reason why my black phone and Aoba's purple phone can be used is probably because of the Black Hand's power.

Priest put the phone close to his ear.

"What's wrong? ... What? I... I see... Okay... I got it..."

After a while, he hung up the phone and looked at me.

"Suzukaze Aoba has been captured by my subordinates." He smiled with ease again. "As long as you are willing to join us honestly, I will not do anything bad to her. What do you think?"

Aoba was caught?

My intuition tells me that he is lying.

Because of my strong intuition, I have always been an intuitive person. To be more specific, I'm the type of person who believes in intuition first when thinking contradicts one's intuition.

"You're lying." I said resolutely.

Priest's expression stiffened for a moment, but quickly returned to normal.

"I'm not lying." He said.

"No, I know you're lying." I said, "It's useless to continue lying"

Priest stopped smiling and looked at me expressionlessly.

Maybe he's the kind of person who is good at reading people's expressions. I don't know what he saw from my expression. After a while, he frowned and said, "It seems that you really can see that I am lying. Unbelievable... Is this also your extraordinary ability? Or are you the type of person who is good at seeing through lies? "

I fell silent.

"I understand. I admit that I'm lying." He said, "However, it's not all a lie. Although my subordinates did not successfully capture Suzukaze Aoba, it was only a matter of time. You gave Akame the mask to her, right? I only have two of those special tools. One of them was given to the subordinates responsible for eliminating the survivors. Now it seems that the reason why my subordinate suddenly didn't send any messages... I guess it was because you killed him. It was precisely because of the mask's help that Suzukaze Aoba was able to survive for such a long time."

So the person I killed back then, Heretic, who knew fireball magic, was in charge of eliminating survivors? No wonder he attacked us. It was also because he saw us as targets of elimination.

More importantly, Aoba was not caught. She effectively used the mask I gave her to escape from Priest's evil hands. I can imagine how Aoba used the mask. It must have been through the protection of the patients on the street. She managed to get a chance to escape. I have always looked down on Aoba's abilities. Now I have to correct this view.

"Don't be happy too early. She hasn't completely escaped." Priest said, "My invitation to you before won't change either. I will ask again, do you choose to accept my invitation?"

"I refuse." I said without hesitation.

"Don't reject it so quickly." Priest said expressionlessly, "Can I hear your reason for rejecting it?"

"You guys are too disgusting." I said.

"What?" Priest was stunned.

"You guys are disgusting." I repeat.

That's right, disgusting.

Regarding the behavior of this cult, The huge sins they committed in Beaver City... And this Priest's disregard for human life, he is disgusted from the bottom of his heart. It was as if they had seen cockroaches on the wall of the bedroom, and centipedes on the floor of the bathroom. He found half a caterpillar on the plate while he was eating in the student canteen. Even these descriptions could not describe the deep disgust. My disgust is above this.

The option to surrender to the enemy has never been in my heart from the start.

Of course, I also have to admit that when I heard that I could become stronger, I wavered for a moment. When I heard that Aoba might be caught, I hesitated for a moment. Even so, I didn't really consider joining the other party. The opponent was a cult that planned the eruption of the Red Eye. Countless people died because of it. I wonder how many families were destroyed because of this. The patients who had been wandering around the streets until now, would they be able to recover? It was still unknown.

I clearly remember how painful Yukio was after Mr Miwa became a patient, and how sad Aoba was after Yukio became a patient.

I don't want to talk about justice, morality, ethics...

I just want to say that I really hate these people.

I've never seen anyone so close to me that I hate to this extent in my life.

Junior high school. Yes. Back then, I had a time of yearning for evil. The evil always looked stronger and more decisive than the good, but the good looked so pedantic and indecisive. Compared to the heroes of light, I prefer ruthless heroes. Actually, up until now, I don't really like the good people in the stories. I still feel that they are sometimes especially stupid; but at least, I don't think that evil is a handsome thing anymore.

The man in front of me, this Priest, this ghost in human skin, no matter how confident he pretended to be, no matter how skillful his smile was, I couldn't recognize him at all.

I won't work with him. This is my decision.

"You say we are disgusting?" Priest looks at me coldly, "It is not too late to withdraw this sentence."

"You guys are too disgusting." I said it on purpose for the third time.

"I gave you a chance." Priest made a gesture to Alphonse, who was beside him.

Alphonse, who was wearing armor, took a step forward. His heavy foot armor stepped on the ground and made a heavy sound.

Priest said, "Kill him."

Alphonse rushed towards me.

I attached the Psychokinesis to my body.

Priest had mentioned that Alphonse was controlled by his mind. He was unable to use the Supernatural Power. If that was the case, then he was just a guy wearing armor and using his fists and kicks to defeat others. Perhaps to an ordinary person, he is an undefeatable opponent, but to me, the Superpowered, this is absolutely not the case.

Although he's wearing that heavy armor, Alphonse's movements are very fast, and he instantly runs in front of me.

He suddenly raises his right leg and kicks me.

I followed my battle instinct and nimbly dodged this kick. Immediately after, I poured more Psychokinesis into my right hand and used the Hand Knife to attack Alphonse's left leg.

The Hand Knife destroyed the left leg of the armor and cut it in half from the middle.

I couldn't help but be stunned. Why is it empty inside?

At this moment, Alphonse raised his right leg and kicked. When his left leg, which was supporting his body, was broken, he immediately lost his balance and fell to the ground.


The heavy armor fell on the floor, making a loud noise.

I looked at Alphonse in shock.

It can't be wrong, the feeling just now... the armor was empty.

Alphonse tried to stand up.

I immediately walked forward, poured the Psychokinesis into my foot, and stepped on it.

I broke Alphonse's right leg armor from the middle.

Then, I took another step forward and kicked away the armor on his head.

Just as I had a feeling, after I kicked away Alphonse's helmet, there was no human head underneath. Instead, there was nothing.

It was as if the armor itself was alive and moving.

"What? Are you curious?" Priest asked from afar. "Aren't you his partner? He didn't tell you about this?"

I turned around to look at him.

Priest slowly said, "When I first saw him, I was also very shocked. I didn't think that such a person existed. I carefully examined it once and found that this armor has a human soul fixed in it. I also don't know how this is done, to actually be able to place a human soul into the metal... this is truly a great technique. As long as this technique exists, humans will be able to break away from their weak bodies. They can enter other materials, and the problem of the lifespan of the body itself can be completely ignored. I once unlocked his mental control and wanted to ask him about this technology. But he didn't want to tell me."

I thought that a Superpowered like me was already incredible enough, but I didn't expect Alphonse to exist.

Alphonse, whose legs were destroyed by me, was still struggling, trying to carry out Priest's order. However, he couldn't stand up, so he had already lost the threat he posed to me.

I opened up a distance between me and Alphonse, then confronted Priest.

He will be the only opponent left.

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