My Supernatural Squid Game

My Supernatural Squid Game

329 Chapters
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*The world has changed, The Squid game was not the show for the rich people anymore!

This time the wholemultiversehad be involved.

As a“Normal” high student I had accidentally dragged into an extremely dangeroussupernatural Squid game

If you Failed the Mission, You Die..

But If You Complete the Mission, You will get any one of your wishes come true!

Who is behind all this?What should he do?

MC: Ning Hai, A “Normal” high school student with his own special secret.

Because an affection must reason he was involved in to this mass, By fighting with different individual characters in each Squid game, He gradually disclosed himself was a warrior who with the extraordinary battle quality.

His Goal: Survive thought this cruelty Squid game, and complete his promises which he had made long time ago."

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