Peerless Pill God

Peerless Pill God

2009 Chapters
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*Qin Sheng was poisoned by his enemies but profit from this misfortune and passed down the memory of the Wan Jie Dan Emperor. Who is the emperor? Wan Jie Dan Emperor is the supreme Emperor whose alchemy is the best in th world. His status is unattainable, and there are many peerless masters follewed. Unexpectedly, the emperor was framed by the scoundrel and lost all his cultivation. Afterwards, he was imprisoned in the ancient mine and became a tool for alchemy. Since then, Qin Sheng has cultivated martial arts that others do not know, and refinied elixirs that others can not refine. He occasionally threw out a few prescriptions, and a group of medicinal masters fight to worship him as a teacher. He occationally treated several saintess, and a group of patriarchs competed to recuit him as son-in-law. He displayed a few martial arts unintentionally, and many masters kneeled and acknowledged him as lord.

☆About the Author☆

Lu Li, online novel writter, is good at creating fantasy novels. Peerless Pill God is his first novel, which is currently being serialized.

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