Potent Son-in-law's Rebirth

Potent Son-in-law's Rebirth

1433 Chapters
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*The 1407th times Lifetime had made him capable of doing anything.

Over a thousand times, beggars, rich people, killers, doctors, special forces, celebrities …

This time he had given birth to be a fool, and also as a silly son-in-law!

He had experienced every aspect of life, so what was a fool?

It wasn't as though there had never been one.

Everyone thought he was really stupid!

What he didn't know was that he was only pretending to be crazy!

Other people would laugh at me for being too crazy, while others wouldn't be able to see through my joke!

In his eyes, those who laughed at him were the real idiots!

This was a story of playing the pig to eat the tiger, and being carefree in the city, he would indulge in the wealth of beauties!

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