Rebirth: Heaven Defying Conceited Immortal

Rebirth: Heaven Defying Conceited Immortal

480 Chapters
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He is known as the battle immortal Li Yifei, but because of the betrayal of his good friends, he fell under the cliff. Woke up to find that he did not die, but reborn in ancient times surprisingly, he was determined to restart his brilliant life.

Once because of his weakness and bully him, once used him to achieve their goals, once hypocritical as his friends, behind him but severely hurt him, he will let them pay a price!

This time, he would let no one become an obstacle to his progress!

☆About the Author☆

Hua Guo De Nian Hua, an excellent network novel writer,  he has a wealth of creative experience, a high level of writing. He created the novel plot ups and downs, gripping. Both the plot and writing are good.

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