Rebirth: Immortal Emperor Returns

Rebirth: Immortal Emperor Returns

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In a three story villa in Dong'an City, Lin Feng seemed to see something incredible. Staring at everything around him, his face changed.

He remembered clearly it was today that these people forced Wan Rong to sign the share transfer agreement. Then the huge industry of family was quickly swallowed up by Cui Yongshun and afterwards Wan Rong suicided with hatred. In the last life, he fought hard for revenge, but failed and get caught. Thanks to the benefactor who brought him back to heaven, he was able to survive.

In order to return to the earth for revenge as soon as possible, Lin Feng cultivated from mortal to immortal emperor in a short period of thousands of years. As a result of the crazy cultivation, he failed to cross the calamity, thus lost his ability and was reborn into his youth. But Lin Feng was still lucky. At least he was reborn before misfortune, which gave him the chance to reverse his fate. In the bottom of his heart, Lin Feng swore, "This life, as long as I am, I will never let you suffer a little grievance!"

☆About the Author☆

Bu Fan is an young online novel writer. Until now, he has written two novels. They are urban novel Extraordinary Clairvoyant and fantasy novel Rebirth: Immortal Emperor Returns.

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