Return of the Disguised Young Master

Return of the Disguised Young Master

Strike It Rich
884 Chapters
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*The rich young master of the world's number one family, because of a family ban, became the famous poor diaosi of Jinling University and endured humiliation for 7 years.

When his girlfriend betrayed him, the family ban was suddenly lifted.

By overnight, wealth and status has returned to him.

As his identity was revealed bit by bit, his ex-girlfriend from disbelief to shock, his classmates from the supercilious to the green eyes, the rich second generation from ridicule to jealous, all sorts of beautiful women came to his side one after another.

Faced with the regret of his ex-girlfriend, the flattery of his classmates, the flattery of the rich second generation, and the scheme of many pretty girls, what should he do?

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