Supreme Conquering System

Supreme Conquering System

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Qin Yi, the university student of the twenty-first century, never thought that he would be the one to pass through such a place.

Furthermore, he did not expect himself to be the Ninth Prince of the Undescended Dynasty since the moment he came to this world. Even though this Ninth Prince was not highly regarded, it could still allow him to lead a prosperous life. Although Qin Yi did not pursue the power of a king, other people did not think so. In a short month, he was first demoted to Yuanjiang City, then to the border.

Although the situation was not optimistic, Qin Yi was never worried. Although he had no power or power, he had the Supreme Conquest System. The purpose of this system was to help him conquer the enemy, conquer everything! The biggest effect of the system was to summon all sorts of people, helping him conquer everything. These people might have come from the anime Qin Yi had seen in his previous life, or even from the novel he had read in his previous life.

Could Qin Yi who had the system conquer everything?

☆About the Author☆

Yi Jian Chang Ge was a young web fiction writer. The Supreme Conquest System was his first novel.

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