Supreme Young Monarch

Supreme Young Monarch

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Mu Cheng was originally an ordinary high school student. He was often bullied by powerful students and ridiculed by girls. He hardly ever felt the morale of a middle school student. However, since he got a magic jade, his life has begun to change gorgeously.

This jade has brought a lot of changes to his body. Most notably, his strength is much stronger than before. He let those who have been happy to bully him feel his power, and no one dares to bully him ever again. The girls who once looked down on him also began to have a slight affection for him.

In addition to the magical effects of this jade, the most important thing is his diligent attitude to study and training, which made a boy who was originally weak and incompetent grow into a strong and brave boy.

☆About the Author☆

Ai Xiao Ran is an outstanding author of online novels. His novels are excellent, the plots are ups and downs, exciting, the writing is smooth, the language is humorous, and it is widely welcomed by readers.

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