The Origin Of The Light Kingdom

The Origin Of The Light Kingdom

500 Chapters
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*When you were still a Kid, Have you ever hought about How was the Ultraman born?

How did the monsters appeared?

What happened in this universe before the emergence of giant life?

As an unfortunate transmigrator he had travel to "the beginning of all”, As the first generation of Ultraman!

He had the honor to see the birth of The Origin Of The Light Kingdom, to see the war between cosmic people, and to see the dark history of the universe!

As the strange soul which come from our world who knows about everything, What should he do?

After live though the great battle of this cosmic world, The Ultraman looked down at the pile into the mountain of bones, only a silent bitterness.

"At the end of the day, I just want to go home." Could he find the way to come home?

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