Top Immortal Emperor in the City

Top Immortal Emperor in the City

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Would he be able to regain his cultivation, go back to the world where he belonged and reunite with his family?

Heng Yanlin was an ordinary man on Earth and transmitted to a world of cultivators. After going through untold hardships, he finally evolved into the supreme Immortal Emperor. With his unrivalled power, he thought he could go back to the Earth and reunite with his parents.

However, when he was opening the portal to the Earth, the Lord of Time, who was in ambush, attacked him. He lost his entire cultivation base and transported to the Earth in a parallel universe.

Without his power, he was nothing but an ordinary man in this world. Moreover, he would never expected that he would become the kept man of a CEO, the granddaughter of the man who saved his life.

What happened between the female CEO and Heng Yanlin?

☆About the Author☆

Mu Zi Mu is a Chinese web novel writer, whose works focus on urban life. He prefers to write interesting stories in an exquisite writing style.

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