Best Guard of the Beauty

Best Guard of the Beauty

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The warrior who returned to the city thought that life had come to peace, but he did not expect to fall into another whirlpool ...

He was a famous soldier king and had just completed a dangerous mission and returned to the Feng city when he was almost killed. He planned to take care of his friend's sister in accordance with his friend's last wish, which can also make up for the pain of losing his friend.

Halfway through, he received an order from his adoptive father and was forced to become a bodyguard for a sexy female CEO. He thought this mission was easy to be accomplished, but he didn't expect to involve in a huge conspiracy ...

☆About the Author☆

Xin Bu Zai Ma, a brilliant online novelist, his novels have twists and turns, sharp writing styles, and accurate and distinctive portrayal of characters, which was loved by readers.

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